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  1. Auman's Mobile Home Park High Point 336-803-0356 Carolina Country Campground Salisbury 704-633-7301 Cane Creek Campground Snow Camp 336-376-8324 Cross Winds Family Campground Linwood (833) 295-3294 Deep River Campground and RV Park Asheboro 336-629-4069 Forest Lake RV Camping Advance 877-570-2267 Jellystone Park Asheboro 336-964-0813 Jones Station RV Park Mebane (919) 568-0153 Holly Bluff Family Campground Asheboro 336-857-2761 Lake Reidsville Reidsville (336) 349-4738 Zooland Family Campground Asheboro 336-381-3422
  2. Hi and welcome to the outside. I know many many people live in Florida part time and maintain homes of some type while staying elsewhere especially during the summer. I don’t know the rules but I would be surprised if there is a length of stay requirement. Even requiring an actual house or structure seems unlikely for part time residents. I guess I’m not much help on the real requirements. I am encouraging you to keep looking for answers that fit for your situation.
  3. Just got around to confirming with Deer Run. Please put me down for one also,
  4. Glad to hear you made it safe, and the new knees are treating you well. Have fun in the sun, Dave.
  5. Hi Alie&Jim, thanks that sounds like good advice. I have been advised by several of the group, just give up on the emergency gen and get an RV gen. We are selling most everything we own this year, the dual fuel Firman is on that list. Not sure about the Honda 2k yet.
  6. Hi Announcer, I have a dual fuel 7k I will probably sell. We want a quiet generator for RV ing but I wonder if 5k is enough for our rig. Just gaging interest.
  7. Hi, I was researching local places and received back a word doc with a short list of campgrounds that have a monthly rate available. (some are just nightly) How should I share this on this site?
  8. The Trail Air hitch is sold.
  9. Sculptor


    I will begin by saying I take advice from some folks above, I don’t give it. I have much less experience. I shopped online for a used diesel PU to replace my rusty GMC half ton “pumpkin eater”. They were very hard to find, and almost always well over $50k plus high mileage for a PU. The MDT haulers were even higher than the pickups and much harder to find. There are lots and lots of used HDTs out there and I saw a few late models under $40k. My point is that availability plays into this comparison as well. The prices seem much more competitive in the used HDT market.
  10. Sculptor


    Scrap, Is it not with a charger? Or at the price should I not even question it?
  11. Sculptor

    Rear end questions

    Exile, thanks for asking the question. I think about this topic from a mileage standpoint. I’m commenting to follow but won’t be much help.
  12. Sculptor

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all of you good folks!! Thank you Carl! 70 and sunny today in NC. 🙂
  13. Sculptor

    Webasto bunk heater

    Thank you very much Bill w/bus. Now I will have to look up your conversion, I’m curious. Have you been to all 50 and most of Canada in your conversion? Do you have a website?
  14. Sculptor

    Webasto bunk heater

    Hi Darryl, Thank You very much. It seems like we always have other repairs to do an never got around to this one.
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