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  1. Sculptor

    Check Engine fault

    I wanted to update this subject. It took some time but I finally got both NOX sensors replaced. There was a trip to the dealer planned and I asked them to diagnose for me. The faults were not due to harness or connection problems but the sensors themselves. Of course the quote to replace was prohibitive so I bought online and installed myself. I was lucky, the sensors were not corroded and were easily replaced. Now have found an internet post to reset learned data on a 2008 truck. I tried to reset and it did not clear the error. Does it matter if the truck is running? Thanks in advance. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/30389-2008-volvo-d13-nox-sensor/
  2. Sculptor

    TSLB Install Finished! Pics of how it was done.

    Great write up, Thanks Randy!
  3. Sculptor

    And so it begins, the Smart Car, deck build on the Pete.

    I looked up cable steps. A bit of flex but strong. Just another idea for you Dave. https://www.millsupply.com/cable-step-15-x-12-5231512.php?p=9199
  4. Sculptor

    And so it begins, the Smart Car, deck build on the Pete.

    Thanks Noteven, I guess I gotta get over it and do something. 🙂 Dave, your new bed is very cool! Simple design must equal quick results, hard for me to envision being done in a week or 2. Have fun planning the LED night display!
  5. Sculptor

    And so it begins, the Smart Car, deck build on the Pete.

    Hi Dave, I'm dreaming of a steel flatbed also. I want to have my back tires covered for our trip next month. I think the best I can do is several hundred $$$ for generic fenders. Grinds my gizzard they cost so much. Rant over for now.
  6. Sculptor

    Jackalopee Install, Directlink next

    Hi PaHunter, I just hooked mine up this weekend also. Tomorrow I will be driving to pick up our camper. This will also be the first trial of the Directlink for me. I can't tell you what it's doing or not doing because we started up the truck, saw the OK and had to leave. No trailer at home to plug into and seem to have misplaced my new trailer plug tester. Sorry I'm no help today maybe tomorrow?
  7. Sculptor

    Directed Electronics

    I don't know what it is, but I know I want one now. 🤑🤑 Just curious, did you sell your other fiver?
  8. Sculptor

    Air line diagram

    Click For Full-Size Image. Click For Full-Size Image.
  9. Sculptor

    Volvo fleet speed setting

    I might have a copy somewhere. Can't say for sure but I will look. All I found was this so far, but will keep watching for it.
  10. Sculptor


    Thanks for all those details! This post will be used by many in the future. I think of doing this but never seem to write much down. 🙄😉
  11. When we bought ours we drove like you did but many of those miles I was being followed by the DW in our car. We were fortunate no roadside problems though. CONGRATS!! It's a big deal for those of us with not so much HDT experience. Sorry to hear of the troubles. Did you use Good Sam? A quick search and a quick read, looks like mixed reviews between Good Sam and Coach-Net. http://www.hhrvresource.com/search/node/roadside assistance
  12. Sculptor

    Attention HD Truck enthusiasts

    That must be why I couldn't PM you a week ago.
  13. Sculptor

    Jackalopee installed

    The lower steering column comes off easily. Undo the screws, pop the hood, or vice versa. With the hood up walk to the hood catch sitting right under the fender. (When hood is closed). Pull the cable to get some slack. Unhook cable from catch. Do both sides. Open door reach in and pull hood release for extra slack. Slide cable ends sideways out of handle. After removing screws, The center panel edge pops down, then slides rearward.
  14. Sculptor

    Jackalopee installed

    Still not done but not in a big hurry either. Takes time but not hard to get the lower panels off. Read your PM. 😉
  15. Sculptor

    Jackalopee installed

    We dove into the Directlink half of this project last week also. Cheers and good luck!