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  1. Take a look at the Toy Hauler Forum on RV.Net. Good source for LOTS of info - from the folks who have one! .
  2. ".....so the genny may sit for weeks or even months between uses and I was told diesels need to be run regularly to avoid issues." (IMO) The opposite is really the issue - unless you plan to drain the gas during the "weeks or months". Otherwise plan on frequent carb cleanings. Ethanol in gasoline is not your gen's friend!..☚ī¸ .
  3. "robertalloto": You posted a similar thread (with spelling error, "goodby"): on March 21, "GOODBY direct tv satellites.." Ahhhh - OK, you've made your point! - Now it's time to say: "goodbye", "GOOD BYE", "GOODBY"..... or is it time for..... "ADIOS direct tv satellite service" ??...😀 .
  4. Pappy Yokum

    Recent guest

    Very cool....without a walk-thru from the cab - he's sure got a lot of stairs to "frequent" - (down from tractor, up to living qtrs - and vice-versa) (IMO) with all that creativity, he needs to design an "automated" entry lift......or check with Henry? 😀
  5. Could be "the boulder" (and the Road Runner) got to Wile E. Coyote before he could reply... 😉
  6. Good answers! Especially #2 For the OP - "Roadtrek": This thread is similar to many you start. So here's a couple of questions for you: Why do you need to know? Why do you insert your biased opinions of why *your* choice of RV is "best" into other forums (like the HDT forum)? 🤐
  7. 😄..😁..😄 .
  8. X'lnt info.....(success story) from - CARLOS! IMO - you did well - appears you *DID* get what you paid for.......even if it "wouldn't even" cover the sales tax for RT's choice! 😉
  9. OK - well dog-gone, (pun) - now reply to the point of my post in the other thread (which was *NOT* the/a PD K-9) - although I witnessed (first hand) PD K-9s doing a fine job of selecting who is who in the same situation I listed....in real life, real time - not a "cop show". That particular PD K-9 had other opportunities to prove himself (also evaluated by other handlers). He didn't. .
  10. WOW.... From your replies seems you didn't need to ask - unless you're touting the "mobile electronics" you already have. No need to remove the bike - put it inside........oh forgot - - your space is at a premium. ☚ī¸ .
  11. Nothing like..... "More Roadtrek", ROTFL Some are less than $50. Google is your friend, Roadtrek! Ditto..... Amazon and E-bay. .
  12. As I posted in the "other thread" - the next door neighbor's German Shepard fit all of the criteria. (Problem = he left him off leash - BECAUSE he fit all the above criteria.) I witnessed ALL the above criteria - no doubt, VERY well (probably professionally) trained! All it took was one failure. BTW - worked with several LEO K-9 handlers - and at least one of the dogs didn't pass probation. Bad guy on PCP, several officers were trying to subdue him . LEO released the K-9 cop - he systematically "put the bite on" the good guys - one after the other.
  13. 😁..😀..😄........."Some folks.........etc." Some folks - just don't get it. - Whatever *it* - may be. Roll on .......or "over" , ROTFL !! ~
  14. X-2......there *is* an - Ontario, California - which anyone in So. CA might/would think - that's what you mean. (Ontario CA is a large enough city, the airport there it's the alternate to LAX (Los Angeles Int'l Airport) when LAX has bad weather, etc.).
  15. Beware of the "well trained dog" !! Many years ago, the next door neighbor had a very large German Shepard. The dog had been obedience trained and was allowed to be off leash. He would stay in the driveway close to the young (about 20 yr old) kid while he worked on his VW van. There were two cats a few doors down who would languish in the street on the warm asphalt pavement. One day I witnessed "Randy" (the Shepard) decide it was more than he could handle and launched at the cats. The dog owner saw this, yelled the dog's name and Randy came to a screeching halt - like he had hit an invisible brick wall. Wow! Very impressive! Some time later, we had walked to the corner market (7-11, or) with our two kids who were about 6 (girl) and 10 (boy) to get an ice cream or whatever. On the way back they ran ahead of us, and around my van which was in the driveway to "hide" from us. I heard my daughter yell (scream) - as unknown to us, "Randy" had been in the driveway next door (unleashed) - saw the kid/s run around the van - and (I guess) figured it was some kind of "aggression". He chomped on my daughter's leg - but quickly released. On checking her leg, she had bite marks (thru her jeans), one of which was a slight puncture. So - we figured she probably should have a tetnus shot. The doc said he was bound by law to notify animal control of the bite (he did) - which resulted in the dog being quarantined for two weeks. That resulted in "Bad Karma" with the neighbor - the lady (owner) said she was completely comfortable with the dog being loose around her 2 yr old grandchild, etc. etc. - WE were the bad guys! Fortunately, they were renters and moved a few months later. The "moral of the story" is obvious - don't trust ANY dog that is "off leash" - no matter what the owner tells you - even if you are a "believer" from what you may have previously seen. "Things" (circumstances) may change in an instant. .
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