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  1. What is the rule in the US in regards of getting the SIM Card. In Germany you need to be at home and sign yourself for that parcel. Ist this in the US the same, or will it be possible to sign a contract online with delivery and bill to address of the mailservice of Escapees RV Club which will be our address of residency? Regards Kati
  2. We will pick Texas as Domicile state. Health insurance we will check with the Marketplace, if this is not possible we will use a global health insurance we already have an offer. Auto insurance might get a little tricky as we are no beginners but without history in the US the insurance company might think a little bit different about this. So we need to find an agency whereas maybe with a translated copy of a German Federal Motor Transport Authority and from our insurance company which shows that we had no accidents and no penalties we might get a discount. To get this solved within an afternoon sounds great.
  3. Yes we plan to move permanently and we already applied for a greencard and it is approved. The process is that when it is approved by NVC and consulate you have to activate it and you do this with your next visit after approval. So nothing to worry about. We know that it is not that easy to immigrate to the US. So we have the appropriate documents to live there permanently.
  4. Our current home is Germany. Visa is already approved and greencards gets activated when entering the US. But normally it takes some month to get the card in hand. SSN should be there in around two to three weeks, but who knows if everything is back on track in October.
  5. Thanks Kirk for all the information, I will check all the links and read the information. That will help.
  6. Thanks for all the information, vrey much appriciated. I will check the mobile phone rates. I was not aware of that company, so thanks for that. Truck and Trailer - yes as with all this pandemic it market is really empty, so we will buy what is available maybe a used one.
  7. Hello everbody. My name is Kati. My husband and I will move to the US in October. Where we will settle we are not sure at the moment it depends on where to find a business. So the plan is to buy a pickup truck and a travel trailer, using Escapees RV Club as address of residency and their mail service until we settle down. So all we have when we arrive is our Visa in our foreign passport. I need your help what will be the first steps we need to keep in mind: 1. Membership Escapees and Mailservice 2. Bank account (what do we need to get a bank account? SSN and Greencard process start when we are entering the US, so we do only have our Visa in the passport) 3. Mobile phone contracts 3. Buy a Pickup truck (how fast do we get this on the road?) 4. Buy a travel trailer (how fast do we get this on the road?) There are for sure several steps in between, please feel free to add. Best regards Kati
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