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  1. Motorcycle loader

    Have you looked at the Rampage lift?
  2. Full Time RV Cessation

    We never sold the S&B. Rented it, had house sitters and after 13 years of full time kicked the house sitters out and moved back in. Had to buy a LOT of new stuff as we has sold most household stuff (and a lot of tools) when we first started rving. We now are part time and have spent seven months on the road this year. Lenp
  3. deleting old attachments

    With the exception of the old (locked?) posts. I had not seen the small trash can in the thumbnail and was trying to delete it from the body instead. Lenp
  4. deleting old attachments

    Trey & Chad, Thanks - got it to work. Lenp
  5. deleting old attachments

    Trey, I did exactly as you say (go to the actual post by clicking it in the third column) but I cannot get the attachment to delete. Thanks for the help, Lenp
  6. deleting old attachments

    I must be doing something wrong here. Can anyone shed some light on proper step to delete older images? I have 1) Gone to My Attachments 2) Navigated to an older post 3) Clicked on the Post Name in the right column 4) Gone to the post 5) Clicked on EDIT 6) Left click the image and selected DELETE (or CUT in MS Edge) 7) Returned to My Attachments and can find no way of deleting the image there 8) Returned to the post itself an the image is still there There has got to be a way to do this. Thanks, Lenp
  7. deleting old attachments

    Pat & Pete, I tried to delete some of the old images but having problems. Some of the older posts do not have an "edit" option so unable to edit the images out of the original post. Others that have the edit options I cannot figure out how to delete the image from the original post. Any suggestions? Thanks, Lenp
  8. deleting old attachments

    Now I know why I couldn't attach a photo to a post last week! Time for some housekeeping. Lenp
  9. Escapees Roadside Assistance

    I have used both GS and CN with good results however when renewal with CN came due a couple years ago they told me they would not cover anything but the RV. Car and Harley would not be covered. Switched back to GS. Lenp
  10. Dodge 2500 tow capacity

    The manufacturer tow rating (your 13k) is (most likely) with only 1/4 tank of fuel and a driver only in the truck. Lenp
  11. Back Up Drive

    I tried the offsite backups and did not like it due to having to (essentially) start over if/when I upgraded my PC. Additionally, I do not have the bandwidth to use the cloud when traveling. I now use a 2TB SSD to back up both my laptop and DW's. That 2TB stays in the MH with us. A second 1.5TB hard drive rides in my toad and gets the same backups as the SSD -double backup??. Pain in the a$$ to go and get it every time but worth the effort I think. At our S&B the 1.5TB is located in the barn and connected via CAT5 so I can do backups automatically and on a schedule. Lenp
  12. Bedroom electrical Outlet problems

    As noted above, could be a loose connection at any one of the outlets. The first outlet in each circuit should be a GFCI. If is is defective or intermittent it would impact all downstream outlets. Lenp
  13. Sizing battery banks

    Could you set up the truck bank to charge while driving? Use a solenoid to connect them to the alternator once the truck is running. Regardless, how much battery do you need? Would the extra in the truck be overkill? I can't see a need for more than 600-800 Amp Hours and 6-8 Trojan T105s will get get you that. Do you really need more? Lenp
  14. You can't beat Louisiana fishing

    Kirk, I like my trout fishing in Oregon but for the fun of catching lots of big fish (even if most are released) is still great! Lenp
  15. We have been here at Grand Isle, LA a little over a month now and the small five cubic foot freezer is overflowing with speckled trout and redfish! Another good winter on the Gulf Coast - except for the COLD weather this year. http://rvroamin.com/2017-18/Louisiana/Fish/LouisianaFish.html Lenp