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  1. If you wanted soumething in keeping with the URAL theme, NATASHA is appealing, while BORIS doesn't fit the flashy color scheme. FEARLESS LEADER would be too ambiguous these days. 😉
  2. Best of luck! May you have safe travels! Whatever you do, DON'T think about that movie "Trains Planes and Automobiles."
  3. Need information concering, 3 pedal 18 speed Auto Shift

    Skip the frilly moto mirrors, you will have to start all over with your chrome skulls and bullets theme. A budget for about 20 pounds of chrome per month ought to bring the interior up to snuff in reasonable time for the rally. 😎😉
  4. Hi Lappir,   I finally found those links to your photos.  I have an interest in a big spacecraft also, but I doubt we will ever be in a position to order new, so just dreaming for now.

    In your signature I noticed your Vehicross and now have seen the pics.  Looks like it's in great shape.  I rushed into buying mine and it's a little abused.  It seems to me a better vehicle than a jeep, especially as a toad for full time.  How do you like it for the weight, loading, unloading, etc?

  5. A question for the "Enginner's among us.

    Good idea. https://winstonsalem.craigslist.org/mat/d/10-inch-aluminum-bleacher/6352167396.html
  6. WTB: Frame cover grates

    Sorry about your loss of your dad. I could use a few generic truck parts like rear fenders, but actually shipping them is always bad news. We don't get to Cincinnati ever, but I might have a friend coming thru for the holidays. It was just a random thought.
  7. WTB: Frame cover grates

    Hmmm, Makes me wonder what other goodies you have laying around. LOL, diamond plate - with real diamonds. I gues "maybe too pricey" was understated a bit.
  8. OT: coax cable

    Run conduit! X4. Over size diameter. With a wire knotted at both ends. When you install any wiring later you will be glad you did.
  9. WTB: Frame cover grates

    Just for comparison, maybe too pricey. A local salvage yard would be cheaper I bet. http://www.frontiertruckparts.com/parts/search?partType=651&condition=&make=&model=&keywords=&page=6
  10. Update of Bed Build

    That's just fine, John. I think 99 photos of everything else would be acceptable instead. I haven't seen step details like that before. Agree with BillR, pretty cool.
  11. Why HDT + 5er vs Class A + Toad?

    I was a GM guy my whole life. I tend to keep them, not trade in for new. In 1985 I ordered a new Suburban. By 1994 the floor was soft and the back door was unusable because of the rust. Engine ran fine. Later I bought a slightly used 01 GMC pickup. The body rust got bad over 16 or so years, but the American Axle drive components were the worlds worst. I didn't own a trailer for the first few years, but rebuilt the differential at about 50k miles. At least 5 sets of brakes including rotors all around. Replaced the whole rear axle and all brake lines about 3 or 4 years ago. It had about 165k miles when I sold it last year. The engine ran fine. The transmission never had any trouble. I swore off pickups. I mentally paired a long lasting diesel engine with the above and decided there must be a better way!
  12. Michigan Winter Weather

    Hi John, we used to live near Detroit. There may be other members who can add more than I can. In a few months, you will be past the worst of it. Do you have a month in mind? for a few years we were interested in snowmobiling so would watch weather and plan around late January or early February. You could usually plan for that time frame but nothing later as most snow would be gone. Usually there will be a February thaw. Hard to plan a trip around that because every year is different. But, afterward it gets cold again with not a lot of snow. All of the above doesn't take lake effect snow into consideration. My guess on that is, the lake will be much colder in February and March. That MIGHT mean less chance of snow that time of year from lake evaporation?
  13. Why HDT + 5er vs Class A + Toad?

    Mark, I've not seen anyone spell it out, but I have heard that fivers 'generally' are considered to have more storage space. I have never owned one so as one who is backslid... I mean lives in both, what is your opinion? The question might be too broad without a length of 6 cylinder engines discussion.
  14. It's a little big but something to work with...

    During the really bad weather you don't even want to look out windows anyway. 😏😏
  15. A little bit early

    Hi all, I ran across this great photo on Facebook and thought you would like all the photos on the website. https://randybeacham.photoshelter.com/index/G0000ZXRjg8Dr07U This was the one I liked best. I have not been to Montana yet but someday.