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  1. Sculptor

    frame rail z cut

    "Are you using 220?" "Yeah, 220 or 221, whatever works."
  2. Sculptor

    Bus for sale

    Not mine, I ran across this today and thought IF I were looking for one this one looks good. I'm sure the ad will expire soon. https://charlotte.craigslist.org/cto/d/skoolie-2002-thomas-built-bus/6723104084.html
  3. Sculptor

    frame rail z cut

    Following.... I have a Northern Tool plasma cutter and needed a shape cut in 1/4". Between the air pressure and the rated power it really struggled. It was quicker to just get it close and grind the rest.
  4. Sculptor

    5th Wheel AC and furnace system noise

    I found a lot of comments about mini-splits when searching. It makes me think there is no IN-BETWEEN factory choice. As in your comment, I haven't either. I wondered if I was missing something. On a different level, there were some comments about the FREE STANDING type of AC. This would place all the operation (noise and heat) right in the room with you, and would require an outside source of air to exchange. (if I understand the comments correctly)
  5. Sculptor

    ET Senior RV 5th wheel hitch for sale

    I tried to message thru the Facebook interface but having trouble today.
  6. Sculptor

    5th Wheel AC and furnace system noise

    Our Trail Lite was ducted. We had very clean vents in ceiling and floor. But the noise from the single roof unit right in the center overwhelmed any duct noise. Since this is my only experience, I knew I would need more knowledge from others.
  7. Hi all, My question is, are all base RV units built with "loud and louder" AC and furnace blowers? Should we look for anything besides Dometic or Coleman brands in a used 5er? To narrow this down, our 31 foot trailer with roof unit and ducts was very loud and woke us both up at night. We were not living in it full time, and was only occasional use. Now our unit has been totaled by hurricane Mike and we are getting serious about a used fifth wheel purchase and possible full time use. I am pretty sure we will be forced to change the factory units out if we can't stand the noise. I have done some light searching of fifth wheel topics this morning, related to this subject. I see much has been discussed previously so please add any relevant links to said discussions. I have contacted some of you who have units for sale, thank you for your responses.
  8. Sculptor

    Emergency truck acces ability

    Thanks for putting this solution out there again, Carl. I think it's a great way to go. I'm healing up from the second hip replacement a week ago. This has never been far from my mind.
  9. Sculptor

    magnetic phone/tablet mounts

    NopNog I use this one. It sticks very well BUT my iPhone 6s rotates around with vibration on the top of the dash.
  10. Sculptor

    Older HDT and 5r for Sale

    Hi J, I also am interested in more pics please. Where is it located? Still available? k ev sen zig @ gm ail . com
  11. Hi, we went to your link but there are not many photos there. Do you have more pics? Especially the interior.
  12. Sculptor

    Suggestions for a dash cam

    I followed this because I don't have one yet either. I have read some folks prefer a LatLon stamp and a date stamp on their video I myself will be looking for resolution and the largest monitor so it's easier to read settings. I read an article about using my smartphone as a dash cam but the review/conclusion was the app on the phone had to be clicked on and set up every time its used, and the video lag was unacceptable. Thanks Brad & Jacolyn for asking the question.
  13. Sculptor

    Camera wiring

    Most of this is making sense to me. (I have not purchased my cameras or screen yet) Can someone provide a photo or 2 of the connections they made? "yeah, 220 or 221, whatever it takes."  Michael Keaton RG-6 CAT-5
  14. Sculptor

    Parts Catalog

    Sent it to your email also.
  15. Sculptor

    Close to getting an HDT

    Mark and Dale Bruss site These folks had a 780 about the same era as yours. You will find a lot of info here. Congratulations on your new purchase!