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  1. thread starter use CDN or CN for canada not CA. I thought you meant california as well
  2. ya know if they want it they will just punch a hole in the bottom of the tank.
  3. I have seen plenty of these 'euro' vans on the road ,always memorable because the slightest hill drops their speed more then another RV . On canadian mostly 2 lane highways they always have a long tail of vehicles waiting to get by.
  4. Why can't we go to California Dave? We are not commercial. Are all (old) diesel pick-ups pulling trailers banned? I'll go but play stupid 😁
  5. Its also funny to see the airports units with a 'follow me' sign and a 747 meekly in trail.
  6. signed up yesterday and today the dollar exchange hits a 1 month high sigh
  7. Well said Carl ,and some actually ask for those sites , better view ,don't look like a truck stop....................😜
  8. Pretty hard to see a class 8 that only stays in a salt free environment - away from any coast and warm weather? Rick said it best ,the treatment of previous owners is by far more important.
  9. no- a cordless ,impact or otherwise is not going to work, the load and friction of the mulitplyer is too great .Are you sure the impacts you are looking at aren't inch pounds instead of foot pounds? It takes like 80 turns to achieve one rotation ,80 high drag, arm deadening rotations , friction of the dirty threads and friction of the mulitpyler itself make it a heartattck in waiting. The load of braking the lug loose is just the beginng ,80/1 is not free, add dirty fine threads ........ ,good work out though.
  10. I used Carl's torque mulitplyer,It took two of us spelling each other and I felt like I just took a treadmill EKG test. panting like I just run the kentucky derby
  11. Was wondering myself good news get well Nigel
  12. What kind of hitch? Pin box. My mor-ryde rubber cushions failed and towing i was all over, the play allowed the trailer to toss the back of the truck around a bit .
  13. hone eagle

    snake oil?

    Me too Glenn , I still got algae. I think I got it already active from storage ,it was then pumped into my truck tanks. In that case none of the preventives will help ,because its already there, now you have to get rid of an active colony. Remember I had power service in the tank already ,and plugged a filter every few hundred miles.
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