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  1. I will be 66. I wanted to retire at 65 but decided to wait until 66 to increase my monthly amount.
  2. I already am planning on new tires. I have looked at 30' range MH's but don't feel comfortable in them, maybe I just haven't seen a floor plan that I like in this range. Will keep looking.
  3. I would say your grandchildren need to fend for themselves......lol.
  4. The vehicle I currently have is towable on a dolly. It gets 25 mpg average overall. Seems I am damned if I do, damned if I don't...lol. Way to many options to decide on. As I originally said I would rather not have a truck and either a TT or 5th wheel. My first option is a motor home and a toad.
  5. I am talking about receiving social security when I retire not disability.
  6. I though up to $40,000 from what I have looked at on-line but don't have to spend that much. At this point I think that a truck and a either a TT or 5th wheel is probably the way I will go if I decide to do this. That way I only have 1 drive train to worry about. I still have plenty of time to decide. Thank you for all your replies!
  7. Thank you for all your responses. I am also considering a truck and probably a 5th wheel. If the truck and 5vr is what I decide I would buy the truck now in order to pay it off while I am still working. With this combination I would only have one motor and transmission to maintain and worry about. I certainly wouldn't mind being a camp host or workamping to reduce my camping fees.
  8. To Yarome: I may get a vehicle that is towable 4 down if I decide to do this. It would be purchased now while I am still working so it would be paid off before I retire. Just want to be fully informed before I make a decision.
  9. To Barbaraok: SSI is based on your income. I am sure my income will go up a little but not enough to get it to $3,000 a month. Are you saying it is possible on the $2,000 a month or $3,000? The $3,000 would obviously be better.
  10. Hello to All! Just signed up to Escapees and this is my first post. Looking forward to learning from all the experts on here. I would really like to retire in 5 years at 65. I could work until 66 1/2 and get my full retirement. I have been researching full timing in an RV for about a year now. I really like the idea of having the capability of being able to move around. I am thinking that I won't "travel" that much but rather find a location and stay a month or two then go to the next location. Will definitely follow the warmth for winters. I lived in Florida for 6 years so leaning on going back during the winter months but that's not a definite, can look at other warm locations. I now live in upstate NY as of earlier this year due to a job transfer. I just can't decide in what or if I can really afford to do it.Here is what I am thinking at this point in time: Buying a used class a gas motor home, in the 35' range. My current vehicle is towable on a dolly. I really don't want to buy a big truck to pull something. I realize that with a truck and either a travel trailer or 5th wheel there would only be 1 motor, transmission etc. for repairs. I am by myself. Here is some other info on me:1) Will be debt free at retirement. This includes having either a toad or tow vehicle paid off by then and will pay cash for whatever RV I decide to get.2) Looking at spending up to $40,000 on the used motor home.3) Will have approximately $2,000.00 a month for social security coming in.4) Will have approximately an additional $25,000.00 in savings after purchasing the RV.5) I am NOT handy repairing anything mechanical ie; engines.Here are my questions:1) Is it bad for a motor home to sit for a month or two? 2) Is living full time in a motor home doable on $2,000.00 a month? Please remember I am alone, no other person or pets to consider. I don't have a lavish lifestyle, don't eat out very often, stay pretty much at home now. I don't want to get into it only to discover in a year or so I can't afford it.Thank you for all your expertise advise in advance.
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