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  1. Rats crawling into my engne

    "Fresh Cab" - Google it. The peppermint oil - you put a few drops on cotton balls. Put 'em wherever. The Pep oil is more tolerable *inside* an RV. - Fresh Cab (it's some kind of a collection of potpourri) and (IMO) pretty smelly stuff. But not anywhere near as bad as moth balls !! Easy to understand why rodents don't like it. The light under the hood - (i you want to do that) - extension cord up under the wheel well to a "shop light" (the one in a 'cage") - and close the hood. As other posters suggested.....put a note on your steering wheel when you do that. We all hate meeces to pieces. .
  2. Where to advertise?

    I have sold several items, inc'l a boat and an RV -very successfully- on CL. For the RV (a TT) I was shocked at the number of calls (over 50) the first day it was listed, Sold it to the first caller at full price, cash - less than 24 hours later! No "burner phone" necessary - calls at 6AM or midnight *ARE* welcome! (the guy that bought the TT called at 2AM !!) I prefer a voice mail (only) phone service. Of course, it has it's own phone number, and is *always* answered - without any interruptions to/for me. The outgoing message states I will return calls in the order received. Cost for the service is approx $8. per month. Able to leave an outgoing message (for more details) of up to 5 minutes! About one minute works or me. No need to ever have my "real" phone number, it's easy to sort out the bogus stuff - and I return calls via my unlisted (and normally 'off') Tracfone - which is not a "burner", I've had it for 10 years! Serious callers/buyers can schedule a time to see the item. When the item is sold, I indicate same on the VM. .
  3. FMCA votes to include towables

    Wonder if there was a post on a forum back when that read: "FMCA Welcomes Gas Powered Motor Homes"? Of course there wasn't a post - but any "Motor Home" with a hood (Class C) was not welcome. When your gas MH had the stigma of being something less than a DP -"second class citizens" - - FOR SURE - - trailers were *third class* (or less) and very UNwelcome! "Trailer Trash" status won't soon be forgotten! No matter what type of RV I ever own - or the club member discounts offered , FMCA can pound sand! (Sorry! - gotta tell it like it is!) (And, yes - I have owned 'em all - from slide-in campers to TTs, MHs, -missed out on DPs- and 5ths since 1975. Tents and DIY camper vans before that). BTW - I never felt it necessary to have a 'smiley face' with halo on my RV - in order to be a "Good Samaritan" along the road - or in a campground. (Even to help out - -OMG!- - DP folks) .
  4. What would proper wifi cost a park?

    Very profound statement.......LOL .
  5. SAFETY RECALL!!! Fire Extinguishers!!

    Nothing to do with clogging or damp powder.... Also "speaking from the past" - depending on the governing body, extinguishers located in *businesses* (or other occupancies where mandated) are required to be serviced annually. Many of the servicing agencies would NOT service extinguishers with plastic parts (handle, nozzle, etc.) due to safety concerns when re-pressurizing. You (usually) won't find the *small* portable dry chem extinguishers on fire apparatus, usually they are the large Ansul type. However, due to the above, you won't find extinguishers (with plastic parts) mounted on the walls in fire stations. It's not difficult to find 2A 10 BC portable extinguishers with metal head, nozzles, and handles at reasonable retail prices. And yes - for home (or RV) use you should be checking the gauge to be sure it's charged and periodically inverting and tapping the bottom to insure the powder doesn't "pack down". When you think it's time for a new one - it's time for a "fire drill' with the old one! Take it outside and discharge it - see how it works and how to use it. BTW - information at seminars and/or equipment by/from "Mac The Fire Guy" is excellent. .
  6. Off Season Storage Question

    Google - "Fresh Cab" (it works & smells WAY better than moth balls !!) & - ....search "mice" on RV-net, last 12 months and 'archives' Literally hundreds of posts, some good suggestions , some 'fair', some "maybe". ~
  7. Trailer Saver 5th Wheel Hitch

