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  1. Binkley Hitch Head

    No lock ,however I 'lean the truck' against the hitch when stopping.
  2. 2017 Solar Eclipse. Who's watching and where?

    you will be at the ECR Carl is arranging the skedulal as we sleep
  3. 2017 Solar Eclipse. Who's watching and where?

    Of course never doubted it
  4. 2017 Solar Eclipse. Who's watching and where?

    Only if its as good as D Wagners.
  5. 2017 Solar Eclipse. Who's watching and where?

    the next one is only in 7 years and goes right over a corner of TN ............ in early april !! ECR ? with a eclipse ?
  6. Canada Border Crossing Did Not Go Well

    I believe so ,the canadians get a direct link to the FBI dat base in Washington,Randys troubles are (almost) unique. Almost because a 4 hour stop is incredible bad luck ,they clear 1000's of vehicles a hour they don't have time to do 4 hour inspections on very many ,maybe 4-8 a day depending on manpower. Both sides share info, how much is anyones guess, but the agreement took years after 9-11 to implement
  7. Waxing roof of truck

    I hate water running down my arms when I wash and wax that way.
  8. Crossing the Canadian Border with a HDT

    I re -read randy's post and the advice about american customs in Detroit does not apply, he is coming back another way . So the only busy crossing is Detroit -Windsor . It is two lanes on the bridge that reduces to one (for construction)most of the time ,it slows to a crawl near the peak of the suspension bridge ,you have to decide by then what lane you want, trucks/commercial stay to the right all the way down the plaza, if all the trucks move over ... follow. The commercial booths are to the right, there are about 10 of them,cars to the left of that(20- 25 more slots), it will be easy to see from your vantage point. Garrenteed there will be a orange vest on the ground if its busy ,if you are in doubt try and catch their attention and look lost ,get the wife to practice her doe eye , help us ! you will be ok
  9. Crossing the Canadian Border with a HDT

    The fridge in truck has never been of interest though they must be fully aware of it ,the trailer get a very superficial look over ,slides never extended my impression is it would be way too much of a bother , the X ray has told them the important stuff. Really not a big deal.
  10. Crossing the Canadian Border with a HDT

    correction; according to wiki its 10,000 trucks a day average
  11. Crossing the Canadian Border with a HDT

    Dave the U.S. side of the ambassador bridge has been reconfigured and all large rv's are usually sent to the commercial lanes on busy holidays ,might be a congestion issue ,its funny to see a mini van with a pop-up in amongst the semis.People in orange vests are manning the approach apron and will direct large vehicles to the commercial lanes .The positive is -no charge- seems the big rigs all have transponders ,so we have never had to pay. Do not set brakes ever ,the officer will not open the window until you are shut down, if they want a look in the trailer I tell them 'I will have to set my brakes'.... wait until the window closes.This only happens on the U.S. side ,and they only look in the reefer and a few cupboards -DO NOT FOLLOW THEM into the trailer , ask 'ok to stand here' about 10' away. They are ok with you going in after to make sure everything is secure,I have never found it any way but how I had it -very professional. This is the busiest crossing (6000 trucks a day from memory) I have used the montana and dakota crossing there is no comparison.
  12. Crossing the Canadian Border with a HDT

    Use the truck lanes, we always used car lanes (we fit fine) until a officer called his union on us.His concern was he could not see into the truck as we were too high. So after the last rally we went to the commercial side and got "you should be over there"- sigh, not a big deal, play dumb , go where you see the shortest lane ,do not get into the nexus line where the daily commuters from detroit go, bad ju-ju. Pull up, shut down, do not set brakes ,radio off , cameras off(put your hat over the dash cam) answer questions and be on your way easy peasy. They know a lot before you get there you have been photographed and x rayed,dont worry, searches are very rare with out a good reason, they are just working stiffs who don't want to do any more then nessasary. have a great trip.
  13. Quality VS Speed

    'piece work' is the enemy of quality. when workers run from unit to unit slapping caulk and followed by the stapler the result is customer complaints, they expect the RV to be like their car. The big 3 eliminated piecework in the '80s ,added robots for the work that damaged bodies. Can the RV industry do the same? Will they ? or will a offshore company show the way?
  14. Why do they do that?

    jake activation over enough time will turn on brake lights to warn following vehicles.