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  1. Pappy Yokum

    RV survey

    Oregon Joe and BlueLightning: Appreciate the info you.... POSTED !! If you had NOT posted - and sent it *only* to IT - "we" would not have it. Nice to know for those of us who are semi or completely computer impaired - and thanks for your efforts (in spite of the "bickering"). BTW - Not a member (was once), so SKPs probably doesn't really need/want a survey from me - a "forum only" person- anyway. .
  2. Pappy Yokum


    Interesting. Folks have been banished from the forums for using the term at the end of your last sentence - even with an asterisk in place of the "i" for "civility". (Oh s.... er- - - gee whiz - I can't tell you how I know that). Guess the mods are getting more mellow or tolerant these days!?
  3. Pappy Yokum


    Wow - great info! I'm gonna switch to a 12ga for those darn wasps!! BTW OP: This topic has been beaten to oblivion often - as it is once again.
  4. Pappy Yokum

    Marriot hotel data bank breeched

    Hmmmm - so why is that "fake news"? BTW - world pop is 7.7 Billion. 500 mil is a drop in the bucket. Fake News: Marriott will offer a free night stay to all who where hacked. Book well in advance, ROTFL
  5. Pappy Yokum

    double towing

    Your memory is fine. The video regularly pops up on RV Net, posted by a newbie infected with a case of "Gee Whiz - have you seen this?"". But......what happened to it ?? .
  6. Pappy Yokum

    1/2 inch cordless impact 1200 to 1400 ftlbs

    Check with (2yr) Community College/s. One of the local CCs in So. CA has diesel mechanics - for sure they rebuild all sizes of engines, but not sure if they can accommodate HDT (tractor) for ? duration. (have *not* visited that one) When I see the CC auto shop instructor I know (different CC) - I will ask. He's retired now - the CC he worked at has an awesome shop - he would "fit in" some of the local street rodders "after classes" for brief use of the facilities. (visited that one).
  7. Pappy Yokum

    Roadside assistance

    As I was reading thru the choices.....I was wondering *where* are the (few) HDT owners who tow horse trailers?? Even w/out hay burners, US Rider is a class act! When I had some questions about coverage, I not only received an E-mail reply - but also a USPS reply with an offer to talk to the lady in charge (not a sales person, or dispatcher)....which I did. As you (should) know many horse owners tow with MDTs and HDTs - so they are "tuned in" to what you have. They will tow *whatever* you are driving - and/or towing. YOU just have to be there.. Only ERS that will tow a trailer with live animals. NO hay burner ownership (or transporting same) req'd. And another kudos: My "backup" is American Motorcyclist Assoc (:AMA:) It's a ditto to the above - (whatever you are driving or towing) $50 a year....but limited to 35 mile tow. NO M/C ownership or MCs "on board" required. Only (AMA) requirement is have your membership auto deducted from your CC, and of course - you will receive the monthly AMA mag. When I was HDT searching, I called the AMA to ask about HDTs *inc'l* tandem. The gal I spoke to was great - but was not sure about one or the other (forget which now) - so she gave me the number for the parent company for theri ERS plan (ALL the ERS plans have one). I was pretty surprised at that - but did not follow up on her offer (NO HDT - either single or tandem)......but YES I do have AMA also. I've been around long enough to have had both GS & CN - but fortunately, never had to use *any* of my choices for ERS. Bottom line - check out US Rider & AMA. - talking is cheap (free).!!
  8. Pappy Yokum

    1/2 inch cordless impact 1200 to 1400 ftlbs

    Words of wisdom! Teach - you may spend all that coin on something you may never use......or can get by with - for far less $$ - and still get the job done if you only need it "once in a (long) while" Ask Santa for tools you *know* you will use *frequently*!!. However - if you plan on swapping HDT wheels/tires - make sure the school district has good iLTD (long term disability) insurance!. BTW - that pipe extension = a "breaker bar" O
  9. Pappy Yokum

    Dentists in Nogales

    No real help on either one - but a heads up.... there have been threads in the past on dentists in Algodones - which went slightly off topic to include folks who had used Nogales. Try a search if you haven't done so already. .
  10. Pappy Yokum

    tires on the beach

    "RVnotyet" didn't say *where* he wants to camp on the beach - which could make a big difference. Nor did he say if he is 4 x 4 or 4 x 2. I chose your post to quote, as I had my own "experience' at Pismo many years ago. While the Pismo "vultures" hovered, managed to extricate my TT & 4 x 2 van with the (free) help & tow from a guy who had a pickup with "only" a limited slip. In spite of lowered tire pressure/s, a turn from wet sand to dry sand was my downfall. Lesson learned - while 4 x 4 might *not* be essential, I would pass on sand parking if I didn't have it. Folks that spend a lot of time a the dunes (like Glamis) - even with MHs - bring along their own version of "Marsden Matting". to simply park (even a little bit) off the paved access roads. Good luck. . .
  11. Pappy Yokum


    Google: "Hay bales around RV" - - many links to the subject on various RV forums - along with other skirting solutions. .
  12. Pappy Yokum

    Best Penetrating Oil?????

    .......problem is the *quantity* you need to purchase . Easy acid test: Some swear by ... Regular Coca Cola (the stuff you drink) - due to it's acidity Fer sure it's cheap & EZ to test.......and drink what's left. Of course...... *IF* it works...you might want to switch to Dr. Pepper, or? Any old car forum like H.A.M.B is full of poster's "favorite" Penetrating Oil threads. If you're trying to "save" (restore) a Model A that has been sitting in a farmer's field for 50 years (or more) you gain lots of experience! Ditto for tractor restorations. BTW - an alternate to Acetone & ATF is Acetone and (regular) brake fluid. "Old style" ATF has morphed into various synthetic blends since the TQ test was first published (everywhere) many years ago.
  13. Pappy Yokum

    Best Penetrating Oil?????

    EXCELLENT advice! The Acetone ATF (Preferably Dexron Mercon) is great for the shop - but NOT something to carry with you. Acetone = Extremely flammable, toxic, and rapidly evaporates!! (And expensive). Many, many xln't commercial alternates some already mentioned, some not. Check the CRC website for their (several) Penetrating Oil Products: "Freeze Off Super Penetrant", "Knock'Er Loose", "Screwloose Super Penetrating Oil". PB Blaster is also great for spraying on dis-similar metals prior to assembly, ex: aluminum wheels to cast iron brake drums. Prevents the corrosion which may require some serious "persuasion" at a later date to remove wheel. Seafoam Deep Creep is another xlnt penetrating oil. An old Navy remedy for salt rusted items is/was Oil of Wintergreen - although I've never tried it. BUT - *IF* it does work- your shop or? will sure smell good! .
  14. Pappy Yokum

    Dodge 48RE Transmission

    Just out of curiosity..... "It is supposed to be arriving at the install shop today or tomorrow". It would appear the transmission is being furnished/rebuilt at somewhere -*other than*- the shop in Millings MT. If that is the case - who is the actual rebuilder/supplier? Might be good info for everyone. Thanks. .
  15. Pappy Yokum

    doing the Q in 2019

    CA - (the "excide") - minimum is 1T pickup. "All pu trucks in ca are registered as commercial trucks." - 99% correct - however there are exceptions. .