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  1. Bill Joyce

    Costco vs Sams Club

    BJ's is not in that many states, 17 according to one source, so it rarely pays to be a member for those who full time.
  2. Bill Joyce


    I do love their burgers.
  3. Bill Joyce

    Costco vs Sams Club

    My bad. It is the only one in Idaho. Since there are none around Boise I did not check further.
  4. Bill Joyce

    Costco vs Sams Club

    Gas is definitely a deal at Costco and Sam''s. Here in the Mesa AZ area both Costco and Sam's are charging $2.299 for regular, while other places are charging $2.399 or more according to GasBuddy.. If you buy 450 gallons in a year you paid for your Sam's Club membership in cheaper gas. Packaging can be a problem with membership clubs, but we have arranged the fridge knowing we were going to buy those sizes. Sometimes it makes no difference, since we buy gallons of milk and 16 oz packages of Spring mix even when buying a grocery stores or Wal-Mart. Yes we do go through them fast enough. Milk seems to run 20c to 40c a gallon cheaper at Costco than the sale prices or everyday Wal-Mart/Winco Foods/Aldi's prices. Spring Mix saves us $1.30 on average.
  5. Girard is supposed to be a decent tankless, but I have no idea how to replace it. I do know the fancy units cost $1K or so, plus installation. If tankless was an option on your RV, I suspect you have the room to put a regular unit in. You should be able to get some rough measurements and compare dimensions plus where the pipes attach. The main advantage of tankless is unlimited hot water, not a good idea when you are not on full hookups.
  6. Bill Joyce

    Costco vs Sams Club

    "Are you saying as a full timer 60% to 80% of your shopping is done at Sam's?" We probably buy about half our groceries at Costco, plus many other things.We are Executive members, which pays us 2% on our Costco purchases and get more than the upgrade costs ($55) and some years more than the total cost ($110) of membership back. When we had Sams we did not spend as much at them, but felt it was worthwhile for us to have the standard membership ($45 a year I think). Now that Sam's closed all Washington state stores, where we spend the summer, we cancelled our membership. The closest Sam''s Club to Washington state is Billings MT and there are no Sam's Clubs in Idaho, Oregon, Alaska or California north of the Bay Area. These places all have Costco. Edit: We have a residential fridge and do buy lettuce, milk and other things at Costco (or Sam's when we had a membership).
  7. Bill Joyce

    Snowbird Park in Phoenix or RGV with Woodshop

    Val Vista Village in Mesa has a woodshop.
  8. I find that this is true of many of the cheaper tankless hot water heaters, but many people with the more expensive models (truma and precision Temp are examples that cost a lot more than the cheap ones) seem to be happy with them. It costs money to make models that behave well at different flow rates, so the cheaper ones are more simplistic.
  9. Bill Joyce

    Costco vs Sams Club

    Since I know many full timers, including ourselves, who have Costco and/or Sam's memberships that they use heavily, I question someone using the term "majority of full timers" here. Full timers are quite diverse and each has their own wants and needs, so I always question when someone decides that their view of what full timers do and want is the majority case. For some it makes sense to have such a membership, for others it does not.
  10. Bill Joyce

    Best Downsizing Day Ever! And Alomost There!

    Irish Death beer, https://www.ironhorsebrewery.com/thebeer/irish-death/ , a dark ale is my favorite with Ayinger Celebrator Doppelbock a close second.
  11. Bill Joyce

    Costco vs Sams Club

    Sam's Club closed 63 stores about a year ago, including all of their stores in Washington and Alaska. They also closed their Casa Grande AZ store, which was important to Escapees who stay at the Casa Grande Escapees Co-op. Costco is still expanding.
  12. I found that it was worth my while to replace my old Thinlite fluorescent fixtures with their LED replacements, since they were new and had two brightness settings. These fixtures are not available from everyone, here is where I bought mine -- http://www.solarseller.com/thin_lite_led_lighting_low_voltage_dc_12_and_24_volt.htm .
  13. Bill Joyce

    Tioga George RIP

    George and I never met face to face, but we did talk on the phone. I think the last conversation was about a year and a half ago. He influenced many to become fulltime RVers and blog about it. He was quite good at stealth camping since he only slept a few hours a night and would move on by 5 to 6AM.
  14. A neighbor here in Mesa AZ says he has to find a place to boondock from the 3rd to 9th of February, since this campground is full and so are some others he has called.
  15. Bill Joyce

    Verizon Unlimited Data Plan for Jetpacks

    Yesterday I went through Verizon chat and have an 8800L being shipped to me, even though it was marked out of stock for prepaid, and am signed up for the prepaid plan. Startup, taxes and the first month, which is at the full $70 since the person could not set up my autopay, was just over $292. Once I get the prepaid plan going I will adjust my postpaid plan.