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  1. I found a "better" one Mr. Cob will enjoy this. I skipped to 15:32 because after the paint it takes shape.
  2. I am reminded of a book I read about live aboard boating, specifically during the winter. The author noted that there are many different levels of budget and many different philosophies toward comfort. RV's range from huge multi room condos to small flip out bunk types and many $$$ in between. (Paraphrasing here) But, eventually, the discussion always comes down to pumping poop.
  3. I hope this is it. https://www.advtrks.com/new-parts/ I take my truck there for both service and parts. Pricey, but good deals on batteries and coolant.
  4. Particulars in my signature, but I was disappointed to get less than 9 mpg average. it's a 12 speed, no overdrive/direct drive. Like most car owners I had no idea of the different configurations an HDT could be ordered in. I was reading mostly about the rear end ratio without understanding the trans gearing. This is about half mountain, half "flat" driving and almost all bobtail so far.
  5. Agree with the comments above. it happened to me and it took me awhile to think of checking. the retainer bracket had come off, the batteries were sliding around loose, and many connections were loose. Dumb owner, true confessions... 😊
  6. Sculptor

    Starter/battery issues

    I bought 4 batteries at the Volvo dealer, under $70 apiece last year. BTW their diesel engine coolant price was the best also. Beat Amazon.
  7. https://tenor.com/zv2o.gif
  8. Sculptor

    back up Camera system

    Following, and there is more discussion in this post also: Backup Camera Ideas
  9. Thanks Phil , yes exactly like this, but on my 2013 that space is taken with the DPF. I want the access like yours but farther back. How is retirement treating you?
  10. Thanks Rick, pretty much exactly what I did. NAPA Auto Parts though. Took awhile to get around to the pics but added them above with the diagram. I considered cutting and blocking them per Darryl's good advice but this seemed easier.
  11. Are any of you home fab folks using the space behind the chassis fairings? (I don't mean the flip open step fairings) I have space in front of my tanks that I would like to use for a Honda 2000 inverter gen, but no good way to access behind the fairings. They are a bit broken and I might just ditch them altogether.
  12. Henry and Dave, I also was greatly encouraged, the fate of mankind's knee joints are looking extremely rainbow/unicorn-like. ✨ My hip surgeon called it "Hollywood" and "Snazzy".
  13. We did the same thing last year after the ankle surgery.
  14. Dave's post op consultation went like this, https://youtu.be/SZdVWKM1ILs congratulations Dave!!! Best wishes and best healing for you!
  15. This trip, consider rain jackets or cheap ponchos if it stays rainy for a time. A pop up awning is a nice to have, but the wind can come up when you aren't looking so never go away and leave it. Same goes for the roll out type awning.
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