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  1. Thank you all for the info. FYI, if you ever want a good laugh, ask for chains at the North Carolina Volvo dealers. Just a hint, they aren't laughing WITH you.
  2. Sculptor

    Ac problem

    I usually check Mark Bruss's site first then over to Volvo's manuals. My Volvo is gen 2 so not the same as yours. I said that to add that many manuals can be downloaded for free but you have to pay for paper versions. Info for the gen 1 Volvo's might be harder to find in the electronic version? http://www.dmbruss.com/Schematics.htm https://volvotrucks.vg-emedia.com/InformationSearch.aspx?SearchId=16 i had to guess where the AC service info is, maybe engine?
  3. They told me the same.
  4. One way to think of it maybe? you're hobbling now but the pain gets gradually worse. In a month or 2, the hobbling and pain will go away. My surgeon (hip replacement ) said the joints had begun growing together, so I went from extreme pain to no pain in a couple of months.
  5. Just asking, any more news?
  6. Sculptor

    Front Spoiler

    Hi Al, I tried "Volvo Vnl lower bumper air deflector" without the quotes. The words air deflector seemed to get better results than bumper extension. Maybe try that?
  7. Sculptor

    Front Spoiler

    After I picked up my dentures, that was pretty funny. 🙂
  8. Dave I'm very happy for you to get to this point. I don't remember the number of years you have lived with the pain, but you gotta be counting the days until August!!! This will give you your life back. All the best.
  9. On page 23 the generic fuse panel is shown with a disclaimer saying words to the effect, each truck is different so refer to the sticker under the lid.
  10. I hope I am understanding the above posts, so I hope this helps. Schematics up to about page 85 then illustrations. I will keep looking for the fuse legend.
  11. Thanks Brad. I took Darryl’s advice and put cardboard under the engine area. It stayed clean. But there is a large suspiciously dead looking patch of grass under the right tank but inside more under the frame. When I saw the frame was wet and identified coolant not fuel, I thought it was under the sleeper heater repair from 2 years ago. All this time I thought those tubes were some sort of fuel crossover.
  12. Great idea Darryl, had not thought of just cutting them out altogether. We travel north occasionally but try to limit our winter visits to Amazon delivery only, most years. 🙂
  13. Yes there is 1 pressure and 1 return so 2 of number 27. Exactly what I did except the guy sold me 4 reducers not 4 1-to-1. Grrr now I have to waste time taking them back to get the right ones. NAPA btw.
  14. Hi folks, It took this long to get my latest info out to you. What I found out from the parts guy, after an in depth talk: This truck has a heater system they never see in North Carolina. This truck is from ND. Heads up Larry! (AV8R) The coolant must circulate into the tanks via a heat exchanger gadget. I'm not sure if its factory original or not. There are two crossover lines that run on a piece of angle/channel between the tanks. The steel frame and tubes are prone to corrosion. Part number 8085004. There might be an assembly number but he didn't say. I have not searched online yet the weather is too nice and I have an ET hitch to install today. To be continued.
  15. Well I was wrong. I thought it was fixed after hours of leak free driving on a hot day. It’s not. HELP PLEASE 🙂 What I thought were fuel lines across the steel frame directly between tanks, appear to be leaking coolant. Can someone please clue me about this system? Does this keep the fuel at a constant temperature? If there is a kit or part numbers please post! I don’t know what to search for. Plus we are wrenching on a new leveling valve this morning so I will have to get searching later. Thanks in advance. About my goofy sump pump solution above, are you guys just being polite? 🤣 No comments yet?
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