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  1. Wow, really bad track record. However, my suggestion still might have some value for future rallies and the presentations we enjoy. We can use any platform that accomplishes the goal.
  2. We have decided not to drive over also. Last minute, but that’s how we roll. 🙂 I had really hoped this would be showing signs of blowing over by now.
  3. Sculptor

    Bed build

    Did you find a way to buy the steel that saved some money? Or just order what you need and have it shipped to your truck?
  4. Sculptor

    Bed build

    Thanks for the photos! I have a cad model that might actually see daylight someday. This is very helpful.
  5. Hi everyone who is following this thread. I was reading an article this morning and The thought occurred to me that this might be a way for the group to have a gathering and do it remotely. I do not propose that it could be organized in such a short time. And I don’t think that those who are responsible for some of the various seminars are prepared for this. But I am throwing out the suggestion as a solution and since most of us are stuck in place anyway it might be kind of fun to get together and hear from everyone. here is the article on using ZOOM. Zoom or some other remote video tool.
  6. Thanks Ken, as quickly as the flu situation took shape, I am hoping for the end of the “flu season” or some other kind of good news by the time the 18th rolls around. Even if that does not happen, the risk in outdoor camping right now seems small.
  7. We are still on the fence about it. It is a day's drive so not that far. The plus side is we all will be at our separate campsites. I doubt we would stay for the whole week. We will need things like fuel and food occasionally. Are any travellers having trouble finding either one?
  8. We will be there. Last year we attended for a little while but had to leave right away. This year we will stay for at least a few days.
  9. I was in the same situation when I bought mine. The advice above is good advice. My choice was to have the commercial hitch and hoses removed also. I think this made a difference to the officer when I Did stop. I would advise you to leave the hoses for now, but its your choice. I used TruckerPath app to know if there was an open weigh station ahead. AThe first day I actually went around the two that were open. Many were closed. Of course that took more time. The second day I finally stopped at a weigh station in Tennessee I think? He flashed the red light so i pulled out the notebook and went in. He asked why I had no hitch. It was my first opportunity to brag on my new truck and talk about all the glorious mods I planned. He said he was just curious and said have a nice day. I asked if I should stop at other stations, or skip them since I was non commercial, and planned to modify and retitle. Of course he said yes. I didn't stop at any others. We were not stopped the rest of the way home.
  10. Google “ bolt on car ornaments “ there are many options there too. 😉😉 tryin to help.
  11. Where is it located? I am mulling over whether to double tow a small car or get a flatbed and smart car. I havent quite decided.
  12. This is not a double towing answer, just general planning. Fuel prices have always been higher north of the Mackinac Bridge. Try to plan so you stop for fuel in Mackinac City. (south of the bridge) In my opinion it's more interesting than St Ignace anyway.
  13. Sculptor

    Webasto bunk heater

    Thanks Darryl, it makes sense to check that first. I have not approached it to take it apart but I often will start a repair and disregard the logical stuff. Thanks for your help.
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