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  1. I have two dishes that I use. One is permanently mounted at my home base and I have NEVER had to re-aim it in 9 years. My other dish is mounted on a tripod when away from my home base and I NEVER have to re-aim it after the initial setup unless something hits it or other external situation that moves it. It has been the same location for up to a year at a time.
  2. We sound pretty similar. I had DirecTV since 1995 in my S&B and converted it to an RV account in 2010 with DNS. Thanks for your info.
  3. How long was it after you mailed the form in that you heard from them? I have had DNS since 2010 so I hope I'm considered ok to continue? Time will tell I guess.
  4. I am religious about the cleaning procedure you follow, but I also vacuum out the vent hose which tends to get coated and plugged up with lint. I use one of those Lint Lizards that used to be seen on TV. It actually works well for this purpose. If the air can't get out.....you know the result. Mine is a vented model. While the long dry times are definitely there, you get used to it very quickly. I always remember "I'm retired what is my hurry?". Having a Splendide is much much better than sitting in a laundromat of questionable cleanliness for a couple of hours every week or so.
  5. I just mailed the copy of my RV registration and the Intent form. Since I do not have any residence location other than the RV I decided that too much information might cause other issues. Time will tell I guess. I do have my home base (based on billing zip code) locals when in the spot beam and also DNS so the locals may go away. We shall see. Keep us posted on your 9999 expiration issue.
  6. Good luck with calling them. I just tried and after 3-4 people I finally got to someone who knew what DNS is. I didn't want to waste any time with someone who didn't have a clue what I was asking. This person finally found a number for the DNS department which has previously been posted here is no longer in service. The number she gave was 800-561-4388, but don't waste your time. My question is which form(s) do I need to send in? I an full time with an RV account and no residential account and I do have DNS east coast feed. They say at the first of their cover letter that they need: 1. Photocopy of your vehicle registration - Got It. 2. Mobile Vehicle Declaration of Intent form - Got it. 3. Photocopy of CDL. Not needed since I'm not commercial. Now it gets fuzzy for me. 4. "If you have receivers in both your home and mobile vehicle---and have already set up separate accounts,---". I don't. I have RV only and no permanent residence. So it looks like I don't send this form in. 5. This form is for a new account and also if you have want an RV account AND a home account. I don't. So it looks like all they need from me is the Mobile Vehicle Declaration of Intent form with some side notes that my desire for DNS is indefinite. But why do I feel this is going to be an annual thing based on the expiration of my state registration? I too am interested in how the ending data of 9999 mentioned previously will be handled by ATT. As usual the right hand doesn't know what any other part of their body is doing. Anything I'm missing before I send in just this first form? I sure don't want to tease this gorilla. Thanks all.
  7. I have a marine radio that has the weather channels on it and alarms tool. But the cell phone is a great idea with all of the weather apps available.
  8. I have the east coast plan and have had for just short of 9 years. I haven't seen the email yet or maybe I trashed it and didn't see it on my spam folder. Time will tell I guess.
  9. I saw a 2019 27' at a campground 2 days ago on it's maiden voyage. Two a/c's, solar, really loaded. List was $114,000'ish per the new owner.
  10. My 507 system is 8 years old and has worked perfectly through the years. I have had 2 sensors (non-flow through) die and one monitor which was warranty during this period. If my monitor would die again I would get the new color one, but as long as it continues to work........ I'm getting ready to move in 4 days and I just checked my sensors and 2 of them need batteries which I will do later today. I used to remove the sensors when parked to save the batteries, but it is more trouble than it is worth in my book. This way I can check tire pressure at the push of a button while parked. I will double check the actual pressure with a digital gauge and adjust as necessary when I replace the sensor batteries. This way I will know if the sensor pressure is still accurate. Great system.
  11. Try rebooting it. Mine buffers at times after a long run and a reboot fixes it every time.
  12. I second this comment. Mine works great.
  13. I just checked my credit card that this service is billed on and they processed the monthly payment at 11:10pm on the last day.
  14. My postpaid 8800L was auto renewed last night. If there was any interruption in service I didn't know it. It was working normally when I went to bed and was working normally this morning. I did check the online site and it has auto renewed. All is good ..... for now.
