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  1. Stones Trailer in San Marcos does trailer inspections...................
  2. I've noticed extra fees at several Federal locations. A lot of Federal Campgrounds are managed by private companies. They lose money on the senior pass discount so IMHO the charge extra fees for utilities. In the Black Hills I stayed at a Forest Service CG where they charge $5.OO extra for a dog.....per dog.......per night. No extra dog services such as poop bags/ no dog area were provided and I never saw the host or maintenance folks out looking for poop.
  3. It is true that the type of RV you full time in is a personal choice. As you are experiencing cost, maintenance, and functionality is the main consideration while living on a budget. While you are still working you might try renting a various RV's to see what you like. IMHO at your point in life you can't afford a mistake. Assess you abilities; can you back a trailer?, feel comfortable driving a motor home?, ECT. There are plenty of references in the RV blogs about cost of different types of RV'ing. I have never owned a motorhome but know several folks that have and I feel that pulling either a trailer or 5th wheel with a well maintained truck is the way to go. At times I would like a smaller vehicle to tour around in but have made that choice to drive a truck.........your needs seem small. Good Luck with your research!
  4. We RV for a average of 4 months a year and have travelled mostly in the west. My rule has been no more that 200-250 miles on travel days. Sometimes we only go 50. Leave around 8 am and in a spot between 2-3. We try to stay at least two days in a location. We only make reservations in tourist destinations and on holiday weekends. A lot of online reservations require a fee to make them and cancel them. The fees are around $7.00 per reservation. Making a reservation and canceling can add fees quickly to your lodging cost. The first year out we overplanned. There are more folks on the road now and I fear that we may have to make more reservations in the future. Prime example is the Oregon St. Parks in the Spring through fall. Travel is situational. Have fun, take your time and don't stress.
  5. You say you have medicare. Is it a supplemental plan or is it an Advantage Plan. A straight medicare supplemental plan you can see any doc anywhere that accepts medicare. An Advantage plan is typically a HMO/PPO type plan that restricts you to a network which is usually based upon the local you reside. Supplemental plans are more expensive but give a lot more flexibility when traveling.
  6. WEIGHTS for the trailer your looking at.....need to compare to stats on the truck..... Average Shipping Weight (lbs.) 7,759 Dry Hitch Weight (lbs.) 1,454 Cargo Capacity (lbs.) 2,191
  7. This outfit was a great help to me....... http://www.rverinsurance.com
  8. After my heart attack in January ( 3 stents inserted over two days) I went through Cardio Rehab. It was a good experience. I lost 20 lbs. and feel much better and confident of my physical abilities. After my attack my cardiologist told me that I was in a new place for the rest of my life. Good luck to you!
  9. https://www.facebook.com/Peelouttahere-373916019327430/
  10. Got tired of the bad language and truckers fighting each other over the air..........
  11. I have a 2003 Arctic Fox 30U which is 15 yrs. old It has been stored under cover since purchased but has been used extensively. The only sign of age is to the decals which are peeling on the edges and slightly faded. Other than that running strong. I fix stuff as it needs fixing. If it is well built to begin with and you take care of it.....should last a long time. I looked at several current trailers and do not like the current focus on "lite" The only way they can lighten them is to compromise the frame and other building components.
  12. We had reservations there a few years back. The campgrounds on the west side are very tight so you need to scout in advance. The spots on the east side are more open. Very busy and crowded place. When driving in the park there are very few pull outs. When driving on the Going to the Sun Road the visitor center at the top had a 45 minute wait for parking. Consider taking a shuttle. We had a good time there and it is a very beautiful place but crowded.
  13. I have used a E-qual-i-zer for around 20 + yrs and have recommended it to several other trailer owners. I am totally satisfied with it. I tow a very heavy trailer (11,000 lbs. with 1300 lb. tongue weight) and I have no sway when semi's pass and no problems with wind. It is noisy at times but after you get use to it no worries.
  14. I have a 2003 Arctic Fox 30U. I have had minimal problems with it. It is pre alum. frame and is heavy. It is just shy of 12000 lbs. loaded and has 1400 lbs. tongue weight. Other than routine maintenance (brakes, A/C capacitor, one slide motor, cracked front rock window cover, tires, and a water heater circuit board) I have had no other problems. I travel about 10,000 miles per year. I upgraded the tires and the suspension over time (16" light truck tires). It has been stored under cover during its entire life. I would not buy another travel trailer other than a Northwood manufactured one. Just compare frames to Northwoods to those "light" Models. I have been pulling trailers for over 35 yrs and have owned several. I like some of the other manufactures floor plans but if buying again I will buy from Northwood. We like to one we have so see no reason to change............................after 14 years.
  15. https://oag.ca.gov/sites/all/files/agweb/pdfs/firearms/pdf/cfl2016.pdf Summary of Calif. Gun Laws issued by the "State".
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