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  1. You do have to be an Escapees member which has an annual fee and a mail service member which has an annual fee and a postage deposite. The annual fee can vary by the level of service you want. I have used the lowest fee since I joined in March 1997. There is no set monthly fee just what postage is used to forward your mail. If you are a veteran be sure to tell them when you join. Some things we get a discount for but I don't recall what all it applies to. Call the office at Livingston to get the straight scoop.
  2. I am just guessing but you may have to do it even if you turn around and come back after you do the paperwork. Can't wait for a definitive answer on this.
  3. Right on about the annual pass.
  4. At 1st glance the time and distance just caught me by surprise but I did the math based on distance and driving speed of 70 MPH and it came out to 36 hours but not even considering a fuel stop. Didn't mean to stir up a kerfuffle. Better someone else than me.
  5. Close is a relative term in regard to trees. A couple of years ago lightning struck a tree far enough from my trailer that it couldn't fall on it but it actually blew chunks of wood far enough for it to hit it. I lucked out as it went just past mine and hit the rv next to me. Another tree was hit but it was far enough away to not hit anything significant. Wonder what the odds are on something like that.
  6. Linda, please check again. No way can I see 1 1/2 days from LA, Califonia to Orlando by any ground vehicle. Do you think maybe La. (louisiana) to Orlando in 1 1/2 days
  7. No question you can buy and register in Texas from Ga. but I have my doubts about the taxes that way. In fact that is an invitation to a dealer to play with the numbers. The best way to find out is call the tax office at Livingston and talk to someone.
  8. This is just an educated guess Eddie but there is a good chance you have made the best decision possible given your particular circumstances. The RV life has been pretty good to me but there have been and are issues. More issues as my health changes so I am debating whether to become stationary again. Sometimes I can be a little hard headed about facing facts if I don't like the facts.
  9. Barb is correct you can do it on line and most do but you can do it by mail also as I have done the last 2 years and may again this year as I don't I have printer and sometimes I just like paperwork. It looks as if most of what I would have said has been answered but one thing is I got an immediate reduction in vehicle insurance rates when I became a resident of Polk county, a rural county vs Dallas county plus I did not have to deal with emissions tests on my truck even though it would have passed. Still everyones circumstance are different and what works for me may not be the best for you. Only you can decide once you get all the straight dope. hopefully,.
  10. No personal experience with Elephant Butt but plenty of my friends do and I am told that it can be very crowded at times around hoidays and 3 day weekends especially during the warm season. A good friend used to really like Caballo lake ST Park in the winter. If you are not against parking lot boondocking there are some good spots in Tx in particular. Other states as well. I usually spend one night on the Tourist bureau rest stop in Amarillo, Tx and it is almost in town, when I pass through if the timing suits me.
  11. eddie you may be right that rv'ing won't work for you but I would say you may be getting overwhelmed by information. I don't fit the profile of some of the better off finacially rv'rs but that doesn't mean I can't learn something from them the easy way vs the hard way. Some of it I just have to let go over my head as I don't get it. Most of the stuff about computers fall in that catagory, even a good bit of what you say. I don't know what to tell you but I have made it work for over 20 years and saved more money than I ever did working for a living but it may or may not work for you.
  12. blah de blah etc etc. It doesn't really matter what we know. What matters is what happens in real life. Go to general rv information on this forum Aug 24 "Saw a toad get free........ and read some real life scenarios. Mine for instance about the toyota truck coming loose in front of me. I dodged a bullet. I am all for anything that is good and as cheap as possibe so if there is something better than brake buddy then that is grand.
  13. I assume you mean using incandesant bulbs. Are they still available? Even with those I would think that placement would be key as they can get hot enough to start a fire if not properly placed.
  14. Depending on your start/stop dates you may have at least 2 other federal holidays being Columbus Day around 12 Oct and Veterans day on Nov. 11. Columbus day is now set as Monday holiday but Veterans day is always on whatever day Nov.11 falls on. Depending on where you are it could somewhat affect availability at some parks and all banks and post offices are closed those days. I may be missing something about Elephant Butte Lake. I think it is fine but would not likely go that far out of my way to see it. I may need to do some more research on it. In the Memphis area there is an upgraded commercial park near Graceland and 2 TN state parks in that area. One is Memann Shelby St. Pk. North of I40 and not as convienent to Graceland as the other but definatly my choice. The other is T. O. Fuller. south of downtown. The area there might bother some folks but I don't know of any issues in the park. Also there can be an "aroma" issue there on occaision, but it would be more convienent to Graceland. If you have the time I would suggest scheduling a tour of St. Jude children's hospital (tours must be schedule and can be done on line and very near there is a giant Bass Pro shop in the the giant glass pyramid. There is also the Lorraine motel , now a museum, where Martin Luther King was killed and also Beal St.
  15. I believe that I read somewhere "in the fine print" 😀 that the earliest you can request an absentee ballot is 60 days prior to the election date. If someone can confirm this I would be interested to know for sure.
  16. I would seriously consider becoming escapees and using their mail service. I was a Dallas resident when I started full timing and when I switched to Polk county Tx and became an escapee I had an immediate savings on vehicle insurance. My brother and a couple of good reliable friends live in the Dallas area and I still find it better to be a resident of Polk county. I still get to go to Dallas and in fact volunteer 7 winters at a state park about 25 miles from downtown Dallas , spending about 5-6 months there those years. I am not trying to sell you on escapees just point out what has been beneficial to me.
  17. I was curious about elephant butt"e 😀 stop too, just being nosey.
  18. Basically yes. You would need to be gone long enough to apply for a mail ballot and receive it in time to send it in by the deadline. There may be something else but I am not aware of it.
  19. I can see some logic in the stays at the start and end destinations given all there is to see at each location. I am assuming the lure of Orlando is mainly Disney World. There is certainly way more than enough to see along the route.
  20. Heading west from LA (Los Angeles) is not a good idea as it would put you in the Pacific ocean.😀 However going east seems to fit Kirk's likely route.
  21. If you get the right one there is probably nothing better that can happen to you but the wrong one can break you from sucking eggs. Mine truly had mental issues that ran in her family I found out later but I got 4 good kids out of the deal so I can only complain a little. I was happily divorced from her fo about 37 years (wow) until she passed last year. Would like to have found the good one but for a good bit of that time I was too busy raising kids. Nowadays I have enough trouble living with myself.😀
  22. I agree with dutch and linda
  23. All I can say is if you have only had one bad experience you are very fortunate indeed. I have had some very good care there and more than I should have of poor care. The same could happen with "civilian" Dr's but probably wouldn't go on so long before you made a switch. Some problems at the VA are caused by rules imposed by the folks we elect. Also the shear number of vets needing care. They are not geared well to deal with folks that move much which must make it even harder to deal with homeless vets. A lot of the "Dr's" we are seeing are physians assistants and nurse practitioners and I have had great care through them and poor care from a minority of them.
  24. Kirk, don't ask trick questions please as they can be very confusing.
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