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  1. What's the big deal? - - Much ado over *NOTHING* !..😕 Reply online, select the address you like (probably the one on the mailing) - and go for it...😉 Takes all of about two minutes - or less. Then......start a *NEW THREAD* about the USPS financial situation or "whatever" comes to mind. Done.
  2. Many (if not all) dentists in So. CA have shut down - except for "emergency" dental work. Many of the Algodones dentists are USA trained - and stay on top of what's going on with their counterparts (and dental schools) North of the border - and following their lead and/or advice. Obviously - dental work requires patient and provider/s being in close proximity to each other. (IMO) - No bueno. .
  3. Social distancing: Some (even "most") = yes. Markets (etc.) doing very well in So. CA. Lots of space in the aisles, marked distance separation on the floor while waiting for checker - with "directors" telling you when to go to the next avail checker. No = News yesterday (3-24) showed an airport shuttle bus for LAX employees (all types - inc'l flight crews) packed in like sardines! Some are working at/in the airport (baggage handlers, etc.) - others are flying to destinations across the country. Got the attention it deserved - - now more buses with adequate(?) space to separate the passengers. BTW & IMO - the Gov of NY presents *excellent* daily news conferences! .
  4. "Some day.... the IRS".........combine the two, and you have..... "THEIRS" 😉
  5. Progressive Industries is the "gold standard" - - with a Lifetime Warranty !! .
  6. IMO - "I have to go home to file my taxes" - may just be a "convenient" reason. Taxpayers have always had the option of filing for an extension. If the Feds and/or State "owe" you - it's not a big deal. The "at home" tax preparer should be able to easily coordinate same. Mailed to your house? - Ask for a duplicate 1099 to be mailed to your current location. Maybe it works - maybe not. No harm in trying. .
  7. "Craziness" at the market - whether large or small. - No matter where you are - or where you travel. Some are obvious - kids out of school, mom's at home - cooking, baking etc. Previously - you didn't buy groceries on the weekends if you could help it. Now for "shopping" - every day is a Saturday. Good comparison: The Kohl's (favorite for the women folk) parking lot has lots and lots of open spaces. Markets are just the opposite! Short supply - or none: Milk, eggs, bottled water, TP sugar, rice (like Minute rice, etc), produce, TV dinners. Ask when things like eggs or produce are delivered. Received an e-mail from the county libraries - probably about 20. All are closed (kids would go to the local branch after school) - think the library figures they will be overwhelmed by being school-room replacements. Don't return any items checked out. Ignore the return dates! Don't drop off at/in return bins. BE SURE to check with campgrounds whether .....private, city, county, state, fed - to see if they are open and if there are any possible changes on the horizon. Plan well, good luck - enjoy your trip!
  8. The above is a newbie with "minimalist keyboard" sharing advice, KISSS (Keep It Super Simple Stupid), ROTFL. "NIRVC" Translated = National Indoor RV Centers - dealer, service and storage - with several locations, inc'l Vegas. IMO - considering the dates - outdoor storage might be OK and less $$ ? And........Google might be a *better* friend.
  9. WHERE is the picture/s ?? You should have made their day - asked for a Sports Illustrated pose or three! BTW - carry large zip-lock bag/s with your beach chairs for use as Barf Bags. Reminded me........many years ago one of my pilot friends was trying to build his hours, flying as 2nd Officer on a DC-3 shuffling prospective customers from So. CA (Van Nuys Airport) to a Del Webb development in the desert. The folks in charge "employed" a long-time retired stewardess (before "flight attendants") to ply the passengers with whatever food and libations. Unfortunately, she was a genuine "ornery" PITA - not conductive to a pleasant flying "experience" for passengers -or- congeniality with the pilot & co-pilot. She also had failed the mandatory weigh-ins (of the era) for stews many years previously! So, during the flight......the Capt asked my friend to call her up to the cockpit - and bring a sick sack. She supplied same, then went back to her other duties. A few moments later, the Capt asked the co-pilot to ask her to come back to retrieve the bag - which now contained the contents of a can of beef stew the Capt had deposited in the bag in the interim. After gingerly handing it to her....just as she turned around to leave - he called her back - and asked for the bag again. When she handed it back, he opened it - carefully inspected the contents..... selected a nice chunk of meat which he popped into his mouth - then returned the bag. Problem solved - she quit after that flight. Maybe after the beach photos??? .
  10. Just "me": Never had anything to do with CW. However, *if* ........The Sky Is Falling !! Duck and Cover !! 😉 .
  11. Call Kali whatever you like..... ..... the CHP will be more than happy to issue formal "Greetings" to the operators of the vehicles in the photos, ROTFL .
  12. Not just a "mess" - a bio-hazard! Don't know where you travel, in many jurisdictions - -city, county, state, fed - - a spill (the mess) could result in a Haz-Mat clean up (and/or citation) and you footing the bill for the response & clean up - as well as the fine...☚ī¸ Accidental discharge *may* (depending on the situation - quantity, etc.) get you off the hook for a fine - but still responsible for a "professional" clean-up. As a former Haz-Mat team member, I can vouch for the above as very factual. .
  13. The last dealer I bought (new) from - provided a PDI via a mobile RV service at their expense. Should add, I had never been to the dealer (in person) previously! "Ordered" the RV via internet & phone, small (reasonable) deposit. Drove 1K miles to pick it up when factory delivered it. (Local CA dealers could not or would not match - or come close to the price). After acceptance (no issues), we "camped" on their lot for two nights - then spent another 4 or 5 days "outfitting" at a local RV campground. During that stay, I (*thought*) I had a problem with the rear stabilizers, called the mobile service that had provided the PDI - they promptly came out to the campground - and showed me that all was OK (my error- operator trouble!) - at no charge. NEVER had any warranty issues (or any others) during the 2 year factory warranty - or since. Would I buy from the same dealer again (even if they are 1,000 miles away)? - You bet !! Don't know if they are still in business - (Marden's in MT) but had been in business for a looooong time when I handed over the check for payment in full! .
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