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Found 29 results

  1. Greetings! My wife and I are planning on becoming fulltimers within the next two months. We currently live in Fitchburg, WI, near Madison, WI. Although the Escapees mail and domicile services appear to be affordable and worthwhile, it would be disastrous for my health insurance and healthcare for me to take a domicile outside the State of Wisconsin. My Medicare Supplemental plans are based on Wisconsin Residency, and I don't want to disturb them. Does anyone know of a service that will grant me a Wisconsin domicile address?
  2. I plan to move to Florida Sept. 15th and initiate domicile. In Sumpter County the DMV drivers license and vehicle registration services are only available for current residents by appointment. Is it possible to register vehicle and get drivers licenses in other counties if using a Escapee’s domicile address in Sumpter county? Are there any other work around to get things done during Covid?
  3. We have a month before we move into the fifth wheel. I have been researching and have most of my questions answered. PLUS I found a good post that compares the choices we are facing. I am still undecided, and I'm asking anyone who has arrived at their domicile decision, what are one or two smaller discoveries do you wish you had known beforehand? My decisions are between Florida, Texas, and Tennessee. SD is a distant fourth. I read Health care cost completely overshadows all other costs. I think I agree, that is for 2 years at least. I know the big points, income taxes, health insurance, RV insurance, new vehicle purchase taxes, sales tax rate. (the sales tax rate in TN is high but we have no plans to be there for long stays) I would want to bring an already converted HDT "house car" into the state. Would it be very tough to do or easy if already converted? We have relatives in TN and FL but no plans to stay with them. Thank you. This was posted 3 years ago: A great topic with a good comparison chart: https://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/125374-domicile-analysis/ Comment by Lockmup specific to HDT owners: https://www.rvnetwork.com/topic/125374-domicile-analysis/?do=findComment&comment=879709 Chart: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1gMs0eSHxYDoc6ff_DTcj8eqwlo4Z7YCG28D2IhkLS6Q/edit#gid=0
  4. I am new to this website. Will be full time RVing come October. Anyone have the South Dakota domicile address with the Texas mail forwarding? I picked South Dakota because I heard the insurance is cheaper there.
  5. We just set up our Florida domicile yesterday, following the directions provided by escapees. it was very easy! The folks at the dmv/tax collector office were very nice and knew exactly what to do. ( we were prepared with passports, ss cards, escapee letter, etc...) Drivers licenses took about 20 minutes. We almost forgot to file our “declaration of domicile “ with the county clerk. We had one of the local clerks notarize the form, then paid $10 to file it. Everyone was very nice. notes, the guide seems a bit out of date, but we got it done, ( certification form is no longer needed and voter registration is now done when you get your license) no electronics are allowed in the court records office, so leave your phones, iPads, etc in the car. after, we drove to Sumter oaks rv park. It was ... just ok. The office staff was nice but referred us to Livingston Texas for all escapees questions. feel free to ask me any questions!
  6. I am going to become a full-time RV'er, but have a question about getting my driving license. I am going to use the Escapees mail forwarding service for domicile purposes. However, on the Texas driving license application, it asks what kind of property my domicile is. The options don't include "mail forwarding service," and force me to check either single-family dwelling, apartment, motel, or temporary shelter. Seeing as it is none of those and I don't want to purjer myself, what do I check?
  7. I am currently domiciled in Kansas and am working as a seasonal park ranger with the National Park Service in another state. I will have worked in the other state for about 6 months by mid-November 2017. Since I enjoy seasonal ranger jobs, I'd like to continue doing this, but am paying a lot of tax in Kansas for dividends from my investments. I don't yet know how the math will work out tax-wise for work in the other state and Kansas taxes on those earnings... I intend to change my domicile to South Dakota. As of this year, 2017, I'll be filing in Kansas and in the current work state. I don't yet know where I will work, nor when, next. Any advice on when to change my domicile? I don't mind driving to SD in the winter, I just don't know whether to make the change on Jan 1 (or as close as possible to that date) or before - I'd like to avoid having to file in SD as well as the other two states for 2017 if possible. I don't want to wait until I have to re-register my truck and trailer in Kansas (which is Feb.)
