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  1. We fulltimed for 7 years, but hubby is project oriented and pretty much started breaking things in the RV so he could fix them. He wanted his “stuff” (tools) back. So, we built a house with 3 full hook up spots for friends, and spend winters entertaining. In the summer we take off, either in our 5th wheel or our truck camper, depending on our destination. if it was just my choice I would still be a fulltiming but both people have to want it, to make it work. So, we travel whenever we want. Our biggest stipulation when we built the house was that we agreed that we wouldn’t be tied to it, but would feel free to travel and leave it as much as we wanted. And we do.
  2. Well, we see most of you on Facebook.... Paul and I bug out of Havasu next week for the summer. We have 2 days of reservations, the rest.......?
  3. I get around that by having my son, located in Boston, have the account, making Boston my home area, so I can watch the Patriots on my home Tv(one that has no location services) all season long. I can not, however, watch the games on my iPad unless the game is being shown on local stations. Apparently there are apps that will fake a GPS location but I haven’t gone that far yet
  4. It is cloud based. No actual DVR
  5. the location of your device determines what you can watch
  6. Youtube TV comes with unlimited DVR capability. It comes in very handy!
  7. I believe that is incorrect, setting channels to any locality. I have had Youtube TV for quite a while, and it always uses the location of my device to give me the local channels from that area. When I watch on my TV that has no location service, it requires me to log in to my account from my “home area” every 2-3 months in order for me to watch anything. 3 devices can be on at the same time. i use it on my home TV to watch the Patriots play, but can't watch them on my ipad unless its being shown on local TV.
  8. A bunch are there already. Some of us arriving from the PPP this afternoon. Its quesadilla and margarita time!!
  9. Hey Joe, sadly i believe Denise died a couple of years ago. I think I remember hearing that. we are on the east coast doing genealogy for the summer- almost time to start the long trek to AZ!
  10. I am guessing he meant Wind Cave National Park
  11. Most of our stuff is online and we only get our mail every 6-8 weeks, always priority mail. the things we still get paper copies of are vehicle registrations, most medical bills/starements, and insurance stuff because no matter how many times I tell them to go paperless, they tend to revert back to paper
  12. LOL! We love having company in the yard! We were alone for the first time since early Nov. last week and we didn't know what to do with ourselves! Luckily we have people coming back on Sunday! oh, and for those times when we DO need to escape, we will do it in style! We took delivery of a new truck camper today. A little smaller than the one we had, but new. We will still keep the 5th wheel for longer trips.
  13. We spent one summer in Lake Havasu City, with daily temps reaching 110-115 for most of the summer. We have one 13.5 AC and one 15.0. We did put sunshades out on our western exposure side, and the ACs ran for 6 weeks straight, but the temps inside the rig never went above 78*. We were in 2012 Mobile Suites.
  14. Actually apparently the first arrivals were today, and it wasn't Steve!! ah well, I just need the coordinates and I am happy!
  15. Usually the first person there picks a spot suitable for our size group. Steve and Carol might be the first ones there? Not sure.
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