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  1. I couldn't say yes with any authority. Steroids affect connective tissue, so I was told. Wish I could be more definite.
  2. It's more important to think about your mobility AND PAIN between now and the next replacement. Yes that's old school thinking. Besides that, I was taking oral steroids for something unrelated, and right after that, my already weakened Achilles tendon snapped. the docs asked if I was on steroids, i answered affirmative, and they said it MIGHT be related. Cortisone might cause other complications is the point here.
  3. Sculptor

    No starting

    You guys just gave me another reason to buy that crimper.
  4. Agree, the resistors don't usually give up all at once. The low speeds tend to go first. If some speeds are working and some not, that's the usual indicator in old cars.
  5. Lots of good advice here. I had my left hip done a year ago, my right hip 5 months ago. I knew I was having lots of pain and ambulatory () problems. What I did not realize was how much muscle movement I lost from years of hobbling and mostly sitting. The surgeon said when the cartilage is gone the body tries to replace with bone. So my pelvis was actually growing around the top of my femur. Which made moving around even worse meaning my mobility/use was very poor and I lost a lot of muscle. I don't know how much of "my story" applies to knee replacement but working harder is better, in my opinion. As for VA stories, Mr. Cob, my uncle is very well versed in getting things done there. I can put you in touch with him if you like.
  6. Hello, I'm sorry to hear about your health problems. I would like more info on your trailer. Where is it located? PM sent.
  7. Sculptor

    No starting

    I have heard many times that "thumping" on the starter might work in place of any real expertise. A few healthy smacks with a hammer might loosen up a corroded starter and/or solenoid? If it works you know it's a mechanical problem not electrical connection. I hope it helps.
  8. I never heard of the 3M-4000 product. Any cheaper than the 3M-5200? I used 5200 on my boat and loved it. I was told it's a water curing caulk so it gets even better when submerged. I never had it fail, but the big plexiglass windows I had bedded with 5200 eventually cracked.
  9. I looked them up because I haven't heard of them before. Can you post photos? A link for specs like weight? I read Jack Mayer's web page on his 2004 and it sounded very heavy but if two axles can handle it , I would have no objection to the weight.
  10. I didn't read the resource guide yet but turned up this page on a search. https://solutions.letstruck.com/Answers/View/6898/loss+of+guages+volvo
  11. How much can a Mocha Chino Frappe in the cupholder, and layer of fast food wrappers on the floor weigh?
  12. Best of Luck with the new software!
  13. It looks like water jetting the parts will save you a huge amount of time. Even if you were machining expanded foam and pouring your own sand molds and then having them poured at a foundry, this new way appears WAY faster. ( = less $$$). Congrats on your new process!
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