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  1. Bill Joyce

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plan for Jetpacks

    I might end of doing this when my Jetpack comes off contract. Yes, when I changed to the 7730L Jetpack to use it in Canada, I signed up for two years. (The 5510L Jetpack I replaced did not work in Canada since it did not support GSM networks). When we go back to Canada we will hotspot our postpaid Verizon phones.
  2. Bill Joyce

    Rigs 10 years of age or older and campsites

    We are wintering at the same snowbird RV ;park as Barb. It is set up for long term stays across the winter and that is why it has the rules. There are many other campgrounds in the Phoenix area like it and many that are more for short term stays for any size RV. There are many choices that are more like the campgrounds people think of for being closer to nature and not caring what size or type of RV you have. If I was coming for a short stay I would stay at Usery Mountain Regional Park, which has no restrictions on size and type of RV. It is electric only and just outside the city. Another choice would be Lost Dutchman State Park, but be prepared to not have good cell phone reception there.
  3. Bill Joyce

    KOA Mt. Pleasant SC

    We stayed at Lake Aire RV Park in Hollywood, south of Charleston, and their 50AMP worked well - http://www.lakeairerv.com/ .
  4. When our old Wineguard broke we replaced it with a King Jack and it is really nice and works great. Here is Camping World's page on it, but you can buy it other places - https://www.campingworld.com/king-jack-hdtv-directional-antenna-signal-meter-white . Here is the Amazon price - https://www.amazon.com/KING-OA8500-Directional-Antenna-Signal/dp/B01N1MLFGK/ .
  5. Bill Joyce

    KOA Mt. Pleasant SC

    50AMP service is 100AMPs of 120 volt, since it is 240 volt service. 30AMP service is 30AMPs of 120 volt. If you can run two A/Cs and the microwave, you will be using more than 30AMPs, more like 45 to 50AMPs of 120 volt. So yes, they are not providing good power, but it is more than 30AMP. A Hughes Autoformer ( https://hughesautoformers.com/ )would help,
  6. Bill Joyce

    Classes of 2008 and 2009

    I paid $2K per eye extra to use multi-focal lens last year when I had cataract surgery. They did extra tests to make sure it was going to be a success and it was. I can now read and drive comfortably with both eyes. They used Symfony lenses in my case and the work was done by Pacific Cataract and Laser Institute's office in Silverdale WA.
  7. Bill Joyce

    Weather where you are?

    Running about 10 degrees cooler here in Cottonwood Arizona than Mesa. We will be in Mesa on Monday and are glad it cooled off.
  8. Bill Joyce

    Dash cams. What do you use or recommend?

    https://dashcamtalk.com/ is a good place to get information. In the RV I use a G1W, much like SWharton's. Last winter I bought a Spytec (viofo) A119 with GPS for the car when my other G1W died. The G1W does the job, but the A119 is higher resolution.
  9. Bill Joyce

    US 89 Page to Flagstaff

    Glad we drove that road a few days before the remnants of Hurricane Rosa came through. It made for a wet day on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, but the air was clearer the next day for photos.
  10. All the Washington fulltimers i know, including myself, use a street address of a relative or friend for their domicile. We also have passports and thus do not need EDLs.
  11. Bill Joyce

    50 Amp Service Question

    There are some older parks that are wired in 3 phase, since it was once legal for 50AMP RVs to only get 208 volts between the legs. A friend with a bus conversion found a couple like that since he had a 240 volt stove. Our 2002 Dolphin said 208 to 240 volts on the sticker by the power cord, our 2004 Newmar says 240 volt.
  12. Bill Joyce

    Dead Battery on Toad

    We just had the same thing happen with our 2012 Chevy Equinox and a battery change fixed it. Car batteries seem to die this way.
  13. Bill Joyce

    heating basement compartment - elec space htr

    Wal-Mart now sells a Soliel heater for about $10 that is much like the Lasko Personal as an alternative. I think it is a 250 watt heater and I have seen it in many a Wal-Mart and own one. I also own a Lasko Personal heater and have no preference. Edit: Now on sale for $8 - https://www.walmart.com/ip/Soleil-Personal-Electric-Ceramic-Heater-250-Watt-MH-01-Black/54562671 .
  14. "We've also bee too close to a tower and had no service , strange , but , true ." Not strange at all, since the tower might not have your providers antennas on it. For many years we camped in a campground with a cell tower just outside it and had only 1X service on Verizon and nothing on AT&T, since it was a US Cellular tower. That tower is still there, but AT&T and Verizon added other towers in the area and both have service in the campground, just not off that tower.
  15. Bill Joyce

    Disadvantages Of A Class A When Fulltiming

    We have been fulltiming over 15 years and close to 200,000 miles in two Class As. So far we have not had to vacate overnight for engine or chassis issues. We have had to vacate for RV issues, once for bodywork and another time for electrical issues that made the Class A unusable until fixed. (The fridge could be plugged in overnight externally, but everything else 120 or 12 volt was off.)