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  1. Amazon Lockers

    Amazon lockers are not everywhere, but we do use them when available. Two campgrounds in Washington State did not take mail deliveries, so we used lockers. One was in front of a Safeway grocery store and the other in front of a local electronics store. Since Google mapped us at the electronics store I am constantly being prompted to answer online questions from Google map users about the store.
  2. Windows 10 Updating again! GRRR!

    I run Windows 10, Linux Mint and Android. All of them update often. Game devices with internet access and smart TVs can be just as bad.
  3. Not a new idea, so we will see if it works our. Motorola tried this some years ago with the Atrix phone and Webtop. It did not sell or work well enough for them to put out new models.
  4. Laptop replacement

    It will be a while before there are tablets on T-Mobile that use the new 600MHZ band, there are only two phones so far that support it (LG V30 and the Samsung S8 Active). About all of T-Mobiles build out to increase their coverage will be on 600MHZ, so RVers should only get devices that support 600MHZ for the coverage they want. We dumped T-Mobile as our backup network last February due to not having enough places it worked, in Washington, Oregon and California. Now we have Verizon and AT&T and both have worked as we traveled across the Northern US and down to Florida.
  5. Laptop replacement

    You can get a tablet with that runs on Verizon directly. They also make cases with keyboards to make the tablet behave much like a small laptop if you want. Verizon shows many 8 and 10" tablets on their website, with a deal right now of an Asus 10" tablet for $149.
  6. What would proper wifi cost a park?

    The campground I am in supplies a cable modem for no extra charge. When I tested it i got 10Mbs down and 2Mbs up, but under usage it slows down. It took four hours to download the 3GB Windows 10 Fall Creators Edition update, 50% in one hour and the other 50% in the next 3 hours. I have no expectation that a campground is going to supply me the same intenet speeds as a home user, wired or wireless.
  7. Win 10 Creator update Easy update

    Four relatively easy installs, but two of the machines have problems. One machine that has not upgraded yet and I just checked yesterday.. The two machines with problems have one with a minor problem, I have to put my pin in twice to log on, and the other is very slow. The slow one is a quad core 1GHZ AMD chip with 4GB of RAM and an 11.6" touch screen, so it was not fast beforehand. It was horribly slow after the first Windows 10 update and then a later update sped it up to being usable. My wife thinks I should open it up and pull the hard drive and throw it out, since even new it was barely usable. It was my "take to to a coffee shop or on a trip" machine, so I will miss it. Costco has a Dell 13" 2-in-one with an i7, 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD on sale that I might pick up instead.
  8. Full Body Paint

    Interesting. A good body and paint shop should mix their own colors to match what you have and not depend on the RV manufacturer. I know Straight Line RV and Boat, http://www.straightline-rv.com/store/c1/Featured_Products.html, in Oregon and Arizona, works that way.
  9. FMCA votes to include towables

    We were one of the 6820 who voted yes. One of the ironies of life is that many of those who looked down on Kirk for having a gas motorhome ended up with orphan brands, since their manufacturers went bankrupt.
  10. Mobley problems

    Mine is working well here in Jacksonville Florida.
  11. So far our household has 4 of 5 Windows 10 machines upgraded to 1709 (Fall Creator's Edition). Each took 4 to 5GB of internet usage. My main machine needs me to enter the pin twice to log on, but otherwise works fine. The other 3 are all working well. The remaining machine will be updated towards the end of a billing cycle when we have the GB left to handle it.

    Deprioritization, when you hit the 22GB limit on Verizon and AT&T, is not that bad. I have used 40GB on AT&T and it still worked. The hard limits on hotspotting of 15GB on Verizon with either a phone or Jetpack/Mifi/Mobile Hotspot, is a problem for most of us. Currently AT&T just deprioritizes mobile hotspots (Mifi) at 22GB, but has a hard limit of 10GB on phone hotspotting before slowing them down to a trickle. I am waiting for T-Mobile to get further along on their build out, since you can pay $25 extra and get 50GB with hotspotting before deprioritization.
  13. RV park digital cable

    Or the wiring is messed up. You might be able to borrow a known working TV and hook it up and try it both directly off the campground TV connection to make sure it is working and then to one going to the built-in TV, if you can get to the back of the TV to remove the cable. There are some small TVs out there and some people have TV tuner cards for their computers.
  14. Yes, they will reduce speeds at times and areas with network congestion. But, you might not notice it. A friend said he uses over 100GB each month on AT&T and sees some slowdown, but it is not major and does not last. We used 39GB last month on AT&T and did not notice any slowdown, but it might have happened.
  15. Little Domes Everywhere

    Roku and Sling TV are both streaming TV services that let you watch multiple channels/feeds. (Dish owns Sling TV.)