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  1. This was sold very quickly. Sorry for not updating.
  2. With a great deal of sadness as I type this, I have made the decision that my full time RV life is just not practical for me. Between health reasons, which call for me to be near my support system, and the level of preparedness that is so foreign to me, it is best that I just sell the RV and move on to the next idea. I have a 25 ft Class C. Don't let the age fool you because it only has 34,500 miles on it. The drive train is strong. The people who had it before me babied it, and since I got it a year ago August, it has never left my driveway. I would like to get out of it what I owe, which is $17k. Incredibly clean. When I got it they replaced the Generac generator with an Onan 4000. I also had a few things fixed, like one broken interior light, the defroster fan was not working, the fridge wasn't working on propane. All of that was repaired. The house batteries were new when I bought the RV and I run the generator once a week to keep things charged and moving! The RV is located in Northeast Ohio. Come and get it! PM me with your email address for photos.
  3. I don't want to buy what amounts to a whole second cell phone plan. I don't need anymore calls and texts. All I want is a data plan. With no more phones, no more tablets.... I have so much of that stuff I have been giving them away! And to do it how ATT says I have to do it I will be adding an entire 2nd cell phone plan. The cost of the plan, the cost of the device and the cost of DTV now adds up to almost what a real Direct TV plan will cost me per month so I may just as well do that. I don't know yet how much data I am going to chew through until I test watching TV for a night on data. I make maybe 5 phone calls a month, send maybe 100 texts, and use maybe 200 mb of data right now, but I am still living in my house. As someone, I think it was Dutch, pointed out, given the time frame here of me not knowing when I will leave the house and go to full time RV living, these plans may change 10 more times. Verizon currently has us hanging from a ledge with the rumor of a truly unlimited data plan, though I will believe that the day after I see the Beatles reunite for a concert and the 2 dead ones come back to life and play the show. All I keep hearing is "A lot will change when we roll out 5G", yet nobody can say what.
  4. I have a computer filled with movies. That has little to nothing about what I am trying to do. Zero to do with what I can do when I have no cell service. But, hey, you tried to be helpful and for that I am appreciative.
  5. The ATT idea died on the table. Streaming DTV Now doesn't count against the data plan ONLY when you stream it to an ATT device. I am not going to watch football on a tablet. Looks like DTV is going to be my only real option for RVTV. Unless Verizon REALLY means unlimited for everybody with no fine print, and like everyone else I'll believe it when I see it.
  6. Can't you say they meant everybody and be just as correct until Verizon announces it officially? If it was first responders only, that was already done, wasn't it? The way I read it was that the first responders incident was the catalyst and that there will be a truly (and honestly) unlimited plan announced for all users. I also got married 3 times thinking I was getting it right, so.....
  7. Okay now the next obvious questions. Are we sure whoever Paul is that his pins were inserted completely and correctly, and that the lynch pin over the locking pin was not old and worn and did not still have the tension to hold it in? Optionally that someone didn't remove it thinking they were being funny? And mainly, that Brake Buddy requires donating an organ to pay for it. Is there a cheaper option? Brake Buddy can't be the only brake assist device out there. I am really trying to find ways to cut budget here.
  8. I am trying to picture how a hitch failure would happen. A hard to install cotter pin can't just come out of a clevis, can't it? I would imagine the odds of this happening (please don't send me youtube links of the 12 times in the history of towing that it happened) are somewhere in the same area of a jet losing an engine in flight and the path of that engine intersecting the exact piece of some random road somewhere in this huge country that you happen to be occupying at that exact second. People seem to say that a brake buddy is mandated by some law, but I suspect that has become an often repeated piece of folklore, as I have not been able to find anything in writing. Can someone who is of the opinion that it is a law provide a statute or code number? I am so new to this world that I am probably a prime sucker to believe whatever salesmen tell me. "Oh yeah. You can't tow without the Johnson Valve! You HAVE to have a Johnson Valve." And then I pay $500 for something that doesn't exist. What kind of a crater would I have to hit to cause a jarring event that could knock out a pin holding a tow bar in place? I towed boats quite often in younger years and NEVER saw a boat come loose from a car. I saw a boat lose a wheel and the hitch never came undone. Again, no youtube links please to prove that it CAN happen. Anything CAN happen. The question is, "Is it LIKELY to happen"? I have never lived a "Yeah, but what if it DOES happen" life and if I can save a lot of money by just towing without that expensive add-on I'd like to know if it is truly illegal to do so.