  8. I hope I am posting this in the correct place. If not, hopefully, someone will advise: We have received a letter from California Highway Patrol instructing us to get our Texas Licensed Toad registered in the state of California within 20-days. We have been full-time RVrs since 1995 and have licensed and insured our vehicles in the state of Texas. Is there anyone we can talk to at Escapees that can help us? Below is what has been provided as "some" of the criteria for determining CA residency and our status thereto. Criteria Our Status Address where registered to vote Texas Location of employment Retired Payment of resident tuition at a public institution of higher learning None Attendance of dependents at a primary or secondary school None Filing a homeowners property tax exemption None Renting or leasing a home for use as a resident None Declaration of residence to obtain a license or any other Privilege or benefit not ordinarily extended to a nonresident None Possession of a California Driver’s License No-Licensed and insured in TX Other acts. Occurrences or events that indicate presence in the State is more than temporary or transient Catch-all and not understood. Not mentioned by the state Where we are registered to vote Texas Where one of us has served jury duty Texas Social Memberships Escapees, Livingston TX Benevolent order of Elks, Wallace, ID Where we do the majority of our our banking Washington Where we do our investing Financial Advisor- Bellevue, Washington Where our money comes from Pension, social security, investments We were out of the state for 183 days in 2018. Can anybody tell us what to do or what to expect?
  9. We have decided to sell our house and live in our RV full-time. We have obtained a P.O. Box for six months that is located nearby to where we will be Camp Hosting. Here’s the rub...Or camp hosting position will only last for five months. When it is over we may have to move our location still within the state of California as my wife continues to work here. That means we would have to obtain a different PO Box at a different location here in California and the Pist Office is going to ask for two forms of ID at that time. Since we don’t have a home her or camp hosting position will only last for five months. When it is over we may have to move our location still within the state of California as my wife continues to work here until she retires. That means we would have to obtain a different P.O. Box at a different location here in California and they are going to ask for two forms of I.D. to secure that new P.O. Box. The issue is where do we domicile so that we can live And carry-on business here in California until we retire to a home in Idaho? We still have to renew our drivers licenses, retain our bank accounts, etc. We figure there must be someone out there who is in the same position as us. What did you do? There are so many variables to this equation it gets beyond ridiculous! Any help anyone can provide is appreciated. If you have additional questions that would help to clarify our position please feel free to ask them.
  10. I am still researching domicile options and have a couple of questions: How much time should I spend in my new domicile state, in general? A day or two, week or two or a couple of months each year? Or must I even visit every year? I read some scary articles on the Escapees site about domicile issues. Does you have any idea how often people get into legal issues over domicile (people who don't own houses in other states)? Are there any reasons, beyond registration renewal and/or driver's license renewals, to have to go back for anything, other than to maintain the appearance of being domiciled? Anything annual or otherwise regular? Just trying to determine whether I'd need to domicile near a larger airport or not. Thanks!
  11. I am in my early 50s and my current domicile does not have decent national healthcare options on ACA. In researching Florida options, I have found Tallahassee (Leon County) to be the best option for me for ACA. The mail service there is called "Traveling Mailbox." As I understand it, the Traveling Mailbox fees are $15/mo (for specific number of mail pieces) plus the postage to forward mail, plus there is a $1 fee to hold pieces of mail for more than 60 days. Does anybody have experience using Tallahassee as a domicile, or see any immediate "cons" to it? I am guessing it's a bit harder to fly in and out of than some of the eastern state locations.
  12. Hi, I have just started full-timing. I homeschool my kids, but I have heard about changing your residency to a more lax state, like Texas for example. Can you explain how to do that? TIA
  13. Our house is on the market in New Mexico. We had assumed we'd declare domicile in Texas as soon as it's sold, but the more I research, the more complications I'm finding. We're self-employed and in our 40's and thus dependent upon ACA health plans. One downside to TX is our coverage will be worse for a much greater cost. My wife has a lease on an office through the end of the year in NM and we'd also greatly prefer to keep our storage unit in NM, which will make it difficult to be safe from NM still claiming us even if we do everything else in TX (driver's license, vehicle reg, bank, mailing address, register new business). So for now we're going to stick with NM. My question is, if we use a mail forwarding service such as Escapees with a TX address, is that going to start a whole chain of events with TX expecting us to register our vehicles, have to switch to a TX health plan, etc? I'm feeling like we're gonna get snapped in two with NM and TX tugging on us if we use a TX mail service.
  14. We are about to full time from VA where we own a house that we will be renting out. Can we change our domicile to another state still? Or will the fact we own property in VA be an issue? Thanks
  15. We're going full time in about 45 days. House is up for sale in about a week! I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas (Tarrant County), where we've lived for a long time. From what I understand, we need to: Get a new domicile/mail forwarding address Update our driver's license Update our voter registration I was going to use the Escapees mail service, but from reading their FAQ it sounds like I'd have to change everything to that county, establish professional and social connections, etc, requiring us to drive down there for some things. I'm imagining it would be easiest to use a Fort Worth virtual mailbox and mail forwarding address...but I could be wrong. Can we just get a mail service anywhere and have it understood that Tarrant County, Fort Worth, Texas is our domicile since this was the last place we lived? Or does it not work like that? I'm a bit confused at to how this might work since we already are established in the State, but not the County. I apologize for being another person on this forum likely making this more difficult than it actually is!
