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  1. In my case we only used our old one every couple of years so remembering exactly what the lights mean was hard for me. I did manage to find the manual page for Dometic. http://manuals.dometic.com/ hope it helps.
  2. I had window problems as described by Rick. Window rolls down in 2ā€ increments. Nothing I did seemed to help. I disassembled the switch hoping I could clean out some ā˜•ļø or šŸ’©. No luck The bunch of wires are mostly white with orange stripes. There are lots of them. I tried testing to see which were hot and succeeded in blowing the fuse. Wishing you better luck! i bought a cheap eBay replacement and it looked new but performed like the old one. I got a second replacement free of charge but have not tested it yet. Just sayin it seems like the boards all have the same switches and prone to the same trouble. Brad, I hope your wiring gets sorted out more easily.
  3. Just thinkin' out loud, what about a flat sheet of some material fastened to the underside of the bed? Heavy gage plastic, light or medium gage steel maybe? Cheaper and less trouble to mount.
  4. Of course 2013 is the year I have. Worst how? šŸ˜± I have already experienced NOX sensor pain. I could envision deleting the pollution equipment in the future, but not yet.
  5. Sculptor

    DRV accident

    I see it on the HDT group Facebook page, but not on Leon's page. There was beginning to be some armchair quarterback style discussion of the photos he posted so he stopped comments on it for awhile.
  6. In my search it seemed the 730 was the hardest to find. We eventually bought from RDO in North Dakota. They get fleet grain haulers in batches. (730's) They have lower miles, ours was in the 425k range, but higher prices, mid $50k. I wish ours had overdrive but it does not. Also did not have locking differential. It might be worth an email to find out more.
  7. So I bought the "I can't believe it's $60" radiator drain hose that SuiteSuccess originally posted about. I drained the system and was able to fill 2 buckets @ 4 gallons each. I spent some time looking for the coolant capacity of my truck. I am not sure but I believe it's 15 gallons. Rather than perching on a ladder and pulling the buckets up with a rope, to reuse the coolant, I bought a cheap submersible pump on sale for $40. I wrapped a vacuum cleaner filter around it, and connected the radiator drain hose to the outflow. Of course I left the tank cap off. Backing up a bit, I saw some posts about the very cool and expensive vacuum tester and filling tool online for $130ish. There were others like it that were cheaper also. I was not thrilled with the cost and plan to never need it again. (Yeah right) the pump options were expensive also, except maybe the drill powered pump. The submersible seemed relatively cheap. The 8 gallons went into the system very quickly, and filled from the bottom up, to minimize the chance of trapping air. I then poured the missing 4 gallons in from the top. I don't know for sure how much or how little air was trapped in the system when filling from the bottom. I let the truck idle a good long while to open the thermostat, fill the coolant filter, and circulate any air to the top. There seemed no difference in the level afterward. I hope this is helpful to anyone else, and to me also from more knowledgable folks who might know why this was a poorly done procedure. Respectfully,
  8. We are staying in southern Michigan this week. After a wedding on Sunday we drive home.
  9. SuiteSuccess started a related topic. I sometimes think it's a good idea to piggyback topics for the sake of the next person searching. Link to the topic included below. shorter version; So I got the STOP LOW COOLANT message on the instrument cluster. I usually park on gravel so I never noticed a puddle or anything. Went from a spot on the road while parked, days later became critically low. My fault for not popping the hood after cooling off to look. i assumed a hose had cracked because it seemed to lose water very suddenly. I looked over the gravel, the hoses, the expansion tank and connections. I crawled underneath, felt around where I could not see, even looked at our rear sleeper heater repair. For anyone who wants to know more about the chronic sleeper heater leak for Volvo sleepers, we have many photos and cad screen shots of our disassembly and reassembly fun. No write up yet but someday. The level sensor in the reservoir tank looked borderline, and there was residue on the fan shroud resembling a leak. No greasy moisture on the sensor electrical plug. It appears the sensor was leaking in the past so I tightened the clamp and moved on. At the Volvo dealer I bought a few parts, thermostat, short hose, $60 each. Coolant filter $15 or so, EXPANSION TANK PRESSURE CAP $35 or so, a couple or other things I forget exactly what. 6 gallons of COOLANT just less than $7 per gallon. The caps are because you might want the info that follows. Everywhere I looked including online, Diesel engine coolant was $12 on up. Like batteries, the dealer had the best price. You just never know. The service desk was next. I described the leak events etc, and immediately the mechanic who happened to overhear said, "Replace the over pressure cap on the pressure tank." AKA reservoir. He added that when running on the highway, the system may regenerate. The cap relieves pressure at 15 pounds but if it goes bad, will shoot the coolant out the overflow drain hose. So you will never see it! i gave it some time to be sure, and the tank level is right where I left it a month ago. i came up with what I think is a unique way to refill the cooling system, and I'm not inviting the flame throwers to comment, but I will take constructive advice. šŸ˜ƒ I will have to tell that story later on edit. http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/134846-volvo-radiator-drain-hose/?do=findComment&comment=981047
  10. It was good to meet you Lester and Mark also. You were neighbors for a little while and my wife and I stopped by for a few minutes to say hello.
  11. Here ya go Darryl! If you pretend I'm much younger, thinner, and shiny on top, this could be MY video of Steve and Gail's beautiful Spacecraft. By the way, Steve you're looking great! This video was a year ago I think. You appear to be headed for the ultra light class. šŸ˜€ On the road must agree with you.
  12. Thanks, I wasnā€™t sure. I was too busy wiping envy off my face. I love the video particularly the interior footage Gregg did of their new custom design. We could only spend a day as a side trip since we had to be on the road anyway. I got to meet Lester PA Hunter and a couple of other gentlemen so that was a treat in itself.
  13. Larry and Julie, It was great to meet you both also! June was enjoying herself too. After lunch and another loop around the park I could tell it was time for a rest. Steve and Gail are there, and I got to stop and see their new Spacecraft in person! It is as beautiful as it is unusual. I declined his tour of the interior as much as I wanted to see it, but we poked around the outside and I checked out his pintle hitch. It is on the ginormous side as hitches go. Steve and Gail organize the National Rally in Hutchinson KS. In Hutchinson he is one busy guy. But they are a very nice couple. Also he was/is a commercial pilot. I encourage you two to visit them. They are in I think a freightliner with the biggest drom box you ever saw.
  14. If all works as planned, we will be driving right past Milan tomorrow evening. Can we stop and look?
  15. All the best and X2 on the comments above. We are here for a visit today but can't stay. Maybe we will get to meet some of you.
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