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  1. great couple ,wish them all the best
  2. sweating in ft Myers ,looking forward to those cool Tenn. nights
  3. we are in got the t shirt no hat?😄 kidding
  4. visit the forum EVERY day
  5. yup had a eternity to contemplate a weight loss program
  6. I had a telescoping ladder ,it was fine until it got scored /damaged ,the locking mechanism then became unreliable. A light sanding /smoothing helped for a while ,all in all is was too easily damaged and a tiny scrape rendered it dangerous .Once it started to retract while I was on it ,my hand was trapped by a rung and the roof of the trailer ,my weight prevented me from freeing my hand which was jammed . kind of funny now scrapped it ,(we called it the ladder of death)
  7. Thanks! comes in handy while watching "russian dash cams"
  8. 😁going to wait until the CDN dollar gets closer in value to the green back
  9. ya I second that nigel come to the ECR ,the dollar exchange should help with the sale.
  10. I have always driven mine up ,the first time I hesitated and took my foot off the gas part way .- it refused to restart up the ramp . So drive it up but ......DO NOT back off the throttle ever at all not even a little ,because the clutch will disengage and then you got problems ,remember it is not a torque converter so you don't want it to slip . My method is once the fronts start up increase the throttle steadily but just enough to maintain momentum ,release the throttle as the car 'brakes over'. Original clutch and I have been doing this for 6 years.
  11. new one's are on sale now in Canada ,perhaps in the U.S. as well $599 CDN a set at the dealer ,factory I believe. The only way to go ,because when they are done they are done. unless its a clean up for selling
  12. Canada border personel do not care how long you are ,its not their mission.
  13. hone eagle


    If I can't see it -it ain't dirty live long and prosper😉
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