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  1. Bill Joyce

    Diesel locations

    http://www.dieselboss.com/fuel.htm will give you the fuel prices at major truck stops, but you have to search yourself since it has no routing data.
  2. Bill Joyce

    Hotspot/Router connections

    A GL,,inet mini router might work for you if you can provide a USB port for the microUSB it uses for power. The models run $18 and up on Amazon, just search for "GL inet mini router" and you will find the list. The yellow GL.iNet GL-MT300N-V2 is $20, has Ethernet, and is the updated version of the one I have, These do not have great range, but work. The documentation is not the best.
  3. We have had a Splendid vented washer/dryer since 2004 and use it all the time. We run 6 to 7 loads a week in it and each load takes 3 hours, so not all in one day. My wife is unhappy when we don't have a sewer connection since that means going to the campground laundry.
  4. Bill Joyce

    Any Advice on best 4x4 RV for off-road Boondocking?

    Unimog based RVs will go about anywhere. An example company making them is http://globalxvehicles.com/welcome-to-global-expedition-vehicles/vehicles/ .
  5. Bill Joyce

    Water conservation while dry camping

    "I have measured" X1
  6. Bill Joyce

    Monitor Help Please

    RV: You are making it sound like TCL does not do local dimming, which is does with a rating of 6.0 on the article you sited. There are many models that are worse, including many Vizio models, and only a few that are better. No Vizio makes a 10, so you are compromising on local dimming if you want the best. I can buy a 55" 600 series TCL for under $500 on sale, which will fit my needs. Edit: Of course this is all TV talk and not monitor talk. Since all the brands have multiple quality lines, we would have to know which line their monitors most closely matched and I don't see that information.
  7. Bill Joyce

    Monitor Help Please

    TCL is also a brand to check out. Their TVs are very well rated, especially for the price and all have tuners, and I have friends happy with them. Their monitors are also well rated and are priced well.
  8. We have stayed at Grandma's in Shepherdsville, which was decent and we felt safe. But I am not sure I would call it "clean and quiet in a good area".
  9. Bill Joyce

    Walmart vs. Amazon

    The campground I am in does not accept packages, but there is an Amazon locker in town, so that is where I ship stuff. There is also a Wal-Mart with a delivery desk, but you have to compare prices to decide who gets your business. I wanted razor blade refills and Wal-Mart was $30 and Amazon was $23, so Amazon won that price war. For groceries, Winco Foods (all over the West) often wins against Wal-Mart, but the closest is a half hour drive in a direction we rarely go. Our next campsite a Winco will be as convenient as Wal-Mart.
  10. Another brand to look at for efficient 12 volt fridges is Sunfrost, http://www.sunfrost.com/ . I have seen these in bus conversions.. Energy usage and other specs here - http://www.sunfrost.com/efficient_refrigerator_specs.html .
  11. Bill Joyce

    Thousand Trails Camping Pass now unlimited?

    They just put in a new Wal--Mart in Warrenton OR across the street from Costco, which would make the Seaside OR TT and the Long Beach WA TT much closer to a Wal-Mart than before. Glad you did not mention Sam''s Club, since they closed 63 of them in January, including all of them in Washington and Alaska and the one in Casa Grande AZ, close to an Escapees park.
  12. Bill Joyce

    Tom Sawyer Campground

    We stayed a week once in fall and had no problem with the electricity and we do have voltage protection and a very visible voltage meter. Sounds like a place to avoid in summer. It is also not the only one, there are many campgrounds that can't support all the RVs running their air conditioners at once.
  13. Bill Joyce

    Jack Pads

    Been using Utility Blocks for years and they are holding up great. I bought 8 of them, which is two packages. Before that I went through a lot of boards that eventually broke. I learned quickly both the orange and yellow Lego style blocks could not handle the weight of a diesel pusher and they would also warp in hot weather. The Utility Blocks work in grass, but they can sink into the ground, if it is soft just like anything else. On soft ground you need very large blocks on the bottom of the stack, maybe 2'x2' plywood?
  14. Bill Joyce

    System Error on Windows 10 Mail

    Did Google pop up and say you might have a data breach and would you like to secure your account? I had that happen and it turned on a setting deep in GMail that turned off access to "less secure applications". This is probably not the problem, but it sounds similar.
  15. Bill Joyce

    W/10 Still can't get it Right!

    The MS Office alternatives do not always work out. The free ones are not as complete or not as compatible. I mostly can use LibreOffice as a replacement, but I have encountered some issues with the spreadsheet I know multiple people who had to go back to MS Word because the free word processors had some problem with comparability or they did not handle large files, reports and books, well. The free ones handle the 90 to 95% case well, but the developers have little incentive to get everything right.