    I think not. - He told his experience..... as it was. (IMO) If I was in "the hunt" ( I'm not), I would be appreciative of his thoughts/comments - and file them away in the grey matter for future reference and research, .
  8. Is This A New Tire

    Erroneous, incorrect - bad info !! China is quite capable of manufacturing *quality* tires to the desired specs. Even Michelin has (two) manufacturing facilities in China (as they do in many other countries). BTW - remember the notorious *USA* mfg Goodyear Marathons?? >
  9. Upset wife / need help

    Vegas Teacher: Besides the cost of maintaining hay burners......politely explain to your DW (at the right time - whenever that may be) what the Diesel Pusher Motor Home folks pay for care and feeding of their ride/s - repair work, etc. - and the meaning of "BOAT' when it's anything more than a row boat. You are fortunate to reside in a state where an HDT can still be registered as a Motor Home. Hope all the advice on here helps! .
  10. Carefree of Colorado. Priceless

    Kinda like the street sign in MX - - Un Sentido. ******************************************************************************* Colorado Carefree ......."perks" ??? As for the awning tech (or?) - - maybe it was time for (or he just returned from) his *smoke* break, with a "special" brownie. BTW - read the history of Coors - at one time when the brewery was still in the family, the drinking fountains dispensed their product! .
  11. Questions - Current 1 ton dually looking to upgrade

    Add third ..."fuel"... tank under side fairing (w /tapper). .
  12. Truck Camper

    (IMO) The HDT forum is not a 'Truck Camper" forum - yes, HDTs can be registered as Motor Homes in many states, and the integral sleepers of many models make them capable of self-contained living. Don't have an HDT. but have found over the years, the HDT folks are very well informed on various tech issues (lots of forums) - especially for "how to" get "things" accomplished - - as well as honest advice to those who *don't* really need an HDT, to downsize their tow vehicle needs to/for what they plan to tow. If you have a 40ft 5th wheel with a pin weight of -say- 4-5K pounds you *do* need an MDT or an HDT - and should consider joining "the dark side". So yeah, if you want a vehicle that will tow *anything* you want to hitch up to - - they are a 'breed apart'. But - back to TRUCK CAMPERS - which (to me) would indicate "slide-in" campers intended for a pickup truck. Possibly, some SKPs would *not* consider "Brand X" forums as a good source for info on TRUCK (pickup) CAMPERS, but there *IS* a separate forum for them on RV Net at - RV Net - Truck Campers Not sure if SKPs would be rated as 'commoners' or nobility over there - (or vice-versa) - your choice, LOL
  13. Even if the factory does not post MSRP (some do, some don't) - you should have a pretty accurate idea of that by what the many dealers you will be contacting - *claim* it to be. Decide *exactly* what you want - Brand, floor plan, options. "Shop" that across the country for the best price. Once you have that - it's now your "benchmark". Decide how far you will travel to buy the RV - and of course, re-shop your benchmark to/with dealers closer to you. BTW - the above applies to *ordering* exactly what you want. If you are buying "off the lot" - hone your negotiating skills. .
  14. Solo RVers - somewhat somber post - be aware

    Excellent "points to ponder" Eddie (and posters). As a retired first responder from an urban municipality - I agree with the comments regarding what EMTs and Paramedics (usually) do -and don't do- regarding notification. The emergency responders *will* make every attempt to *identify* the person - by checking for personal information at the location of the emergency, and pass that along to the hospital - but do not initiate or attempt communications with those on contact lists. That includes request/s by a conscious patient who says, "Could you call my son or daughter," etc. "We" would make sure the desired contact's information would be available to the hospital, and inform the patient that the hospital will contact them. If it involved a person who was deceased - at the city where I was employed, the "notification" would be handled by the PD (and then coroner). Obviously, "protocol" may/will vary by jurisdiction. .
  15. Thoughts for those in Texas

    Thread from another RV forum - "Texas forum members......" Posters indicate "Pioneer Trailer Park" at Port Aransas is 100% destroyed - confirmed by the Police Chief and Mayor. The "before" pics look like it was a nice park. .