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  1. Sculptor

    Traffic report, do I need a raft?

    If you need anything just holler, I work downtown. About 10 minutes from there I believe. You are about halfway between 2 Northern Tool stores, and 5 minutes from a Harbor Freight. Burlington is all about shopping if there is time to kill. Also Wendover Avenue west of you. Downtown is not recommended for easy parking, but many restaurants are here. Kevin
  2. Sculptor

    2018 National HDT Rally, who is going to be there?

    Regretfully missing this year.
  3. Sculptor

    Traffic report, do I need a raft?

    Sorry, I just saw this. We traveled through Charlotte to Greenville on Thursday and saw no flooding anywhere.
  4. Sculptor

    Hurricane Florence

  5. Sculptor

    Hood Release Cables

    We did one on our 2013. I think the worst part was getting the old one out from behind the air box. A close second was clipping the zip ties under the column. We pulled the fuse panel out as far as we could, still connected. I forget if we pulled the new cable thru with the old cable or just fished it through the dash with a stiff wire. Putting the new one in was pretty easy. The rubber plug jams in at the center of the firewall, Armor all or soap and water will lube it. As far as I could tell the cable is the same part left and right. Also found a pretty good video on youtube.
  6. Sculptor

    New drom box designed

    Wow you covered a lot of bases with your plans. Looks great! Steel?
  7. Sculptor

    Volvo Door Window Removal

    This shows the door disassembly, but not which bolts for the glass. Most cars are similar in my opinion.
  8. Sculptor

    2007 Chev HHR toad vehicle for sale

    Pics please. I wonder what conveniences it has, since I have been driving my wife's car and really like the bluetooth functions.
  9. Sculptor

    Thank you folks who helped to sell my Freightliner.

    2016 National. I was looking for another photo coincidentally, and found this one. http://
  10. Sculptor

    HTD Volvo and KOR RV SOLD

    I just had a hip replacement, and it seems to be better for me now. Maybe you don't need to sell?
  11. I think it looks like you at the door of the chrome shop. And of course me too. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  12. Dave's new avatar...... https://ruinmyweek.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/funny-pics-of-dogs-faces-on-windows-Dog-Tongue-Licking-Window.jpeg
  13. Sculptor

    How-to Sharpen a Drill Bit

    I barely even look at the point any more just takes a little longer to drill the holes now. Just kidding. I think I will be buying new bits before I spend the $$$ for a Drill Doctor. The D.D. costs more than I thought they would. $50-$60 up to 1/2".
  14. Sculptor

    How-to Sharpen a Drill Bit

    http://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/131824-sharpening-drill-bits/ You HDT folks are real do it yourselfers so I thought somebody could use this. The price of a Drill Doctor put me off from buying one. The link is to the Tips and Tricks forum.
  15. Hi folks, I learned a "bit" about this skill from a machinist I worked with. I've messed up a few drill bits in my career (15 years as a Wood Model/Pattern Maker). I don't use this skill much, and recently I decided I couldn't see the grinder and bit as well as I would like so I went shopping for a drill bit sharpener online. After seeing the prices, I have decided to buy a bright light and a magnifier. And maybe a new set of bits. The price of a sharpener would justify it. I found this video and picked up a few tips I didn't know. I can add my own tips; Eyeball the angle. It's hard to tell if your grind is lopsided by eye but hold it up to the light and look anyway. The Web break should be roughly 45ยบ to the cutting edges. Bit Wear. Check how your bit is wearing. If it's vibrating or if the relief is rubbing grind more off the shiny side. Shiny Spots. That's the side that's touching the work. Hand Sharpen Drill Bits - Youtube - 8+ minutes