  16. Hello All! Retirement is starting to get real now! We retire at the end of 2017. Of course I have obsessed over finances, insurance and so forth BUT the one thing I have not gotten a good handle on is domicile! We are selling our S&B and will fulltime for the next few years and I would like to pick a domicile state that will give a maximum ROI on RV insurance, RV Extended Warranty/roadside assistance, and, of courses, personal income taxes. We are both retiring Government employees, so the affordable care act does not affect us (thank goodness!) so health insurance is not in our domicile calculus. I realize the "best" Domicile states are TX, FL, and SD...now I would like some thoughts & advice on which state (IYHO) is the "best" of the three. Here is just one issue I am wrestling with: We are interested in CoachNet Roadside and perhaps a extended warranty but we have been told that FL Insurance regulations are a bit hostile to CoachNet therefore CoachNet rates are higher in FL than they are in the other states. (not sure this is really "true" because this was told to me by a CoachNet rep ) As far as "ease" of establishing domicile, FL is the no-brainer since we live in AL. One final question: how many days do you have to stay in one of these states in order to establish domicile? (I have been told in SD it is only 1 overnight). Any advice you would care to offer is deeply appreciated!
  17. Hello all! I recently domicile in TX and now need to find a CPA or EA, preferably near Livingston, who is familiar with RV related deductions. Can anyone make recommendations for each of the SKP domicile states? Thanks!
  18. Hey Folks! So we had planned to domicile in South Dakota, mainly because we don't have to go back every year to have the vehicles inspected. We got a call from Escapees wanting to confirm that we realized we would have a Texas mailing address and SD residence address. This made us wonder if there was a reason we should choose Texas besides it's Warmer...We just didn't want our travels to have to revolve around a yearly trip to Texas. Input? Ginger
  19. Hi everyone, I'm a new member here at Escapees and looking forward to learning all I need to know, for my new adventures ahead! Though out of the country at the moment, I hope to be back in the US right after the New Year, with an RV pre-purchased and awaiting my arrival. Here's my dilemma: I sold my residence in FL in 2015 and have been outside of the US since. I am returning to the US but have since lost my FL DL. It is still valid, I just no longer have it in my possession. And obviously, I no longer reside at the address previously listed, since selling the house. I need a permanent address for the re-issuance of said license. I also need to furnish the Insurance Company (of the RV I purchase) with a home address... I have joined Escapees and downloaded the necessary paperwork for the mail forwarding service/domicile address. At the risk of sounding completely stupid, how do I accomplish this as I am out of the country at the moment... and wonder how I will be able to get temporary tags for purchased rv, before driving to Bushnell, FL - to do what I have to do there?!! Thanks in advance!
  20. I am changing my domicile and residency to Texas. Most of my family lives in Texas. I would like to know if anyone has moved to Texas from another state and used a family member's address as their home address for registration purposes. (It is ok with my family to use their address). I still want to live in my RV and travel, but am having a problem with the DMV and its forms. I just want my "home" to be Texas. If you have been successful doing this, would you tell me how you went about it. Thanks
  21. Hello, We will be starting our new full-time adventure next month but researching where to establish our domicile. We will be moving from Washington DC (technically Virginia) and stoping in Spokane, WA to pick-up our new home- a 1999 Allegro Bay already named BettyRocket. My parents helped us purchase the MH and will maintain the title, registration and insurance. Would it be wise for us to also establish domicile in Washington, potentially at my parent's address in Spokane? We are new so any advice, tips and suggestions are welcome! Thank you, Scott and Victoria
  22. Folks: I apologize for asking a question that’s been beaten to death but I’m confused by a possible wrinkle caused by the ACA and by Texas Blue Cross eliminating the PPO option. According to that very helpful and informative website that we got in an Escapees email: https://www.rverinsurance.com/uncategorized/rver-guide-to-2016-aca-open-enrollment/ “Important Note: You can not simply get an address in another state and purchase your coverage there. You have to be a legal resident of that state. That is an ACA requirement!” Is being a legal resident of a state the same as having domicile there? We’ll be spending most of 2016 in Chicago. (Granddaughter!) My wife has to apply for an ACA plan. Getting a Texas HMO makes no sense. But if my wife gets a Chicago PPO does that mean she has to give up her Texas domicile. If she does, do I? I really don’t want to have to give up my Texas driver’s license or domicile. We’ve been Texas residents since 1988. (We've had a Livingston address via Escapees since we sold the house.) Furthermore, our current living conditions have no permanency to them: We’re renting a basement from which we would have to move if our landlady decides to sell the house. Any info or insight on this would be greatly appreciated. It may even help other people in a similar situation. Thanks! Harry
