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  1. Pappy Yokum

    2006 Volvo going up for sale.

    You might be more specific with the location if someone is interested in kicking the 2 yr old tires, etc. (And maybe springing the bucks for an inspection?) .
  2. Pappy Yokum

    Where to order a new truck?

    "ORDERED" !! - (Bingo!) Caveat to my prior post. As in the above - you can/will get the best deal if you *Order* the truck you want. If you wish (or are willing) to purchase from a dealer's inventory - you are in "competition" with other potential buyers. Hone your negotiating skills! (Also a good reason to know dealer invoice - and can't hurt to know the Fleet (or Sales) Manager's name before you set foot in the dealership - and ask for him, NOT the salesperson that greets you!) End-of-the-month may help also (the dealer has to make payments on inventory). However, If you are willing to *order* the truck, it's very easy to compare prices. As always - EXACTLY - with the same options and equipment. You should be aware of dealer INVOICE for price checking the deal - whether in dealer stock or ordered. Once you have that "benchmark" price - you can "shop" it to a dealer (any dealer) to see if they will meet that price -or- come reasonably close to it, thus saving any travel expenses to a more distant dealer. Ultimately, that was the result of my efforts. (A dealer about 50 miles away came within -less than- a plane ticket price to Dave Smith or Lou Fusz) BTW - the salesman I previously mentioned at Lou Fusz Dodge regularly beat Dave Smith"s prices - and was offered a job there. He would even "drop-ship" a truck to a dealer close to you (different state) if you wished. However, when doing that he would lose certain factory volume incentives (slight increase in sales price) - and the receiving dealer had to agree to accept the shipment (which could be a : "no" -or- "yes" - either free or for a fee). Ultimately, he moved on to another less stressful/hectic occupation at Citi Bank - which saddened many folks on various diesel forums who wished to avail themselves of his "deals"! Another salesman there did sell via e-bay, and may still be doing same. Sounds like a lot of effort - but most can be done with your laptop and phone. Bottom line - it's only $$ ......(how much are you willing to part with?) .
  3. Pappy Yokum

    Where to order a new truck?

    Haven't shopped for a new truck in a while - but last I heard Dave Smith Motors was doing the largest volume of Ram trucks in the US. Suggest you contact various dealers via internet. Remember there's several "prices" for ANY truck - MSRP (ignore MSRP), Dealer INVOICE, and Dealer COST. The last one is what the dealer actually pays the factory for the truck - minus dealer holdback, and any incentives the dealer is receiving for volume, etc. You can find out what the holdback is, but not what incentives the dealer may be receiving. Consequently, you should be able to purchase at -or below- dealer INVOICE (you will never know what the actual Dealer Cost is). Know EXACTLY what you want. ALWAYS compare apples to apples! IF you are ordering the truck, (and are willing to travel) you should be able to compare prices across the US. Once you have your "benchmark" price you can "shop" that price closer to home -or- make the trip to "wherever". Your price comparison/s should be without (prior to ) any customer *factory* rebates. *Dealer* "rebates" to/for customers are usually just a percentage off of MSRP - typical sales gimmick. BTW there were a couple of dealers in Oregon who where very close to Dave Smith's prices - as well as Lou Fusz dealership in O'Fallon, MO.. Unfortunately, the salesman there (who would routinely beat Smith's prices) departed for a different occupation. Lastly, visit one (or more) of the Ram Diesel (or gas) forums - and ask for "best deal" dealer suggestions. Happy hunting!
  4. Research the various Champion gens. Good source for "everything generator" info is RV Net "Tech" Forum (IMO) Gen on propane will be very "hungry" . BTW - Costco is advertising a "Firman Power Equipment 3200 W Peak Running 2,900 W Running Gas Inverter Generator" - #1175809t (Tuff to beat Costco's return policy - if you're not happy!) Ad doesn't indicate the cost, just $70 off.
  5. Pappy Yokum

    Toy Haulers Section

    Besides bringing along toys of all types - often toy haulers are used for office space, etc. RV Net has a dedicated Toy Hauler forum - http://www.rv.net/forum/index.cfm/fuseaction/listings/forum/13516802 .
  6. Pappy Yokum

    Taking your toys with you

    Ditto. Just goes to show - you CAN take ALL your toys with you!........ Is there room for something he missed? Saw one similar a few years ago at Avi Casino.
  7. Pappy Yokum


    Well said! If you're talking to the/an owner of the vehicle in front of you - and know the term he/she would use, great - use it! If not use whatever would work best in your opinion. Ex: (no vehicle in site, just shootin' the bull) What kind of tractor do you own? Ans: A John Deere. But at a truck stop.........to the owner of s Pete or Volvo, or......"Beautiful paint on your Semi -or tractor- or even (yikes!) Truck. Kinda like being at a car show. No info on a parked car. Do you know brand - if it's not obvious (to you)? How about a Henry J. Can you spot the diff between a slightly modified 39 Ford coupe and a 40? "Nice looking hot rod" - should work just fine. How about the diff between a stock 40 Ford pickup and a 41 - as opposed to 40 and 41 Ford *cars* ?? Rotsa ruck - naming that "truck".
  8. Pappy Yokum

    I-Shift trans goes sour

    Seems something is missing in the OP's post. Maybe it was a used (out of warranty) truck and the tranny failed after "several hundred miles"........which could be lack of due diligence prior to purchase - or just bad luck. (??)
  9. Pappy Yokum

    Quartzsite speed trap

    .........."without egging the locals"?? Maybe the "locals" are smart enough to obey the posted speed limit. (Novel idea!) I reside in CA - and in the jurisdiction where I live - the "locals" (with in-state plates) don't get cut any slack, nor do I think they should. .
  10. Pappy Yokum

    5th wheel slider hitches

    Another (very) satisfied PR SG user/owner. "If" I was considering a new 5th wheel (and didn't already have the PR) I would try to contact an owner with the brand of 5th I was considering...who was towing with a SB pickup. Relying on a dealer or salesperson's word for NOT needing a slider would be in my opinion "iffy".......unless the dealer could provide a test drive. Unfortunately that might be "mission impossible". IMO - I would still purchase an automatic slider (do your research). If you're buying a new 5th the cost is minimal compared to what you're spending for the 5th.
  11. Pappy Yokum

    RV survey

    Oregon Joe and BlueLightning: Appreciate the info you.... POSTED !! If you had NOT posted - and sent it *only* to IT - "we" would not have it. Nice to know for those of us who are semi or completely computer impaired - and thanks for your efforts (in spite of the "bickering"). BTW - Not a member (was once), so SKPs probably doesn't really need/want a survey from me - a "forum only" person- anyway. .
  12. Pappy Yokum


    Interesting. Folks have been banished from the forums for using the term at the end of your last sentence - even with an asterisk in place of the "i" for "civility". (Oh s.... er- - - gee whiz - I can't tell you how I know that). Guess the mods are getting more mellow or tolerant these days!?
  13. Pappy Yokum


    Wow - great info! I'm gonna switch to a 12ga for those darn wasps!! BTW OP: This topic has been beaten to oblivion often - as it is once again.
  14. Pappy Yokum

    Marriot hotel data bank breeched

    Hmmmm - so why is that "fake news"? BTW - world pop is 7.7 Billion. 500 mil is a drop in the bucket. Fake News: Marriott will offer a free night stay to all who where hacked. Book well in advance, ROTFL
  15. Pappy Yokum

    double towing

    Your memory is fine. The video regularly pops up on RV Net, posted by a newbie infected with a case of "Gee Whiz - have you seen this?"". But......what happened to it ?? .