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  1. "Monitoring this thread"....... Please return and post if you find an (as in *one*) acre of land anywhere in SD for "less than $500" !! Multi-acres at that price - per acre = "maybe" ..... City lot = very, very doubtful. Lots of land available: Google it. And - (still) suggest you discuss your "situation" with the friendly and knowledgeable folks at Americas Mailbox (nothing against SKPs, but AM has been in business a lot longer in SD). They might be able to help with your RE ideas. Good luck - and maybe work on a "Plan B". .
  2. Kirk is *always* correct, (Yes, mail forwarding services are PMBs) - however....... The OP stated: "I was currently denied the ability to purchase a handgun because my ID said PMB". What "ID" ?? My SD DL did *NOT* say PMB. Still have my old SD DL - NO "PMB" - has street address (I was a "one night" resident). Req'd to sign affidavit for residence. But - no experience trying to purchase a handgun with same. .
  3. Americas Mailbox, Box Elder SD. When I used Americas Mailbox, I did NOT have a PMB. It may have changed - suggest you give them a call. Been in business (in SD) lots longer than SKPs. Nice folks - should have the info you need. BTW - they have their own campground - which could be your "permanent" address (?) ~
  4. Normal method - whether new or used - ( bonus: with better interest rate). BTW - there is no fee involved for a/the dealer to run a credit report. .
  5. Pappy Yokum


    Another #2 bene = besides back(s) - knees! - What say you "RandyA" ?? .
  6. Incorrect info on speed rating! (If you limit your info to ST tires - and/or prefer Carlyle or GY) Many dealers & owners prefer LT tires for numerous reasons. Michelin XPS Ribs are rated to 100 mph - and approved for trailer use. Bottom line = your choice....but prob good plan to tow *well below* the 75-81 mph you quoted, LOL BTW: At one time GY indicated Marathons were OK to 70 mph if inflated to 70 psi. (rotsa ruck!) .
  7. The problems with Marathon Failures are/were well known - even *BEFORE* GY moved production to China! Google is your friend.... for LOTS of info in re: Goodyear Marathon Tires. Unfortunately trailer manufacturers "spec" tires that fit the intended vehicle's unloaded weight. That was confirmed (in person, "eye to eye") with a mfgr's rep (Jayco). Many big box stores (like Walmart) are prohibited (company policy - liability issues) from swapping wheels/tires for trailers. Costco is another. However - there ARE tire shops who WILL do the work as well as sell you *quality* tires. Again -unfortunately (for researchers) - legal settlements between consumers and tire manufacturers are usually sealed - so you (usually) won't find "outcomes" on internet sites......unless the site is that of a legal firm which has handled the litigation. One of the few which could be found was published by the St. Petersburg Times titled: "Goodyear Kept Tire Problems Quiet. There were injuries and death involved (GY lost). Quote: "The tires in question include various sizes of Load Range E, heavy duty tires used on big pickup trucks, some SUVs, trailers and recreational vehicles and ambulances. They include some Wranglers, Workhorse and Marathon tires, Kelly Springfield (a GY subsidiary), Power King and Trailbuster lines, as well as private brands made by Goodyear and sold under other names". End quote. An interesting -LENGTHY- thread can be found on "Airforums.com" (The Airstream Trailer Owner's forums). It ran from 5-3-2011 thru 6-11-2014, then was continued in yet another thread. Marathon Failures China is not to blame - the tires were manufactured to desired specs. Even Michelin has mfgr facilities in China. The plus side (if there is/was one) is GY would replace the tires and often pay for damage to owner's vehicles.....but you must save the "carcass" for verification - and "down time" is your problem! Using GY Endurance tires is your call (your decision to make). Roll on! .
  8. No help with "providers".....but - suggest you give selling it yourself a chance! Advertise here - as well as Craigslist, etc. You could be pleasantly surprised - there may be lots of folks who would love to have your MH. Maybe not - but certainly worth a try. ~
  9. Pappy Yokum


    Wow! What a coincidence! There's another "RandyA" on here who is RECUPERATING from back surgery! Maybe he can "suggest" you skip the DIY washing? 😁
  10. Yes !! Google (and call) Americas Mailbox. (Box Elder South Dakota) .
  11. "Roadside assistance does NOT mean you get preference for work of the day". VERY true for all ERS plans - some folks just don't "get it". Too bad folks can't get on the Tow Operators forum/s without a representative business connection! Very enlightening to read comments by the Tow Operators (who contract with various -or all- "Motor Clubs"). Which Motor Clubs pay invoices promptly, which ones are slow - - and *VERY* slow.......might make a difference as to which one you choose. BTW - almost all Tow Operators have contracts which -usually- have "priority" over Motor Clubs. Folks should remember: *IF* you expect instant response, payment by paper with pics of Dead Presidents and/or a CC usually will speed up arrival time! The Tow Operator doesn't have to haggle with the/ Motor Club for reimbursement. (Check with your Ins Company to see if you have coverage for same). .
  12. Reply (above) was to "ARGO". Ditto what Mr. Camper said. (Sooooo.........Why post the question?) 😟
  13. Waver - permit to use the bridges (no doubt with stipulations in the event of damage). The casino would/will bring in $$ to the surrounding area - as well as to the casino itself. *Revenue* talks - loads can.......walk ??, ROTFL .
  14. The software *may* still show (memory) it has been "tampered with" even after removal. However the most important consideration is warranty (if the vehicle is covered by same). A common problem with warranty claims with some brands - was when an owner brought in his vehicle with say a transmission breakdown - - *if* the dealer "discovered" the tuning modification , they would flat-out void the warranty, period! (with factory approval). In spite of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty act (often cited by the after-market vendors), it is up to the owner to take appropriate action to "prove" the modification was covered by MM. Dealer/factory = deep pockets, attorneys on retainer., time on their side. You = Mega $$ out of YOUR pocket.......*maybe* some assistance from the vendor (doubtful). Charlie - Before you indicated what engine you had - most "suspected" it was a diesel. However, now that the "secret" is out.......There are plenty of forums which include various Ford *GAS* engines, etc. Spend some time on the Ford Enthusiasts Forums . Search the various V10 threads. .
  15. Nice numbers! Well aware of hp & tq software power upgrades for *DIESEL HDT's* !! However........ Apples to oranges! Is a Cummins dealer going to help Charlie with his...... *GAS* burner V10 ?? (IMO) - Good & accurate advice & observations by "mptjelgin" - regarding the V10. .
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