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  1. They didn't rate it badly, and it did get 4 stars, however the reliability score was sub 80 (just under) which is a personal cutoff .I understand all of these things are subjective. They have floor plans that I really like, so their not out of consideration.
  2. I was looking at Excel, but the RVCG didn't rate that as high as I would have liked. Leaning towards Northwood at this point, but I'll check out the Teton and Carriage. 👍
  3. Oof. Seems we getting a lot of perspective here. One appeal of the F350-450 variant is the ability to scout ahead when boondocking. Are the HDT variants able to do that successfully, or are you more at the mercy of a need for decent road surfaces? Leaning more towards a 4 season 5th wheel at this point with 'some' off road capability, so this does become an issue. Expect the max weight to be in the 17k range. I also believe you can never have too much truck, as long as it serves dual purposes. And what is this about wearing out the tranny on a F450? Are you saying a new truck towing a rig will chew up a transmission in 20-40k miles? Not much of a tow package if it does...
  4. And this issue is killing me atm, as there are some really nice used 5ers from Excel Peterson I would love to have, except that they all weigh a proverbial 8 tons....
  5. My issue is needing a get around vehicle if I go with a 5er. I don't think the HDT would be a very good 'drive to town' vehicle for the most part. What would you suggest would be the heaviest 5er to pull with a MDT?
  6. Would you consider a fully setup F450 as a suitable tow vehicle for your rig?
  7. What would be the dates that the quality really started to decline?
  8. Better to buy used and recondition, or are the new rigs built just as well? All opinions welcome
  9. And if you would add any other thoughts it would be appreciated.
  10. What’s the advantage to a hauler bed? You seem to lose a lot of the pickup truck utility.
  11. Good advice. I can tell you I was all in on a Phoenix Cruiser for a bit, then I watched a walk through video and was thinking "that guy is shorter than I am, and he's almost hitting his head on every cabinet around the kitchen area....". As for camping, been there, done that. I don't want to experience that much nature anymore, but if I can take my 'house' out into the wilds I am pretty sure I'll be happy to be there. A sit down toilet does wonders for improving the camping experience, especially one that isn't in a Boy Scout campground (my God, went the weekend without going the smell was so bad. One of the other dads on the last day looked around at all of us and said "when I get home, I'm going to hug my toilet....". I know I did ). At this early stage, I'm all over the map as far as what rig to get. New Horizons says they'll custom design a Majestic, all I have to do is sign over two of the kids and a few hundred grand and it's mine. Anyway, thanks for the advice, I'll be dropping in to ask some more questions as we get closer to the date.
  12. I've read some check lists and watched some videos so now it's time to ask the experienced owners: How much effort is it really to set up and take down a fifth wheel? I was all in when we started looking at rigs, then got to thinking that at age 65-67 this might not be the best way to spend my senior years. So we started looking at motorhomes but unless you get a class A you're fighting some significant headroom issues, as well as storage space issues. I'm in good health now, take care of my self, don't smoke, drink or eat a lot of crap. I anticipate remaining physically fit, and maybe I'm making more out of this then I should, but I have a few years before we buy so I'm getting as much info as I can prior to the purchase. Thanks in advance for your replies. Kevin
  13. Whoa, now that is a cool idea. Although, why not just get a toy hauler?
  14. If you boil a gallon a day for a week, you'll extend your tank by almost 12%, good for another day (60g tank). Seems worth it. Although that guzzle makes that a moot point.
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