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  1. Stop bragging. The heat followed us out of AZ- over 100* here in El Paso the last few days, yuck. 114* yesterday!
  2. I remember that I called Polk county and they walked me thru the entire process- what forms to fill out, etc, even told me how much to write the checks for. the inspection law only pertained to vehicles that were in the state of Texas- we were in Indiana at the time.
  3. His post says that medical coverage will be deducted from his pension.? I think Linda has a valid "rule of thumb". Although the expenses are "different" for fulltiming, they tend to be similar to living in a house- exchanging mortgage/rent for RV parks, food is similar, cell phones, satellite tv or cell data instead of cable, etc. If you WANT to lower your expenses, its pretty easy to do as a fulltimer. There are more costs that you can control, such as volunteering to save on an RV spot, or getting a monthly rate to save on RV park rates- and both of those reduce your fuel expense because you wouldn't be traveling as far. We lived on about the same amount of money pretty comfortably. Paid close attention for the first year, being aware, so we didn't go too far over.
  4. I have numerous vehicles registered in TX and I never gone to TX to get it done, they were All done remotely from around the country. there are procedures in place for those who are not in the state to get their vehicles registered, and as mentioned, you do NOT need to get the inspection unless you happen to go to the state of TX. I suggest anyone who wants answers call the DMV in livingston.
  5. Apparently it didn't take long- looks like they bought something already ?
  6. Congrats on the house building, Jeff! Gonna have an RV spot for us visitors? Haha We do like having a place to keep all the toys
  7. x 2. Most of the mail we DO get is something we need forwarded, like vehicle tags. We only have our mail forwarded about every 6 weeks or so. Sometimes more, after dr. Appointments (-although our new dr. Is paperless, with a portal) and at tax time. After so many years on the road, you learn to anticipate what you will get for mail. For instance, I don't wait for the renewal notice on registrations, I know when they renew, so I just go online and renew it. No need to pay someone to scan it or wharever.
  8. Don't know of a kennel, but we had someone in the RV park come to our rig to take care of our cat. Would that work?
  9. We have used several companies over the years. I think many of them will write a rider. For the past few years we have been dealing with Miller Insurance, and the policy is with Nationwide (Allied). We are no longer fulltimers so have nothing in storage anymore but we still insure the rig for fulltime since we use it so much of the year.
  10. Our insurance for our stuff that was in storage was a rider on our full-time RVer policy.. very inexpensive- but also required by the storage facility. We could get our own policy or pay big bucks for their miniscule policy.
  11. Also, if you do facebook there is a DRV owners page, pretty active and frequented by Rolling Retreats and occasionally someone from DRV. DRV Suites Owners Group (Doubletree RV) DRV owners page
  12. Hey freddie, we were happy that we got to spend a little while with the two of you on your way through Deming- wish we had known we were parked within spittin distance a little sooner! Glad you two are gonna take it easy this summer. Time to relax!! Sue
  13. Just to add a few points- with a truck and 5th wheel, you won't usually need to fill up while towing. Over the years we have had enough issues that we avoid it if at all possible. Since we, like Barbara, try to stick to the 2-2-2 rule, its not that difficult. I also have an ipad, and anytime we DO have to fuel up while towing, I use google maps to thoroughly investigate our options before hand. Allstays is an incredibly good app and I wouldn't be without it. We gave up AAA when they told us they wouldnt tow our truck because its too big (AAA has different rules in different areas) Dentists: although not mentioned, bring a thumb drive to any dentist appointments. I ask that they copy all x-rays to my thumb drive so I will have them down the road and won't have to pay for them again. If they won't put them on a flash drive (some offices are nervous about viruses) have them email them to you.
  14. Well, if you are gonna be in the heat in a TT, I would knock off the one with only one AC. If you are going to be stationary, then weight isnt' really an issue, although the word "lite" in the description, to me, reads : very little insulation etc. so in some ways heavier is better. I've never had a TT so not sure about reliability of any of the above.
  15. On my apple phone I have had it refuse to do an update to an app unless I connect to wi-fi, if its a large update. Then I have to trick it, by connecting to my hot spot to override it. Frustrating.