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  1. Never been a problem for me.
  2. hemsteadc

    Social Security to increase in 2019

    Political nonsense.
  3. hemsteadc

    Lake Pleasant Regional Park

    Maybe we could incite you to tell us where this is.
  4. hemsteadc

    Toilet paper...

    Scott is fine.
  5. hemsteadc

    A good GPS unit?

    Also upcoming, satellite and you're.
  6. hemsteadc

    going full time

    Why would you want to do this?
  7. This is a waste of time.
  8. Body language. You can't tell when someone is mildly irritated or bothered ?
  9. That sucks. Get permission then get booted at o dark thirty. Would anyone expect to be booted at 5? No. I've stayed in many WM's and never asked permission at a single one of them. They just seem irritated when you do that.
  10. hemsteadc

    Propane use while traveling

    I've run mine non-stop for years. The only answer to this question is to do what you feel comfortable with. I don't even turn it off at gas stations.
  11. It looks more sloped to the sides than front to back. Just remember not to run your gas refrigerator in that position.
  12. It is a puzzle, but I know hybrid is a commonly misspelled word.
  13. hemsteadc

    Park in Yuma ?

    It is. I've used Ehrenberg. Not bad.
  14. hemsteadc

    Park in Yuma ?

    Would Amazon be an option? (Although I avoid that post office like the plague)
  15. Seems to be the summer of problems for me. My 2008 FL SC Cummins 8.3L started whining and whistling on hard acceleration today. Assume it's the turbo, which was new 5 years ago. Is it shop time.. again?
  16. hemsteadc

    How do you travel around once set up at a park?

    and OP is gone.
  17. hemsteadc

    Park in Yuma ?

    Many go to Parker, but personally I've not found the Q to be lacking for food.
  18. hemsteadc

    8.3 Cummins turbo whine - Update-more trouble

    Man, I am being deluged with problems. Picked it up 2 weeks ago from getting manifold gasket replaced. Drove home fine. Let it sit for 2 weeks. Started it up yesterday, ran a bit rough, Check Engine light on. Engine smoothed out, Drove it a few miles, check engine light off. Drove another hour or so without incident. Started up this morning, shaking like hell, running very rough, check engine on. Drove to closest Freightliner dealer, barely made it. It's there now. Any guesses? Good thing I'm made of money, and not out in the dingles with this bucket of bolts. Just got the call : Injectors 3 and 4 are open. Whatever that means!
  19. Perhaps she'll return and respond.
  20. What she asked is how not to kill each other. That signals something more critical than filling time.
  21. hemsteadc

    Do any of you have Direct TV?

    I guess the OP is gone.
  22. Perhaps you need his and hers coaches.
  23. hemsteadc


    I tip generously. I'm not on a budget.
  24. hemsteadc

    Do any of you have Direct TV?

    Then where will you get your blurry SD programming?