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  1. We used to have a Class A coach and we had the extend-a-stay type adapter to use an external propane tank, so I am well aware of how that works. We have now moved to a Class B and there is an issue with the onboard LP tank not filling. It will take ordering a new tank to fix that problem. In the meantime, we would like to use the van. The onboard tank is well hidden under the van with a remote fill, so not possible/easy to use the extend-a-stay approach. There is an external quick-connect fitting for attaching a grill. So, I am thinking about hauling around a 5 gallon LP tank that I would set
  2. Thanks everyone for all of the useful information. Wow, it really is a mix of approaches depending on state and even counties. I just hope that we can get it out and into as many arms as possible as rapidly as possible. Jim
  3. Kirk, yes I certainly agree that health care workers and first responders should be at the top of the list. John, that is interesting. Do you know if that is true for other counties and that you can only get a vaccine from your county of residence? I have a friend that is in Florida and she was able to get a vaccine with no questions asked, but i know that each state and perhaps each county varies. Jim
  4. Thanks Kirk Has anyone here gotten the vaccine or know someone that has? If so how did it go? Orderly or no?
  5. Does anyone have any information on Covid vaccines in Texas for nonresidents. Can nonresidents visitors get the vaccine or is it strictly for Texas residents? Or does it vary by state. Jim
  6. Thanks for the info in alternative storage. We like the idea of a hookup to keep battery charged and run bay heater and space heater on low so that we do not have to winterize. The only solution we could come up with for transport is to rent a car (Enterprise) in Livingston and return to airport. Reverse on return. It is not exactly cheap but not a lot of other reliable options that we could find.
  7. Thanks Dave for your reply. We have left the RV in RV parks in the past and it has worked well. This time, being gone for over 6 weeks, we were hoping for the $1 per night, rather than the $35 per night. We will see.
  8. Thanks Matt and Sherry, We just got to the Escapees and did get space. So all is good, I think! It is supposed to have electric, as we want to plug in to keep our batteries charged. I check out the plugs today and it is a bit doubtful.....so we will see. Thanks so much for your offer to help. I may PEM you. Jim
  9. We have been Escapee members for about 15 years, about 12 years using their mail service as we are fill time. We have no sort of home base and have not had such for 12 years. That makes it more difficult when we travel internationally as we don"t have a set place to leave our motorhome. In January, we will be traveling out of the country for about two months. We have reservations out of Houston International. We have intended to leave the RV at the Escapees long-term storage. The problem is that Escapees will not take reservations for long-term storage and we were told it was "hit or miss" as
  10. Thanks Rob, Interesting, the Reflection is the only 5th wheel we have actually looked at since the dealer we went to had them in stock. I will take a look on-line at the units you mentioned. One thing that attracted me to the Arctic Fox is the cargo carrying capacity. Our unit now has very low CCC and it is a real pain to keep it below that limit. Jim
  11. Thanks so much Greg for the info and the links. Very helpful. Thanks spindrift. I will check into that.
  12. Thanks Greg, I will take a look at the HitchHiker. JIM
  13. Thank you for your thoughts. Are there rigs that have a more open/more windows feel. We would like a shorter rig, ideally under 30 feet. Thanks again!
  14. Excuse me 5th Wheelers. We (two of us) have been full-time for 10+ years, traveling in a motorhome. We have had only one -- a Safari Trek, 27 feet long. We still love our Trek but are thinking seriously about moving to a 5th wheel rig. We are looking at one of the shorter Arctic Fox rigs. However, one of the reasons we got the Trek and have continued to love it is that the "bedroom" is very open. For those not familiar, there is no separate bedroom. The bed lives in the ceiling during the day and comes down at night. Both of us love the open feel that creates for sleeping. Every time we have l
  15. Thanks everyone for your replies. A reply to nana25K: Since we worked for the NPS, we have had a Federal Department of Interior background check, but we got that many years ago when we had just started full timing. For that we did use the Livingston address. We had to supply the name and address of a neighbor. We used a fellow Escapee and that worked fine. So, we will give it a shot with using the Livingston address and our NPS positions. Thanks, we will let you know how it goes. Jim & Jan
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