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  1. Nice. I like simple, so I'd opt for just one inverter, and if you have the big bucks, which it sounds like you do, carry another in case of failure. I have 48v also, a Relion 100ah steel case Lithium, and a single Cotek 4kw inverter.. Not nearly as robust as what you're doing, but it works. Higher input voltage is nice. Just not familiar with the Volt's charging specs.
  2. What's the planned DC input voltage for these inverters? Do these inverters have the proper charging specs? I doubt I'd be worrying much about idle draw with a system this robust.
  3. hemsteadc

    Planning Your Route

    Since I'm a dry camper, I'll use google maps to find a suitable flat spot along the road to spend the night. Then I"ll find a couple more, plus a state park or RV park as plan b, c, and d.
  4. hemsteadc

    Adding 2 6v batteries

    5 feet should be fine.
  5. hemsteadc

    Mouse deterrent?

    el gato come raton
  6. hemsteadc

    Mouse deterrent?

    El trappo.
  7. hemsteadc

    Quartzsite speed trap

    it's kinda like a 'perjury trap'
  8. hemsteadc

    Flickr Limiting Plan Feb 2019

    ImageEvent. $24/year.
  9. hemsteadc

    12 volt remote switch

  10. hemsteadc

    Satellite TV greenhorn

    https://www.tv4rv.com/sunshop/ <-- Pretty good info
  11. hemsteadc

    Changing DTV Service address

    I got that same 'move request' story during my recent attempt to change locals. After 2 days of chat and calls, I finally found a nice lady who, after being on the phone for close to 1/2 hour, got LA locals for me. It was like pulling teeth. I was in Quartzsite, but I used a Los Angeles address after hearing that the LA spot beam is pretty big, so I'm hoping I'll never have to suffer this nightmare again.
  12. hemsteadc

    Trojan Lithiums

    Excellent. I have Relion.
  13. Yes, "NO" signal would be a problem, but that was not the case. Sorry to be confusing, but by saying "not enough signal on the 99" I meant not all 3 parts were coming in...and I have no idea if they're supposed to. Obviously, that is not an issue.
  14. I am not getting any signal on 99s or 103s. I AM getting signal on the ca and cb "sections" of those sats... whatever that means. I did have to tweak elevation a bit to get a better signal on those birds, but after that I was still not getting locals. On chat, after much effort and time and was "assured" it would be fixed, I told the lady tech she was avoiding my question about Utah locals, as in "Why am I still seeing the guide information for Utah locals?", within minutes it was fixed. I'm not sure what that question triggered, but it worked. Like the president, they don't admit anything.
  15. So...are they not sending me locals (the key) for my Quartzsite location.. or is my dish not getting enough signal on the 99? UPDATE DONE. It was DTV's fault. I had to hammer on these people for TWO DAYS to get my locals changed. Wow.
  16. As for posting in the wrong place, you should see what goes on in that 'other' forum!
  17. For other big solar readers, you can get away with smaller and easier wiring and no combiner boxes if you wire in series. And that requires a controller capable of handling the input voltage. Yes, shadows can be a bigger problem, but not that big if you park in the sun - where you should be anyway!
  18. Afaik, I have no control of the 'key', so does that mean DTV is still sending me Utah locals?
  19. I don't get how my receiver is still updating the schedule of Utah programs on its guide.
  20. I've been setting up a DTV Slimline for years - long enough to know what I'm doing. I'm using the receiver's signal meters so I know it's the correct sats. I just swapped out the coax to the lnb and no change. I have a spare lnb, I could try that, but those things rarely fail. This is so unusual - the only other time it's happened is when I left my favorites set to a previous set of locals.. my bad. The other time was when DTV thought they were sending me locals but weren't. I 'think' I should be seeing the 99s but I'm getting zip on that one. At least the DTV tech told me the locals are on 99.
  21. The two coax are joined to be able to reach the RV from the dish - so just "one" coax to dish. One coax from PI to receiver. HR24-200.
  22. Looks like I spoke too soon about no problems. I'm in Quartzsite having trouble getting local channels on Directv. I spent a good 2 hours yesterday with both chat and phone, and they assure me everything is fine on their end. The problem may be on my end as I cannot get any signal on the 99(s) or 103(s) birds, which I understand are the spot beam satellites. I really don't know if that's true. My 'All channels' guide shows me still getting Utah (SLC) locals, which show "771- Signal loss on Satellite in 2." I have two coax cables joined with one barrel connector, no splitters, Slimline SWM tripod-mounted dish, 101 sat is 95%. I've refreshed the receiver and rebooted it several times with no luck. I've tried aiming the dish to get a 99(s) signal, but I can't get a peep out of it. Can't say I've ever had this problem where it wasn't DTV's fault because sometimes they don't put their best technicians on at night.
  23. Never been a problem for me.
  24. hemsteadc

    Social Security to increase in 2019

    Political nonsense.
  25. hemsteadc

    Lake Pleasant Regional Park

    Maybe we could incite you to tell us where this is.