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  1. ECR Cooler Needed

    WHEW! I can leave my used kiddie pool at home. 😷😷😷😷
  2. Hi Jim, we have reservations for the ECR, but I'm still trying to get the truck/trailer put together.  One thing I need is a brake controller.  I decided to go with a Hayes but don't have one yet.  Do you still have yours?  Willing to ship?

  3. Volvos for sale

    Ohhh I think I understand. Thanks Rick.
  4. Volvos for sale

    Hi Jack, can you explain further please? I think this is the first time I've read any reference to direct drive. My Volvo 730 has a D13 with iShift. I think this means it is a gear drive but auto clutch or something like that. It has 2 pedals. It's not an automatic like a car. Going over to the guide now. 🤔🤔🤔
  5. UK couple travelling America in rv top tips

    In my opinion try warm states with high populations of retirees for used RVs. Be aware of possible insect damage further south. My 2 cents.
  6. Shocker Hitch

    I bought a Gen Y torsion hitch. I haven't used it yet but I have confidence. Also, there is no bag to rot in the sun. https://www.amazon.com/Torsion-Suspension-Receiver-Towing-Pintle/dp/B01N7AXNFI/ref=sr_1_7?s=automotive&ie=UTF8&qid=1517966476&sr=1-7&keywords=geny+hitch
  7. '18 ECR Flea Market

    We have a ladies summer motorcycle jacket we are selling. http:// Raleigh tall men's bicycle. Having a malfunction with the photo so, it's blue in great shape
  8. Transport after purchase

    I bought used from a dealer, and they gave me a paper 30 day drive out permit. I think the worst case scenario would be pulled over (decent driving skills so doubtful) or at an inspection station, an officer might ticket you and prevent the truck from leaving until a CDL holder comes to get it? Big5er please correct me here. I wanted to look very nonprofessional. I never wanted to appear as if I was a pro, driving bobtail to deliver another truck to another location. i wore a brand new dealership hat or no hat. Tourist shorts. No Bluetooth headset, etc. I had the dealer cut the fifth wheel hitch off and remove the glad hands. I also decided NOT to hang a sign in the window with any sort of disclaimer, such as private RV. aaand we avoided inspection stations. This involved seeing some extra countryside and towns at times. I printed a few things I found on the internet about converting to an RV and kept them with the insurance and temporary title because it made me feel better to do so. I thought, "well I don't want to be looking up links on my phone and trying to get someone to read it during a maybe heated conversation" so I tried to anticipate. The bottom line for me was removing the hitch and glad hands. If anything looks like the beginning of a conversion that would do it.
  9. We are also in NC. Winston Salem. How far from there are you?
  10. seeking educational info

    Thanks. I'm sure I can learn something from these.
  11. Simple enough,,,, Thanks Tom.
  12. Hi Mark, or anyone else. On the guide Electric Brake Controllers page it mentions the DirectLink adapter needed for an HDT. I know I've seen the adapters somewhere but I forget where. Can you post a link for me? Thanks.
  13. East Coast Rally January Update

    Thanks for the quick answer Carl. RV Haulers on A Slim Budget (Randy Agee & Charlie Lord) Building an RV Hauler (Gregg Shields) An Update on Lithium House Batteries (David Dixon) Budgeting for Full-Time RVers: Can I afford it? (Sondra these are where my interests lie this year. We bought a truck last summer so building a hauler is low on the list but tools and maintenance are always of interest to me. BTW we took out the cab heater blower and fixed the leak that Volvos are known for. We took lots of photos but I haven't compiled a how-to manual yet, if there is any interest in discussing it, anyone in this group feel free to contact me.
  14. East Coast Rally January Update

    Hi Carl, I am looking for the seminar day to day schedule. They all sound interesting as always, but I'm might only have a few days to work with, not the whole week. thanks,
  15. Basics to get started

    X2 on BARBARAOK's list. Concerning #4 #8 & #9, these are things we didn't use at first but I quickly decided we needed them after we got our first camper with water systems. There is a story to go along with the gloves and filter "light bulb" moments, if you are interested. I would add: Blocks to drive one side of your RV onto. Of course some RV's are self leveling. The store bought plastic ones seem lightweight and efficient, but we used an old board from our own picnic table when we didn't need the table anymore. It was heavy, but it was long enough for both tires on one side of our trailer. And I had a pickup truck to carry it. I never really needed two boards. Some kind of tablets for the fresh water storage system, for taste and odor. I haven't found one I like so I can't recommend any.