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  1. Anyway to have another cat over for a playdate? Sometimes 2 cats is better as they amuse each other. But one who has ruled the roost may not car for an addition.
  2. Normally my return to Bushnell (my home base) for the 6 month doctor visits is no big deal. But they are not presently taking reservations unless I am just passing thru. Seems half the park will be shut down. What is really odd to me (unless I have just missed it altogether) is that there was no word of this in the normal course of information from Escapees. In fact nothing on the Escapees web page or even the Sumbter Oaks web page at this time. I tried to do the online reservation and it said there was a technical problem so I called the park to make a reservation. That is how I found out. They are trying to figure out what space they will have after they move the folks who normally just stay there all the time, then they will talk about reservations again.
  3. If you are trying for a FL state park, I believe the booking opens at 8am not midnight. And you have to hit the final ENter as their clock hits 8. Are you checking the night before to find out which sites are not already boogked (by folks who are arriving on an earlier date but staying longer)? Even with that I know there were times and certain high demand parks that my "click" was just not as fast as someone else's "click". Good luck
  4. In mine there is a "plunger" button that the door pushes in when closed. When it worked loose it caused problems. You might see if that is loose or if you can tell by pushing it in by hand, if it works right. Perhaps it isn't being fully engaged by the door closing. Sorry - all I know.
  5. You folks using recreation.gov - how do you drill down to COE campgrounds? The old version recreation.gov had a filter for agency but on the "new" one I didn't find that filter and in fact it seemed they made it harder to even tell when you open a campground what agency was running it.
  6. But your article says "Still, the change is only in the name. Funding for National Parks is no different than the other National Park Service units. Since the Gorge was already facilitated by the park service, the primary changes will be to signage, brochures and the website." Doesn't seem to be about acquistion or more money. Hope your days seems better soon.
  7. I had started doing in person AARP before I had an RV. Now that I am FT, it is too hard to find a class that matches my travels. I now use their online and find it to be just fine. They seem to keep it pretty up to date.
  8. I am thrilled when people (and especially children) ask the question rather than just assume they can approach the dog. It obviously gives the option to say No. Some dogs do enjoy meeting people. Enjoy getting the attention. For the more social dogs it is a pleasure to let them enjoy the attention of courteous people of all ages. Since my dog is out in public with me, interactions of all types are part of life. For me as well as my dog.
  9. I have run into this where the write up on the Escapee's page is not what the park honors when you call them. I do send a note to Escapee's but that doesn't necessarily mean they change the listing, unfortunately.
  10. In case anyone is looking for a spot, I got this today: Hello Camp Hosts, May has many wonderful opportunities to host in a Virginia State Park in one of the most beautiful times of the year! Please let me know if you can help, even if it is for part of the month. Grayson Highlands Equestrian Camp Host (full hookup) Occoneechee Camp Host Campground C (full hookup) Pocahontas Camp Host site 41 (full hookup) Twin Lakes Camp Host (full hookup) Kiptopeke Maintenance Host (full hookup) Grayson Highlands Retail hosts (water & electric) Feel free to share this with your networks. Thanks! Andrea Hasenfus Camp Host Program Manager VSPCamphost@dcr.virginia.gov (804)887-8930 (o) (703)232-3162 (c)
  11. I have contacted them more than once for help with my car. Other than a long wait sometimes when I was in a remote area, there has not been any issue getting the car handled
  12. Roadtrek1- I have a Mobile eye in my RV and it does many things but not recording. Mine is 2 years old so perhaps that has been added. What mine does is "read" signs to check if I am over the speed limit, notices if I am wandering out of my lane, getting to close to the car ahead. At slower speeds it also watches for pedestrians crossing my path, etc. Especially travelling alone, I appreciate the extra set of "eyes".
  13. My 2 cents - the web page is NOT always correct. I start there to see which ones are listed as allowing General Delivery. But I still call to check, having found some listed as allowing this,that really do not. I always tell them I am trying to set up a one time mail drop for when I pass thru. I have found that the 30 days they will hold it is not universal either. Some it is 15 days.
  14. Appreciate all the discussion. I had seen the per pet per day fee in a western region going back to when I started. It seemed at the time to be focused on the high attendance area. And yes it was per pet so my indoor cat counted too. When I got to a real person to talk about the water fee for a site with no water (for that had to make the reservation, let her file the issue with another area and then they issue a refund for the water) I asked her about the utility fees. She said Forest service has been doing this. Most parks appear to be reviewing their fees and are separating out the utilities. The only one she knows that has not been doing this is COE. But these break out fees apparently will be more common.
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