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  1. Bill Joyce

    heating basement compartment - elec space htr

    Wal-Mart now sells a Soliel heater for about $10 that is much like the Lasko Personal as an alternative. I think it is a 250 watt heater and I have seen it in many a Wal-Mart and own one. I also own a Lasko Personal heater and have no preference. Edit: Now on sale for $8 - https://www.walmart.com/ip/Soleil-Personal-Electric-Ceramic-Heater-250-Watt-MH-01-Black/54562671 .
  2. "We've also bee too close to a tower and had no service , strange , but , true ." Not strange at all, since the tower might not have your providers antennas on it. For many years we camped in a campground with a cell tower just outside it and had only 1X service on Verizon and nothing on AT&T, since it was a US Cellular tower. That tower is still there, but AT&T and Verizon added other towers in the area and both have service in the campground, just not off that tower.
  3. Bill Joyce

    Disadvantages Of A Class A When Fulltiming

    We have been fulltiming over 15 years and close to 200,000 miles in two Class As. So far we have not had to vacate overnight for engine or chassis issues. We have had to vacate for RV issues, once for bodywork and another time for electrical issues that made the Class A unusable until fixed. (The fridge could be plugged in overnight externally, but everything else 120 or 12 volt was off.)
  4. You still won't get AT&T service in some places, just like you wont' get Verizon in some places. We were just in two locations with no AT&T for miles, Diamond Lake OR and 10 miles West of Lakeview OR. We have also been in places a pesky hill or mountain blocked the tower.
  5. T-Mobile is 50GB before network optimization and they just dropped their plan that gave you unlimited 4G hotspotting. This stuff changes. The plan you got last month or last week might not exist anymore. https://www.rvmobileinternet.com/resources/network-management-aka-throttling-practices-for-cellular-data-carriers/ will provide more information.
  6. Bill Joyce

    Thousand Trails - champaign taste beer budget

    I was talking in general, not just Thousand Trails. We were put into a tight 30AMP site at North Fork Resort in Front Royal VA on C2C, when nice 50AMPs were available. We have also encountered weak 30AMP water and electric at commercial and public campgrounds We had some of our worst situations with cell phone service in the rural Midwest (Bear Mountain in MI was very flakey) and have encountered limited 50AMP and only water and electric in the east. Going off season helps, otherwise we would not have had 50AMP at Forest Lake TT in Advance NC. At Orlando TT and Three Flags in Florida the 50AMP sites do fill up. Telling people to expect tight 30AMP water and electric with limited to no internet is better than telling them all membership campgrounds are 50AMP full hookups with great internet and are close to Wal-Mart, Costco, Sam's Club and restaurants. Some people can't seem to manage less than 50AMP, or don't want to. Some can't seem to manage not having sewer. Others have to be online every stop. Some have to have a pool, a place to fish, pickleball, a level concrete pad, etc.
  7. Bill Joyce

    Thousand Trails - champaign taste beer budget

    We enjoyed staying at St. Clair last September. Since we do not need satellite access, ie a clear view of the sky, we had a nice 50AMP pull thru in the woods that easily fit our 40' motorhome and tow car. But what I tell people about membership campgrounds, be it Thousand Trails or something affiliated with Coast to Coast, RPI, AOR or ROD, is to expect a tight 30AMP water and electric campsite with weak voltage and no cell phone service or free wifi. If you get better, be happy. If you insist on 50AMP full hookups with good cell phone reception and free wifi, membership campgrounds are not for you even if they call themselves a resort.
  8. Bill Joyce

    Free TV on all devices

    "cast it to our TV with chromecast" This will use your limited hotspot data. You have "unlimited" on the phone, but chromecast uses a wifi hotspot to bring the video down and that is limited to 20GB/month or less depending on your plan. If you have Miracast or other peer-to-peer casting available, that works wiithout wifi, but chromecast does not directly cast from your phone to the TV, it uses the internet. Also realize that Verizon normally limits the video size to 720p or less, even on the phone.
  9. Bill Joyce

    Free TV on all devices

    Every current "unlimited" plan I know of now limits 4G usage of hotspot data. T-Mobile just got rid of the last plan, International One Plus, that had unlimited hotspotting at full speed. If you have a plan that has unlimited 4G hotspotting, even with "network optimization", don't let it go.
  10. Bill Joyce

    Not Secure

    This is a new Google Chrome browser behavior. that shows up when you use http:// instead of https://. If running another browser, you will not see this.
  11. Bill Joyce

    Residential Refridgerator

    My father-in-law thought like Denny that a good quality modified sinewave inverter would run anything and argued with me spendingt the extra for a pure sinewave inverter. He did not believe a friend who said the same inverter my father--in-law had fried his electric blanket controls when he tried to get the bed warm in cold weather. Then my father-in-law left his electric toothbrush plugged in when the inverter kicked in and fried it. When his inverter died, he replaced it with a pure sinewave inverter and never looked back. Right now DonRowe.com has a Kisae 1000 watt pure sinewave inverter on sale for $169. How much money would someone save going for a good modified sinewave inverter instead?
  12. Bill Joyce

    Need New Laptop-Confused

    You can get a USB (external) DVD drive for $20 (on sale) to $40. It comes in handy when you need to reinstall software. You do have to remember you have it and where it is stored.
  13. Bill Joyce

    Need New Laptop-Confused

    There are deals for under $500 laptops, but most are for 15" models. The lighter and smaller ones either come with very small storage, mostly 32GB eMMC or they come as premium laptops in the $800 to $2000 range. But Dell seems to have some options. Here is a Dell 13" deal for $499 with a 500GB hard drive - https://deals.dell.com/productdetail/17xe (I hope that comes through). Another Dell deal, an 11" with a 500GB hard drive for $350 - https://www.dell.com/en-us/shop/2-in-1-pcs/inspiron-11-3000-2-in-1/spd/inspiron-11-3185-2-in-1-laptop/fncwd2009s .
  14. Bill Joyce

    Another CG Ettique Question

    We have been to many campgrounds that suddenly added "no feeding the wildlife, including birds" to their rules that were not there in earlier visits. Interestingly most of these rules have made exceptions for hummingbird feeders, since they don't cause a mess.
  15. Bill Joyce

    Toad Question

    It is not that simple. In fact many manual transmission vehicles are not towable or the manufacturer will not certify them for towing. I suspect that many modern manual transmissions are actually hybrids and have some automatic transmission features built in. Many automatic transmission vehicles are towable, most notably Jeeps, many Chevrolets and older Hondas. There are yearly guides out there to tell you from FMCA and Motorhome magazines (do an internet search for "dinghy towing guide 20xx", where "xx" is the model year you are interested in). http://www.remcotowing.com/Towing/Store.php will let you look up a vehicle and see if it can be towed.