  9. Dutch, the idea here is that I would buy this thing and go on the 1gb data plan, because this would be purchased in tandem with my using DTV Now for streaming,m and DTV Now on AT&T does not count against your data usage, and this would be dedicated to that. $55 a month for the DTV Now plan that includes Sunday Ticket. When I go tomorrow I am taking my Chromebook with me and have them allow me to test one in real time. The store near me has 2 of them in stock. This may be an option for a backup for TV. I don't know plan pricing of real DTV with Sunday Ticket, plus selling a kidney for the hardware.
  10. Cool. For MANY reasons my "life" will remain in Ohio. Our driver's license lasts 4 years, our CCW permit lasts 5. I just renewed DL and CCW is in 2019. That takes me to 72 and 73 respectively. By then I may be tired of RV life and be back in Ohio anyway. (I doubt that I will ever come back to Ohio, but who can say.) License plates renew by mail. Now if I can just get the NFL to reschedule all the Browns games to start at 4pm so I see them at 1 when I am out west. That way the games would start when my OCD ass expects them to start. Like they have for 60 years since I was old enough to understand football enough to watch it. Actually, it isn't correct to say I am OCD. I have CDO. It's exactly like OCD, but the letters are in order. Like they are supposed to be,
  11. The giant link works, and the nearest location is also near a place with great fish tacos, so tomorrow is fish tacos for lunch and visit the AT&T store day. That device may be what I want! I looked at that once and the way I read it I also needed an $80 per month phone plan. Apparently I read it wrong. Thank you!
  12. Ah!! Cool. That info is key. I'll be arcless....!! I'll keep looking for that stand-alone data plan. I just hope that I can find it from a provider a little more well known than "Bob's Data Service" with coverage in a 12 block area from their own hand made tower, if you get what that facetious comment means. I don't want the University of Phoenix online college version of a data plan.
  13. I would be more likely to have my antenna on a tripod, that cute little dome that sits on a tripod thing. And 50 feet of coax. That is about 2 things. 1 is having less holes drilled into my roof. 2 is having to be concerned about trees blocking my view of the southwestern sky. Having never lived anywhere but EST I have always been confused about show times. Live PD on A&E runs at 9pm on Fri and Sat. If I am in Pacific time, would I see it at 6 if I had an "eastern arc" dish? I know form watching the Twitter feed during the show that viewers who see the show in local time, because CST comments at 10pm EST what the EST twits commented on at 9pm. So my question comes down to whether I can virtually still live in Ohio depending on my dish and what satellite I aim at. It sounds like I would see a 9pm show at 6pm if I am in the PST zone. I rarely record anything, but that's me. I do so little socially that my sightseeing and nature day will be over by 7pm every day. I won't be at pot luck dinners or sitting by campfires or any of that, so my TV shows matter to me.
  14. So here's an interesting follow up question. I have looked at great length and not found a carrier who sells a data ONLY plan. Anybody know of one? I visited T-Mobile, AT&T and Sprint this week. They all want to sell me voice-text-data plans with their (not really) unlimited data when I have no intention of leaving Verizon. I just want a back-up data only plan for if/when Verizon slows me to a crawl and I can't watch Spongebob Squarepants.....
  15. Ah. Different circumstance then. My old car cost $2850 and I paid cash, but that was just me being cheap. I have a 10 year old Toyota that drives and runs great and still gets 28 mpg. No problems in 15 months since I bought it other than "old age" stuff like EPA nonsense. (Now that I said that, watch the whole front end fall off tomorrow.) And I am "fortunate" to live in a county that requires e-check. 4 counties of the 88 counties in Ohio and I am in one.
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