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  1. Sculptor

    How-to Sharpen a Drill Bit

    I barely even look at the point any more just takes a little longer to drill the holes now. Just kidding. I think I will be buying new bits before I spend the $$$ for a Drill Doctor. The D.D. costs more than I thought they would. $50-$60 up to 1/2".
  2. Sculptor

    How-to Sharpen a Drill Bit

    http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/131824-sharpening-drill-bits/ You HDT folks are real do it yourselfers so I thought somebody could use this. The price of a Drill Doctor put me off from buying one. The link is to the Tips and Tricks forum.
  3. Hi folks, I learned a "bit" about this skill from a machinist I worked with. I've messed up a few drill bits in my career (15 years as a Wood Model/Pattern Maker). I don't use this skill much, and recently I decided I couldn't see the grinder and bit as well as I would like so I went shopping for a drill bit sharpener online. After seeing the prices, I have decided to buy a bright light and a magnifier. And maybe a new set of bits. The price of a sharpener would justify it. I found this video and picked up a few tips I didn't know. I can add my own tips; Eyeball the angle. It's hard to tell if your grind is lopsided by eye but hold it up to the light and look anyway. The Web break should be roughly 45ΒΊ to the cutting edges. Bit Wear. Check how your bit is wearing. If it's vibrating or if the relief is rubbing grind more off the shiny side. Shiny Spots. That's the side that's touching the work. Hand Sharpen Drill Bits - Youtube - 8+ minutes
  4. Sculptor

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Maurice will hold back the bill for awhile, to let it run up. πŸ€‘
  5. Sculptor

    link to Peterbilt for sale

  6. Sculptor

    How do I delete this thread, I figured it out?

    That's cool. My exposure goes back that far but I can't say experience. My uncle and some friends had a computer shop in a college town. Cassette tape drive? How fast is yours? Lol
  7. Sculptor

    Private rv not for hire

    We took our first trip 2 weeks ago, our route was on a couple of toll roads. Each toll booth we had the same conversation with the attendant. Each stop I offered the paperwork and sometimes the attendant took us up on it. It worked for us in West Virginia but not in Ohio. (Ohio the attendant just nodded in agreement and charged us we think the truck rate.) I am wondering if lettering would have made the conversation shorter.
  8. Sculptor

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Hi Dave, great looking rig! Have a safe trip!
  9. Sculptor

    link to Peterbilt for sale

    Not my truck.
  10. I'm just sharing with the forum. In my opinion it's quite old, but looks good in pictures. Someone has spent time and money on it. https://greensboro.craigslist.org/hvo/d/379-peterbilt/6620678313.html https://images.craigslist.org/00A0A_fEwJovN3A2V_600x450.jpg
  11. Sculptor

    Hitch Camera

    Jack, have you posted any of your camera system info here or elsewhere? Our first road trip was a week ago and I found myself wishing for a backup and hitch camera. Wishes are much cheaper, by the way. With none of the language that goes with actual installation. 😬😬
  12. Sculptor

    HDT Members On The Road, Including Their Current Locations

    Hi Rick, I just saw this. Sillier than usual yes!
  13. Sculptor

    How to get into housing of door mount mirror

    I'm posting a good video on this subject to bring the topic back to the front for anyone's reference. Volvo VNL mirror disassembly
  14. Sculptor

    Volvo mirror cover

    I broke my antenna last weekend and just found this video. I was going to share it but DesertMiner already shared. Thanks! It's pretty comprehensive and much better than the usual handheld videos.
  15. Sculptor

    Cab or Windshield Leak?

    On your way, if you need a place to park in North Carolina, of course you are welcome here.