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  1. lenp

    Fallen Hero Cart

    Jim, This escort was simply an empty cart. The cart will be used at SFO when/if a fallen solder (or police/fire/emergency responder) is moved through SFO. Alaska builds one of these carts nearly every year (since 2011 I think) and the Patriot Guard Riders escort them to their destination. We (PGR) certainly do provide escorts for the fallen as well as funerals and other events. Tomorrow the Central Oregon PGR is taking a Vietnam veteran for his "final" ride before his cremains are buried. It is (in my opinion) a great honor to provide these services to our departed comrades. Lenp
  2. lenp

    Fallen Hero Cart

    I had the honor of riding with the Patriot Guard Riders escorting the latest Alaska Airlines Fallen Hero Cart from SeaTac to San Francisco (SFO) airport this weekend. We left SeaTac Thursday (in the rain) with about forty riders and arrived at SFO yesterday afternoon with over 150!. What a ride! And what a wonderful tribute to our fallen heros by Alaska. Hats off to Alaska for all they do for our veterans! Read more at: http://www.kgw.com/article/news/local/alaska-airlines-fallen-soldier-cart-makes-stop-in-portland/283-550942050 or http://ktvl.com/news/local/local-veterans-help-escort-fallen-hero-cart-from-seattle-through-oregon or https://www.facebook.com/alaskaairlines/?hc_ref=ARR8QDg-G_aYXD7MWFkrTiJUtflsyuWBmF-cMB1L0tc7qQ38GFDzrlmUmTZaaQBoTLI&fref=nf
  3. Thanks for sharing Derek - that might be why I am having problems with BobCad. I will have to experiment and see. Lenp
  4. lenp

    Fuel Filler Neck Extension

    I would think an air pocket in the top of the tank a good idea to allow for expansion. My previous rig (2003 International Toter) had saddle tanks and the bottom of the fill hole was about two inches below the top of the tank - no way to "fill to the brim". That air pocket was part of their design. I would not want to completely fill a tank with fuel from an underground tank (maybe 50-60 degree fuel) on a 100 degree day and have the tank(s) start to expand when the fuel warmed up. Lenp
  5. I also have 37 (or 39) volt panels and use a MorningStar TS-MPPT-60-150V controller and am very happy with it. Sorry I do not have any input regarding the Midnight Classic unit. Lenp
  6. lenp

    Do I need tire chains

    I always carry a set of singles for the drivers just in case. In six years with current MH they have never been on the tires. Previous rigs (MDT and fiver) I have had to use them twice - once to get out of a fellows driveway when bobtail and second crossing a mountain pass here in Oregon in mid April. In the latter case I had checked the pass conditions and all appeared to be good to go but it turned out to be about 40 miles of white knuckle driving on packed snow that was just beginning to melt - slicker than you know what! Lenp
  7. lenp

    Alternator defective?????

    Coach is at the local Freightliner shop for the last week. Got the call today that the alternator output voltage is varying significantly. In addition engine batteries are showing signs of failure. Not sure what the "signs" are but they are nearly six years old. It was slow to start the last few weeks so could have been batteries. Also had several fault codes including "over voltage" on one of the sensors (can't remember which one). That does not surprise me with the voltage jumping to over 16 volts randomly (and perhaps higher). New alternator and batteries on the way. Assume this is the end of the story unless you hear more in the future. Thanks for all your replies! Lenp
  8. lenp

    Coach weight distribution after weighing

    When you come through Oregon the highway (DOT) scales are always left activated even when the scales are "closed". If you travel one of the lesser traveled routes and find a scale, stop and experiment. Just be prepared to move on if they decide to "open" the scales or someone else want to use it. Lenp
  9. lenp

    Norcold Refrigerator Door

    Same thing happened to an earlier fiver we had. Fixed is per the above video and never had another problem. Lenp
  10. lenp

