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    We are Texas folk splitting time in AZ. Driving a Coachmen Beyond 22RB with full lithium and solar set up. We love family, friends, Jesus, music, yoga and nature.

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  1. On Kirk's advice above, I rang the good people at the DMV in Polk County. They were beyond helpful. They are well aware of Escapees and help RV buyers/owners with this stuff all the time. They even told me a shortcut to the docs I needed on the Escapee website! In short, it goes like this: buy in AZ with Livingston address. Dealer sends all the forms and papers to Polk Co. I complete a form that delays my inspection by up to one year until we are back in Texas. Pretty simple! Thanks everyone.
  2. Kirk!!!! Thanks. I called and they were so helpful.
  3. Hello all. We are fairly new to Escapees and we just bought a new Coachmen Beyond. We pick it up on Monday. We are Texas residents but renting in AZ at current time to be close to our college daughters. We domicile with the Livingston address in Texas. The taxes in AZ are higher than TX. Can I buy my RV in AZ and use their temp tag while I try to register the RV in Texas? Do I have to drive to El Paso to do the inspection on the RV? Will just having the Livingston, TX, address suffice for registering the RV? So many questions and I am sure they've all been asked before. Thanks in advance.
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