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  1. hone eagle

    East Coast Rally Rumor

    We share charles and Sandras sentiment, and since there might not be a post rally we will get there a week early instead and will help all we can.
  2. hone eagle

    Long units

    pretty sure I have seen 2 53's , divided hyw only ,they break them up going into a city.
  3. hone eagle


    nominate Pinscher for a name
  4. hone eagle


    'not a pro' ha news for ya Carl - you are a pro.
  5. hone eagle

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    Trying to get me banned Carl?😎
  6. hone eagle

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    HF generators recently were discussed in a thread on another site ,it got top marks . Consumer reports found the same ,half the price of the honda it was copied from and same performance .
  7. hone eagle

    Spoiled by my HDT

    so true but dont post this over on RV.net😉
  8. hone eagle

    3 axle bumper pull RV recommendations

    New horizon makes them now ,I just saw a u tube on one.
  9. hone eagle

    Smart Car 120,000 miles $2400? Update #2

    Remember parts cost $$$$ so ..... not so cheap - maybe.
  10. hone eagle

    Engine Trouble Saga

    Thanks for that read,I would of done the same.
  11. That what I have found in Canada ,fully supported , and when that market dries up they will move the product to India and run it for another 20 years or more.Happens to automotive as well ,you wouldn't believe the engines still produced in 3rd world countries.At Ford old machine tools were shipped out to resellers and repowered for strange voltages and are now working away in a jungle somewhere for all we knew.
  12. hone eagle

    Air Bag Hitch vs. Solid Hitch

    I have been using a HDT for 7 years ,here is my opinion based on what I just replaced this spring . The morryde pin box "spring" gave up, the bolt holes elongated and allowed the pin to move a couple of fractions of a inch, the back of the trailer swayed a foot.I replaced the spring but if it doesn't last It will be replaced by a solid pin box. Also I remember Henry's statement "the air bag in a pin box is too small " the pin box dimensions restrict the air bag size and then require too much pressure to carry the weight,"they may as well be solid". A air ride hitch on the other hand has 2 or 3 bags and they are bigger - much more 'squish'- better and best.
  13. hone eagle

    Air leak, what is normal

    mine holds air for 3 days in summer and 1 day in winter - go figure.worst leak I ever found was passenger side seat.
  14. hone eagle

    Smart car radiator fan

    I doubt these cars were tested in death valley 😇
  15. hone eagle

    Smart car radiator fan

    I think on very hot days and high load(stop and go) they shed the load to protect the engine, ours has always done that. Driving at a steady speed away from the city full blast cooling returns