    Coach weight distribution after weighing

    The farther behind the rear axle stuff is stored the bigger the impact (more front axle offloading). Keep the heavy stuff close to or in front of the rear axle. I sometimes carry a 900# Harley on the rear of my rig and it adds over 1300# to the rear axle and offloads the front over 480#. Keep in mind, it extends a fair bit behind the rear axle so there is significant leverage. Lenp
  11. lenp

    Up and Down Vibration at Speed

    Chad, I had a similar problem with a 03 International MDT that got fixed by truing the steer tires and balancing them ON THE TRUCK. Not many places offer on the truck balancing but might be worth a try. You get the rim, tire AND the hub balanced that way. OR you could try balancing beads and see if anything changes. I ended up putting Centramatics on all four corners and never had a problem after. Lenp
  12. lenp

    Alternator defective?????

    Got home fine today but still had the issue of occasional jump to 16.8. Noted also that dash (and DMM) voltage followed the sunshine today. Increased suspicion of the alternator/regulator. Plan to isolate the two systems next week and see if alternator is putting anything into the batteries. will keep you posted when I get a chance to work on it. Yard is a mess with pine cones and needles everywhere. Probably take me a week to get it cleaned up! Thanks for the replies. You all confirmed my thoughts and planned actions. Lenp
  13. We are into our seventh month on the road this tril (Oregon to Maine to the Carolina's to Louisiana to Texas and back to Oregon) and having an issue with (I believe) the alternator. 2002 Cummins ISL 370 on a Sparton chassis. Nothing electrical has been changed since I installed 750 watts of solar six years ago. About a thousand miles ago I started seeing the dash voltmeter jump to 16.8 volts and the red warning light would come on 2-4 times during a days travel. Voltage would stay at the 16.8 for a few seconds and then return to a lower reading - sometimes as low as 12.2 and remain there for several miles and then jump back to around 13.3 - 13.6 volts. Today we traveled about 200 uneventful miles before it started to fluctuate. Initially it jumped to 16.8 for a few seconds and then dropped to 12.2 for MILES. I was starting to worry about running the battery down as I had both the heater fan running on high and the headlights on. After about 30 miles it started varying between 12.4 and 12.8 and would occasionally go to 13.4. I stopped in Hawthorne, NV and wired a Digital Voltmeter to the dash cigar lighter and verified the voltage was indeed fluctuating (thought it could have been a dash panel failure). Now for a little in depth background on the coach: 1. It has 750 watt of solar with a MorningStar TS-MPPT-60 Charge controller 2. It has a Intellitec's Bi-Directional Isolator Relay Delay (BIRD) that allows charging of both coach and chassis batteries from either engine alternator OR invertor/convertor OR (in my case) solar. This device essentially senses when one bank is charging it closes the isolation relay allowing both banks to charge. Read about it here: https://www.intellitec.com/assets/pdf/1453-intellitec-pdf-template-53-01000-000.pdf As noted above, this setup has worked perfectly for the last six years. Initially I suspected the MorningStar might be failing and was throwing some higher voltages occasionally. I have a SOLAR cutoff switch installed between the roof panels and the controller so I turned the panels OFF. Problem continued so I am confident the MorningStar is not the issue. If I understand the MorningStar correctly, removing the input voltage results in no output from the controller. I am now down to either the BIRD or the alternator/regulator. Not sure if the regulator is internal to the alternator or external. Will have to call Spartan and see if they know. Next step is to disconnect the house battery bank and see if problem continues. Unfortunately hard to do on the road due to residential frig and freezer running on those batteries. We will arrive at our home in Central Oregon tomorrow and can safely disconnect the bank and see what happens. Have any of my fellow RVers ever seen a problem like this before? I apologize ahead of time for any delay in follow up on this post. It is going to be pretty busy for the next week or two after being gone for nearly seven months. Thanks for your thoughts, Lenp
  14. I can log on to the Jetpack admin page and data usage is there as well as on the jetpack screen. Lenp