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  1. Dryer... Gas or Electric?

    From my view going though all the hassle and expense of rewiring for a 240 volt dryer seems like overkill for something that is probably a "like to have", instead of a necessity. Plus, it won't work in so many places. There are campgrounds with no 50AMP available, so you are limited to those that have it. As was mentioned, many built-in generators for 50AMP RVs do not provide 240 volt, only two legs of 120 volt. Some campground pedestals are wired incorrectly and only provide two legs of 120 volt, which has burned a couple bus conversion folks with 240 volt stoves. Those pedestals can go for years without anyone noticing, since most 50AMP RVs only need 120 volt.
  2. Wi-fi Booster Multiple Connections

    I wonder if the youtuber hooked to a 5GHZ channel that was not as heavily used and that provided the speedup. Some devices can connect to a 2.4GHZ and 5GHZ at the same time. But I agree with everyone else, we need to see the actual video to understand the details of the claim.
  3. ATT cracking down on Mobley?

    I find the Mobley speeds do the job and I don't have to worry about AT&T shutting me down. I have been getting 8 to 16.0 down most places through my router. My AT&T tablet, with its own data plan, sometimes tests higher, up to 97.80, but many places it is in the same range as the Mobley.
  4. MH or 5th wheel?

    I agree with Kirk on his advice. When my father-in-law died my mother-in-law soon traded their 40' diesel motorhome for a 33' gas motorhome and it has worked out well for her as a single person. She towed the same Chevy Malibu as the diesel and it actually did mountain passes better than the old diesel,, which was a bit under powered. She is a strong willed person and did some shopping on her own, but she appreciated my wife and myself being along to deal with the salespeople.
  5. CPAP

    bigbiilsd: You are obviously not married to my wife. The batteries they sell do not run the heated humidifier. When my wife's humidifier heater broke she could tell the difference immediately and ordered a replacement overnight. Before we put in the residential fridge, two more batteries and a bigger inverter/charger, I wired in a 300 watt pure sinewave inverter for my wife's CPAP for less than $150. It worked great for the CPAP and we already had 4 golf cart batteries, so we had plenty of battery. Now we run the residential fridge and two CPAPs with 6 AGM gc batteries and love our 3000 watt Magnum hybrid pure sinewave inverter/charger.
  6. Verion Jetpack problem or ??

    I agree with dsimpson, go to a Verizon store. A real Verizon store, not an authorized reseller. When my mother-in-law's Jetpack had the same problem it was fixed by a trip to a Verizon store.
  7. Connect Hopper3 to Mobley?

    Biker56 reminded me that Rogerk4rs turned me on to a $19 mini-router that works with the Mobley - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01AL7P1FU/ . Something like that will probably solve your problem and give you more range for the Mobiey wifi along with handling more than 5 connections.
  8. Batteries & Dry Camping

    Without a sub-panel you would have to check the internal transfer switch in the inverter/charger to make sure it can handle the full power going through. For a 50AMP RV that would be 100AMPs of 120volt. Otherwise you are overloading the transfer switch and that could potentially cause a fire. Plus it would not be code. I prefer a subpanel, since then I have circuits not on the inverter I can put a power outage alarm on ($14 from Amazon).
  9. Delete

    I also love having the "unlimited" car connect plan on the Mobley. A side effect of the Mobley popularity is that most now know AT&T works fine for fulltimers, they are not limited to Verizon. If you want unlimited high speed hotspotting, you have one day to get an AT&T plan that includes a mobile hotspot. March 1st such plans will not exist for new customers.
  10. Connect Hopper3 to Mobley?

    Some of us have lives and only check in once a day or so. We are not sitting around waiting to give free advice. That said, Yarome gave good advice, so start with that.
  11. On a table, dashboard or counter while sitting and on the bed while traveling or hang it from the ceiling so it folds up. I am not doing any of these, I just notice the TVs when in Costco since a video crazy friend has a 55" 4K TCL and loves it and he paid almost $500 for it.
  12. 55" TCL 4K TVs with Roku are now $340, at least at Costco. For an RVer, this one is better than Vizio since it still has coax connectors to get over the air when needed. Yes, over the air is not 4K, but it is something. Samsung and Vizio have taken the coax connection out.
  13. Tires Off Ground

    My HWH pads are 10" squares.
  14. Tires Off Ground

    I have only seen that rule at one place in 14 years of fulltiming, the Santa Barbara CA Elks. I have seen others that require blocks, but don't specify wood. Some of those places said that large jack pads, like our HWH ones, are OK as is.
  15. The guys running hitchitch.com have one - http://www.fulltime.hitchitch.com/ .