  23. I currently reside (leased "sticks and bricks") in the Naples, Florida area... so I am already a "Florida resident" and have my domicile here. I am considering going fulltime RV about July of next year, and see no reason that I wouldn't want to continue maintaining Florida as my domicile. But, as always, the devil is in the details... 1.) As I begin full-timing, I will necessariy no longer maintain a "sticks and bricks" residence here. My thought is to contact a mail-forwarding firm such as St. Brendan's Isle here in Florida and "move" from my existing Naples address to their physical address (in a different Florida county) as my Florida domicile and for forwarding services. Vehicle registration, insurance, etc would also be relocated to the forwarder's address. It's a process, but not a terribly complicated one. 2.) By reason of a disability, I am eligible for Medicare before age 65 and currently am on original Medicare and purchase a Humana "High Deductible Plan F" supplement policy that works very well for me. Such policies (for pre-65 Medicare users) are not available in all locations (especially out of Florida), and certainly not at the reasonable prices offered here. I have already verified that the same Humana High-Deductible Plan F supplement is available to me at the St Brendan's Isle physical location (at an even lower price than I currently pay), so once again I should simply be able to "move" from Naples to the St. Brenda's Isle physical address and notify the insurance company of my "move". MY CONCERN IS THIS: How many of you Medicare users (older or younger than 65) with supplement plans have done a similar thing. Has anyone been questioned by their insurance carrier about all virtually all claims coming from out of state, etc? My understanding is that it makes no difference at all... so long as your "residence"/domicile is in a location where the policy is sold and you pay the bill, it's all good, right?.. one of the wonderful things about Medicare!. This is a key point for me. Would appreciate hearing your thoughts on this, especially anyone involved in the Medicare supplement business... Thanks! GoodolDan
  24. First post here and looking for advice.. what a way to introduce myself... I'm looking for a bit of advice on how I should proceed moving into this lifestyle. My wife and I have been doing a lot of research, and we're in that stage where we feel like we're getting down to the wire and have so many directions we could go but aren't sure which order to tackle them in. So let me give you a bit of history and we'll go from there. My wife and I are in our mid 30s. We have 4 children; Boy-11, Boy-9, Boy-6, Girl-4. We will have been married for 15 years this October. I am a Software Architect for a small startup based out of San Francisco, CA making us a single-income family. Fortunately, this position allows me to work remotely full-time, so we decided to sell our house in North Carolina, all our vehicles, and start fresh. Our house should close on June 17th. That's as far as we've gotten. We are currently listing our vehicles on craigslist and considering trading some in to avoid the craigslist hassle. However, once we have our vehicles sold we are unsure what steps to take next. The list of major items we have to sort out the order for are: Decide Domicile Location ​Establish Domicile Purchase RV Purchase Trailer & Toad We have narrowed our domicile down to the common 3. FL, TX, SD. However, as we research and read forums there is a lot of comments that pertain to pros/cons for each state. We are aware of the most common ones, but some we aren't sure how they might apply to us? So I'll list out some questions in bullet points to hopefully help with clarity. My company provides health insurance (I have to pay for family but it's subsidized by them for me at 100%). I'm not sure if this means that we shouldn't be concerned about health coverage or if we should be extremely concerned? Is NC is a tax aggressive state?Will cause issues for us if we try and establish domicile somewhere else after living there for so long? Will the order in which we do things make a difference in how aggressive they behave? If we wait to purchase an RV & Toad until after we established domicile will that cause more issues? If I change domicile midway through the year will NC try and collect state taxes on me for the entire year instead of just the time I was registered as a resident there? We are currently staying at my dad's old home in Palmetto, FL, but setup a PO Box instead of using his home address. Will that be an issue when trying to establish domicile? These are just some of the major questions we consider road blocks on moving forward with our plan to start the full-time lifestyle. I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to order tackling these items and why you would suggest that order. Thanks in advance!
  25. I am currently a resident of the state of Texas for over one year. I have my car titled, car registration and car inspected in the state of Texas. I have a current Texas drivers license. I am moving out of my apartment the end of this month. I am not an RVer yet but I work in the high tech industry on a contract by contract basis. The contracts usually last from 3 months to 12 months and are located all over the continental United States. I have already turned down work because of the logistics of moving and address changes. Changing my physical address for car registration, car insurance, drivers license (including taking the state drivers test(s) ), health insurance and all of the other IDs can be a real mess. So, I am considering using a mail forwarding service (such as Escapees Mail Service) and the associated physical address. Can you help me understand the issues associated with dealing with car and health insurance companies, banks and any loan issues such as buying a vehicle? Does your insurance rate go up? Does it change your credit worthiness? Thank you for your help.
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