  15. I have my second auto renewal coming up at the end of the month so we shall see. I didn't notice any interruption on my first one last month. I was a little concerned of interruption on the first one, but was surprised. Maybe it will be third time is the charm?
  16. I have 2 7730's post pay and 1 8800L prepay and the oldest 7730 quit picking up a good signal. 1-2 bars vs 4-5 (-114 eBm vs -80 dBm). This happened for the first time a couple of weeks ago and a reset fixed it. Yesterday it happened again and a reset did nothing so I contacted Verizon via chat. The agent did some checking on their end and had me reboot the 7730L a couple of times and called it bad. She asked if it was damaged at all and I said no it was pristine and it is. She offered a new 7730L for $150.00 vs the normal price since it was out of warranty. I asked about getting the 8800L for the same price and it took a few minutes, but it was approved and it is in the mail now. I have the 8800L on a prepay account and absolutely love it. It seems more robust then the 7730's that I have. Both of my 7730's have static IP's which will transfer to the replacement 8800L. There does seem to be some negotiation for a better deal for replacements, but I had to push a little. When you live and die with wireless internet you can't have too many jetpacks I guess.
  17. I'm just into my second month with the new Verizon pre-paid unlimited plan and love it. I have the new jetpack 8800L and it work great. I'm a bit of a rank amateur on usage since I used a paltry 80gb my first month. As was stated previously I have noticed slight slow downs a time of two in late afternoon-early evening, but absolutely nothing would cause a major problem.
  18. I have been wearing a MedicAlert necklace for over 40 years. My information is as close as a dial to an 800 number and my ID from the back of the necklace which will give any medical or police person all of my info. I am only allergic to one thing and that is noted on the back of the necklace also.
  19. Some probably wouldn't admit they full time if they have a rig still under warranty since many of them don't allow full time use under the terms of the warranty.
  20. That is the same size as my largest set and it looks great to me. I have had my new unlimited plan with the 8800L jetpack for 2 weeks now and have used 67gb with no apparent slow down even this time of evening. Time will tell. I'm hitting it hard this first month to see if they are serious.
  21. I have multiple jetpacks with each performing a different function(s) and one of the 7730's is running a program that requires six specific opened ports and a static IP. I only have 1 of the 7730's running my router, but I am going to add the router to the new 8800L probably sometime today. So far I'm amazed at the difference in the speed of the 8800L vs the 7730's even though they are rated virtually the same. More will become obvious as I have had it longer I'm sure.
  22. I took the plunge and ordered another Jetpack and plan on keeping my existing 2 7730's and see how the new one does before I give up one. Neither is on contract so I can drop one of them easily. I did decide to get the unlimited/prepaid with their new 8800L and wow what a difference in d/l and u/l speed. I know this isn't a scientific test, but with the two 7730's sitting right by the 8800 the d/l speed of the 8800 is 40-50% faster and has been every time I tested them. Now time will tell how it all goes. I did watch a couple of movies last night with the new 8800L and zero buffering. We will see over coming days. I plan to work it hard initially. How are you able to monitor the usage of your new prepaid unit? It doesn't show up on the verizon app that I have I guess since the new one is on another account. I know I can look at the 8800 when I sign on to it at, but that only shows zero usage with a 10gig plan. I'm not sure that that means, but zero usage obviously won't ever get to any upper limit.
  23. Don't know at this point. I will definitely take a look. Thanks.
  24. I went to a corporate Verizon store yesterday and got an answer to my questions. The static IP will have to go away with the prepaid plan. Since I can't live with that my options for the current prepaid jetpack plan is off the table. They did say that if the IP issue wasn't an issue I would have to have a separate account for the prepaid jetpack. It can't be on the same account as an unlimited postpaid smartphone.
  25. My phone is a Note 8 and the Smart View works great and is wireless to the new TV. I replaced my 8 year old non-smart TV a couple of months ago and used a bit over 32gb on the smart phone last month and I didn't notice any issues either, but I am in a rural area. I still don't know about the static IP which I absolutely have to have for one particular hardware/software package. If the static IP can go along with the new prepaid plan I may try one of the jetpacks and see how it all goes. Fortunately both jetpacks are off contract.
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