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Class C Leveling

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Does anybody who has or had a Class C motorhome ever permanently mount levels in ascertaining best level of a campsite? Where did you mount them on the cab chassis where you could visually make adjustments on the fly...so to speak? I realize there are those of you who feel "close enough" is adequate, but I would appreciate hearing from those folks who might be so inclined ,as we are ,to get close to true level for reasons besides refrigerator operation.

Thank You

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I have not owned a class C, but did own two different class A rigs and doubt that the leveling would be much different. Our first class A didn't have a leveling system so we leveled using blocks and out second one had leveling jacks so it was much easier. In both cases I did install levels that could be viewed from the driver's seat to help in leveling up.


To start the process of mounting, I first got the RV as nearly perfectly level as I possibly could. I did this using a small torpedo level and leveled everything based upon the bottom of our RV's refrigerator. I then carefully mounted two levels, one on the dash for side to side leveling and another on the left wall for front to back leveling. I found the round levels to work but the ones like in the picture to be more easily read and used.


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When in question, we use a phone app for this. We're lucky, as our middle of the coach kitchen counter, matches the middle of the coaches middle coach floor title - as far as being level.


Class C's can come, or have added, leveling systems. That makes traveling a bit easier:)!


Best to you,


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