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  1. hone eagle

    Passing a simi etiquette

    did you flash in both official languages?
  2. hone eagle

    Passing a simi etiquette

    When you are constantly looking down at your phone and only glancing up, your depth perception is no longer reliable.
  3. hone eagle

    Residential Reefer Install

    not that big a deal .the windows come out ,thats how my samsung got in.
  4. hone eagle

    MDT (M class) vs. Ram 3500 or Ford F450

    so somebody googled smart car crash? all that proves is you can type how about you type motorcycle crash? guess what -I bet you see some gruesome pictures too. steel is better then skin. physics wins every time
  5. hone eagle

    Volvo fleet speed setting

    There is a 'list' somewhere of all the parameters considered to be useful when addressed while the ECM is 'open'. do it all the same time was the idea. years ago at a early ECR Gregg Shields had a paper copy, mine is long gone ,it may have survived and be online ,perhaps the guide here?
  6. hone eagle

    Volvo fleet speed setting

    Why worry about ontario? I am front there and have no limits ,if you are a RV /motorhome no limiter needed. The speed limit is still 100, but you know.........
  7. hone eagle

    Heated Water Hose

    Hardware up here sells a hose for the dads that make ice rinks for the kids ,leave it outside full of water dont hurt it.
  8. hone eagle

    ECR Pre-Rally

    snowing here too
  9. hone eagle

    FB, HDT did I miss something

    Someone once estimated that were 5 or as many as 10 'unknowns' for every FB and forum member. There is a red peterbilt near me with a toy hauler ,for at least 10 years now I have not been able to corral the guy, bet he has no idea either or just a loaner.
  10. Are there not 2 holes in the back bumper ? thats what I used ,I thought everybody did?
  11. hone eagle

    FB, HDT did I miss something

    I have been told it is a 'friendlier" atmosphere then these forums, less 'strife'. perception is everything.
  12. hone eagle

    Smart to TH tiedown

    US cargocontrol they sell the rubber blocks in box sets- with or without straps
  13. hone eagle

    Smart to TH tiedown

    Iam with Charlie ,the wheel baskets were always finding ways to lose tension - straps not so much.
  14. hone eagle

    Winter rving in Canada

    Did he say "block and tangles"? Funny stuff get er done eh?
  15. hone eagle

    2007 VOLVO 780 IN FLORIDA

    "missing right side fairing" it is very difficult to get the replacement to match up ,at least that was the conventional wisdom a few years ago ? Begs the question what happened to it?Tank dented too?