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  1. Usually *advice* is free - but ASK - as a "consultation" may not be free. Remember - attorney's fees can be astronomical !! When he or she is "on the clock" - you better have DEEP pockets! He or she shows up for a hearing or deposition - for some reason it's delayed or cancelled - you still owe for the time. Also - YOU - are also "on the hook" for any staff work for things as simple as making copies. Good luck.
  2. Maybe something "catchy", like......Roof ? Deb must have found the help she needed - for roof repairs. You're welcome, Deb. ~
  3. Horse..... *Hockey* ?? Must be an old farm term -or- one used by polo players. ~
  4. Fl-Joe: Please speak for yourself ("me" rather than "us") when you state the above. (IMO) Most -if not all- of "us" on the forum could have responded to the OP's question more tactfully.
  5. I haven't heard it either - and I've got you beat by 7 years. However, in answer to: "Who would even consider polishing a turd?" - Easy! - Marcus. Just hope he doesn't disclose the brand of polish! Would be a dis-service to the mfgr, LOL! .
  6. Maybe if they try responding: Que Pasa? - to the interviewer, they will find out!! - ROTFL 😁
  7. Well let's see - Los Angeles: Ten thousand (homeless) live in cars, vans, trucks and RVs. That's just part of the 46 to 50 thousand homeless living on the streets of L.A. in tents, etc. The areas where they park "spill over" into residential areas. Why L.A.? (and surrounding areas) - - - Easy! - Nice weather year round! Mostly, the "RVs" (tongue in cheek) are stationary junk that should be in a salvage yard or cut up for the landfill. Some haven't moved in years! Sewage problems, drugs, etc. Duh! - - NO "database" necessary! ..☚ī¸ The "database" would have to be updated weekly, and of course it would be a source of irritation for "certain groups" of individuals. Just google the topic for the city (cities) where you will be traveling - or wish to "park". Google: "Homeless in (city) living in RVs". - Also "overnight parking ordinances (city)". Savvy cities want to be "pro-active" and prohibit the parking nightmare/s and litigation frustration *before* they happen. .
  8. I've had Direct TV for a long time - not really sure which category I'm in ("people" or "folks") can't say - I *love* Direct TV....... But guess - I *like* Direct TV OK ......but moving to Dish (anyway). BTW - Good luck! .
  9. You will (eventually) get LOTS of replies here.....while you're waiting... Try Google the topic - seems IRV2 has several threads, try YouTube for videos, etc. Try a search (and/or ask) on RV.Net Open Roads Forums - Class A & C Motor Home forums. "car dollies for minivans", "how to tow a minivan", etc. . .
  10. What happens after the 2 hours? - - Can you start a new session? (IMO) not really any help - but it sounds like the normal "on" time, unless you reset it to stay on all the time......although IIRC - AT&T changed to (only) 2 hrs a while back. Maybe the Mobley gurus will jump in with some good info! .
  11. "Monitoring this thread"....... Please return and post if you find an (as in *one*) acre of land anywhere in SD for "less than $500" !! Multi-acres at that price - per acre = "maybe" ..... City lot = very, very doubtful. Lots of land available: Google it. And - (still) suggest you discuss your "situation" with the friendly and knowledgeable folks at Americas Mailbox (nothing against SKPs, but AM has been in business a lot longer in SD). They might be able to help with your RE ideas. Good luck - and maybe work on a "Plan B". .
  12. Kirk is *always* correct, (Yes, mail forwarding services are PMBs) - however....... The OP stated: "I was currently denied the ability to purchase a handgun because my ID said PMB". What "ID" ?? My SD DL did *NOT* say PMB. Still have my old SD DL - NO "PMB" - has street address (I was a "one night" resident). Req'd to sign affidavit for residence. But - no experience trying to purchase a handgun with same. .
  13. Americas Mailbox, Box Elder SD. When I used Americas Mailbox, I did NOT have a PMB. It may have changed - suggest you give them a call. Been in business (in SD) lots longer than SKPs. Nice folks - should have the info you need. BTW - they have their own campground - which could be your "permanent" address (?) ~
  14. Normal method - whether new or used - ( bonus: with better interest rate). BTW - there is no fee involved for a/the dealer to run a credit report. .
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