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  1. Having suffered from polio as a young boy when they thought it came from swimming in a public pool, perhaps I am looking at this with different eyes. Hopefully another Dr Salk or another Dr Sabin will come along and relieve us of our own stupidity. When I am in Lowes or the grocery store wearing a mask, all I want to hear from other customers is "thank you". I would like to hear those words filtered through a mask, but around here, in Lower MO, it isn't likely.
  2. Hard to believe this is even being discussed. I have a good friend who feels it is his "right" to NOT wear a mask. I said, "is THAT your "stand""??? If so, it is the lamest stand in the history of man. We are still friends. Sorry, the mask thing is so freaking simple. I guess some can find all sorts of reasons for their rationale.
  3. And yet you still live......😀
  4. Thanks, Doc.....Just what I was looking for......
  5. I have a Wilson Sleek 4G still in the box. Are these still viable for use with a MiFi or iPhone? Got many options for antennas. Thanks.
  6. I am a "GMC Motorhomer" (on my second one)…..(if you don't know what they are, google them.) The GMC Motorhome is notorious for getting stuck. They are front wheel drive with not enough weight on the fronts. So, industrious owners came up with ways you could overcome this, and a winch and anchoring system was one of them. I recall reading an old GMCMI publication that described aluminum plates (about the size of home plate for baseball) and long spikes. These would be "nailed down" (more than one) with a triangulated cable system and block and tackle connected to a winch. All of this is via my poor memory. I never had this system, seemed a lot to haul around when AAA is a phone call away. Not the case, I realize, when you are camped at the North Rim. The GMCMH, btw, is about 12,000#.
  7. Thanks for asking that question. Had no idea was CC meant. Too ashamed to ask. as for Sirius, love it. Have never listened to music on it however. Too much other stuff i like.
  8. Another vote for teal. Anyway, I love these stories. My favorite show on TV is "Flippin' RV's". This couple in the show concentrate mainly on vintage trailers. I am hooked.
  9. Noise is certainly subjective. We spent the last week at a COE park on Table Rock Lake (Baxter-Missouri). First time there. Loved it. Yes, there was noise of boats, and you could hear the fireworks of adjacent property owners (off site) BUT....I slept like a baby. Nights were quiet. There is a residential airpark across that arm of the lake and planes took off and landed but that is music to my ears. To the OP...I am with you on condo living. I would rather live in my car or under a bridge. We never stay at RV resorts as our vintage GMC MH would not be allowed in due to age.
  10. Not to hi-jack but I put a refurbished 7730 on Marketplace. Larry
  11. I bought this thru Amazon in January for $135. It is represented (and printed on the box) "Certified Refurbished". I never got it activated as I bought an 8800 instead. I am asking $75 + shipping. No tire kickers, please. Larry Nelson larrynelsonarchitect@mchsi.com
  12. I have an HD dish on my home. All of my receivers (4) are HD so will not likely be getting a notice to upgrade my receivers. My issue is with the physical dish that I carry in the old GMC MH. I have installed all of my home equipment and the HD dish is a bit more of a challenge then the SD. The SD is "good enough" for us on the road. I have the equipment to set up an HD dish, and I have one sitting in my hangar from my river cabin which I have sold....that is not the issue. It is physically larger than the SD dish and space to lug this dish and a larger tripod.......not wanting to do that. Yesterday I "refreshed" my two RV receivers hooking them up to my home (HD) dish. All good but some of my favorites (Smithsonian, Motortrend.....) are HD only. (Note: my RV receivers are set up for an SD dish). I was just reaching out to see if there was any up to date "dish" on this subject (can't believe I said that. Larry
  13. Does anyone know how long I get to haul my SD dish around? I have an extra HD dish from a cabin I just sold but will have to get a more robust tripod for it. Maybe nobody is doing Sat TV anymore?? Thanks, Larry Nelson
  14. I just got a phone call from my corporate Verizon store, the same store that told me there were no 8800l jetpacks coming.....that my 8800l jetpack had arrived at the store. Within minutes, the UPS guy brought the refurbished 7730. When the guy called, I told him the "1-800" people told me yesterday that the 8800L would no longer be available. Talk about confusion. I also found out I cannot get the travel pass on any pre-paid account. Looks like am going to use my ATT iphone as a hotspot in the Bahamas in March. What to do, what to do......I am actually willing to go buy the 8800L and keep this 7730 on the shelf if that thing does not work. I told the guy that there were reports of the 8800L "dropping out". He looked up something on his computer that mentioned "if you change the password, issues like this can happen" (sorry but I paraphrase). So, sez me, it is best to keep the default password? Yes, sez him. Advice? Thanks in advance.
  15. I have been following this topic. For about 12 years, maybe more, I have used a Pantech "aircard" and basic Cradlepoint router. Works fine, even in the Bahamas with the "travelpass" add on. Trying to get an 8800L Jetpack is proving impossible at least thru Verizon. Just got off the phone and they are "discontinued" with the 7730L Mifi Jetpack offered as the "upgrade" to the 8800L. However they don't have any of those at this time. Now I am back to square one. I am a subscriber to "mobile internet resource center" and am going to be researching my options. I want to stay with Verizon. My phones are all ATT but we do travel to areas where Verizon is "it". Any real world advice?
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