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  1. JimK, have you made the run up to the Arctic Circle? I'm reading how beautiful Canada and Alaska are, and I'm really looking forward to that trip.
  2. Noted, but the clarity of the writing and addressing a lot of issues that other people gloss over, I can't say enough about how well done that website is.
  3. I just spoke to Host today, and boy are they going all in with their off grid systems. 1, 2 or 3 360AH Li batteries, with up to 5 190 watt solar panels! Good grief, that's an S ton of power! I also got them thinking of possibly offering an option for a composting toilet instead of the flush model. They'd have to delete the bathroom sink (which could be a deal breaker because of resale), my argument was that there was a sink less then 10 feet away that people could use. They can't retrofit the diesel/gas heaters because of priming issues when you drop the camper, but they do offer a residential fridge which would go great with the off grid package and leave all your propane for hot water and the furnace, if needed. Really nice people up there, it was a great conversation.
  4. Kirk, you have one of the best websites for full timers that I've come across, and I've read lots. Excellent work.
  5. I've been giving that fairing some thought myself. I'm wondering if the truck body companies that specialize in camper bodies could come with something like that? Would increase fuel economy and provide better insulation for the bottom of the bedroom which would help reduce condensation in colder weather.
  6. https://www.airskirts.com/ Now that's pretty cool. Wondering if you all think they could be used between the truck cab roof and bottom of the TC? Would certainly improve winter camping ability if they could.
  7. Welp, sounds like Texas will be home base.
  8. That's good to hear, as I haven't tried any of these yet and considering they are pretty expensive. Weight will always be an issue, so anything I can do to reduce it is appreciated.
  9. Small world. IF it's the Truck Camper Warehouse in NH, we're headed there next weekend. You never feel cramped in the Igloo? I'm looking more at the double slide Host models because of the lack of room in the slide less models. Unfortunately, Host integrates the black tank and toilet, so I can't get them to replace both with a composting unit. One of the things going into the trailer. With the smaller fridge you don't run into issues running out of food boondocking? I'm aiming for being out 3 weeks at a time, and part of that will be buying dried food in bulk, lol. How much mobility do you have going off the beaten path? I'm really interested in getting further out than the motorhomes and vans, but size and weight will determine the distance that I'm able to travel, I'll bet. 4WD will help, but from what I've read anything short of a pop up is a challenge getting into the back country unless the roads are pretty good. Regarding going everywhere with the full rig, you don't drop your rig? Seems that some folks think it's a piece of cake, while others avoid it like the plague. Personally, I'd like a thicker jack system, especially for the larger units. Once these things are on the ground they look pretty 'spindly' and can be moved around a lot unless they are at the bottom range of the jacks. And yes, it helps tremendously.
  10. While I really appreciate the forums, there is no way I'll participate on Facebook or any other social media platform.
  11. The TX is going to be quite a bit smaller than the 5th wheel, so I'm hoping that it's enough to keep things cool on the occasions we need it without draining the batteries. I expect to be chasing the weather quite a bit of the time, hopefully not spending a great deal of time in hot and humid conditions. Plus, they have the extreme plus package with an additional 2 panels and two batteries, but I think you need a large dog to strap those onto.
  12. Oh boy, you may come to regret those words. First off, what would you personally have done differently? What are you personal pros and cons of the lifestyle? Did you have any other experience with RV living that directed you to TCs? Those are the starter questions, I have more.
  13. Dead end dirt roads on a dark and cold night are called campsites.
  14. I'm all over truck camper magazine. In fact, I'm all over everywhere, lol. The more information I get, the happier I am.
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