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  1. hone eagle

    East Coast Rally Camping Sites

    Well said Carl ,and some actually ask for those sites , better view ,don't look like a truck stop....................😜
  2. hone eagle

    Canada HDTs

    Pretty hard to see a class 8 that only stays in a salt free environment - away from any coast and warm weather? Rick said it best ,the treatment of previous owners is by far more important.
  3. hone eagle

    1/2 inch cordless impact 1200 to 1400 ftlbs

    no- a cordless ,impact or otherwise is not going to work, the load and friction of the mulitplyer is too great .Are you sure the impacts you are looking at aren't inch pounds instead of foot pounds? It takes like 80 turns to achieve one rotation ,80 high drag, arm deadening rotations , friction of the dirty threads and friction of the mulitpyler itself make it a heartattck in waiting. The load of braking the lug loose is just the beginng ,80/1 is not free, add dirty fine threads ........ ,good work out though.
  4. hone eagle

    1/2 inch cordless impact 1200 to 1400 ftlbs

    I used Carl's torque mulitplyer,It took two of us spelling each other and I felt like I just took a treadmill EKG test. panting like I just run the kentucky derby
  5. hone eagle

    How is Nigel Doing

    Get well Nigel.
  6. hone eagle

    How is Nigel Doing

    Was wondering myself good news get well Nigel
  7. hone eagle

    Truck wanders on road

    What kind of hitch? Pin box. My mor-ryde rubber cushions failed and towing i was all over, the play allowed the trailer to toss the back of the truck around a bit .
  8. hone eagle

    snake oil?

    Me too Glenn , I still got algae. I think I got it already active from storage ,it was then pumped into my truck tanks. In that case none of the preventives will help ,because its already there, now you have to get rid of an active colony. Remember I had power service in the tank already ,and plugged a filter every few hundred miles.
  9. hone eagle

    snake oil?

    that is what they have to go through ,we use our trucks more like yachts then over the road trucks, so asking at a truck stop may not get the best answer.
  10. hone eagle

    snake oil?

    https://www.amazon.com/Star-Tron-Enzyme-Diesel-Treatment/dp/B002E9C9EU supposedly carried retail everywhere , only ever found it in a marine hardware environment
  11. hone eagle

    snake oil?

    Ya thats the kind of stuff , thou it doent say algae ,-slime - whats that? either way easy to find on line but as least up here not on the shelf. I used howes, power service and a few others what ever the truck place had on sale - still got algae .Truckers have no idea as to how bad it gets compared to a yacht with thousands of gallons from anywhere in the world in constant 100% humidity those guys know
  12. hone eagle

    Silicone caulk removal

    exactly very close to teflon if not identical, just about the worst material to use as a sealant in a situation with any load or movement whatsoever
  13. hone eagle

    Silicone caulk removal

    If you ever repaint every single molecule will leave a fish eye in the paint,Its been years now but in the marine paint trade if silicone was used it added thousands to the job.I only use marine grade products on my RV. Polysulfides or polyurethanes by sikins or 3M silicone will always fail if it is stressed in more then 1 plane, if it gets into your sandpaper while say prepping for paint a whole lot of work and materials will go up in smoke.
  14. hone eagle

    snake oil?

    two things and they are different but the same preventative-which everybody has in stock and remediation that is getting rid of it after established- much much more difficult to find.At least I did ,read the label carefully prevent or remove.Found in all the catalogs but never on the shelf. Finally went to my old stand by -the marine supply stores - still rare but I found a remover.Star tron the on line reviews were positive eg we had 3 ' of alge in our tanks (alaskan commercial fishing co) and this product cured it. I developed the issue after a load I picked up in Florida ,filter changes started to come 500 kms apart instead of yearly, in fact 2 on the way to the ECR.Dosed with Star tron when we got back ,changed my last filter in the spring and will change another this spring even though the glass is only 1/2 full. I keep some on hand now as marine stores run out about now.
  15. hone eagle

    East Coast Rally Rumor

    We share charles and Sandras sentiment, and since there might not be a post rally we will get there a week early instead and will help all we can.