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  1. Our condolences to David's family during this difficult time. Although we have never met, we have seen many posts on the HDT forum by him, since we started reading all the posts (from Day 1) We lost a great innovator, and he will be missed.
  2. Hello from Saskatchewan!! Since we joined your amazing forum, we have been able to glean some excellent information and tips for pretty-much anything that has to do with RVing. Although we have only posted once (so far), we hope to also contribute all that we are starting to learn on our adventures. We joined the Dark Side in December 2014, when we flew to Ottawa and acquired the 2003 Volvo 770 and 2001 Yellowstone 5th wheel, as a package. Then, drove it to Saskatchewan in the dead of Winter (pretty uneventful trip). February - April 2015 we travelled down to Arizona and back. Only two small issues during the entire 11,000 kms, but were overcome without too much hardship. (We both still have the SMILE.... ) Talk to you soon!!
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