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  1. There's a better chance you will if you consult the Verizon coverage map.
  2. Some middles-of-nowhere have Verizon coverage, some don't. If you can limit yourself to those, a phone may be just fine.
  3. "I could post 20 or 50 more links if you link. That site above is 100% data driven." That's ok. Wikipedia describes the site you're citing (wattswupwiththat.com) as: ".. a blog promoting climate change denial that was created by Anthony Watts in 2006. The blog predominantly discusses climate issues with a focus on anthropogenic climate change, generally accommodating beliefs that are in opposition to the scientific consensus on climate change" So I doubt we'll be agreeing on anything.
  4. Thanks. There are definitely different ways of looking at the data. From : https://www.wunderground.com/hurricane/hurrarchive.asp?region=at I pulled the years with 10 or more hurricanes. On the left is the year, center is number of hurricanes in North Atlantic, the figure on the right is the delta of years. For instance, from 1893 to 1916 - it took 23 years to find another year with 10 hurricanes. Notice how after 1995 they come with increasing frequency. 1893 10 1916 10 23 1933 10 17 1950 11 17 1969 12 19 1995 11 26 1998 10 3 2005 15 7 2010 12 5 2012 10 2
  5. What locations and time periods are you referring to?
  6. My inverter is always on. When your water pump isn't running, it's drawing zero power. I turn mine off at night in case it leaks, also when leaving the coach. You can pump your water tank dry.
  7. I would completely trust my Verizon 4g connection at anything 2 bars and above. Even out in the dingles I can get good service. Trade on!
  8. google, or the sticker on the driver's door.
  9. So why don't you tell us whom you DO trust? I have no idea what that last sentence means.
  10. That's very nice. I'm still with DTV after about 20 years, and it's getting more and more frustrating now that ATT bought them. I've tried texting for services, but those clerks only seem to know how to sell things. They ask ridiculous questions which indicates they don't know their systems very well. When you call on the phone, you never know what rules that person is going by. With all the competition they're seeing, you'd think they'd be trying to make things easier. Heck, maybe even they are giving up on satellite in favor of streaming. Having an app to change locals, priceless. (Although I've avoided that by having a service address of Los Angeles.)
  11. It's just another internet activity. What are you asking?
  12. Those certain situations are usually too much moisture and not enough ventilation.
  13. Streaming is definitely a learning curve.. it's new so there's just too many providers and plans and confusion. Jumping through all these hoops to save a few dollars a month is not of interest to me, so I'm sticking with DTV. Your main problem, right now, is being in Alaska.
  14. no. Go unplug yours. No clock.
  15. #13. Not sure what Mf has to do with a mattress heater.
  16. They cut corners to save money wherever possible, including the residential fridge.
  17. I use none of those the OP listed, but I do use Escapees' own Day's End. I contribute to that every chance I get.
  18. This is exactly the kind of attitude that keeps me camping as far away from others as possible as often as possible.
  19. You're aware the headquarters Escapees park is there, right?
  20. I've complained about gas water heaters, which are an explosion followed by a jet engine. People just leave them on 24/7, not realizing how loud they are at 3am. Please, when in close proximity to other campers, turn off the water heater.
  21. It is as old and tired as putting the finger rabbit ears on someone in a photo.
  22. The battery interconnects carry a portion of the load, resulting in final load amps at the inverter. You can size those cables according to your expected largest load. When I was a 12v guy I did that to save the hassle of 4/0 interrconnects. Works fine.
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