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  1. Dave; I have been on this forum since 2003. I have been to one of the 1st west coast get togethers, met many folks. I have been involved with many a topic, even had differences of opinions with many. Especially when it comes to the V vs F brand! That being said, you were the first to visit with me "at my house" no questions asked, our bond was our love of HDT's (and motorcycles)! So in my book (unless you have changed) you are a stand up guy and are welcome anytime! Back to the topic at hand... Was the restriction valid? Personally I do not know "all of Sibernuts posts", but the related post should not have had the recourse they applied. To the folks who want to make this forum into something other than "about the HDT's" or lifestyle, please find another venue. Myself along with others come here "for the HDT's"! Just something to think about when it comes to our "differences" .....Unless you have walked in "their shoes" you will (never) understand their view! Thank you Curt
  2. I am curious, "these days" why would you still use a dedicated gps and not your phone or tablet? Curt
  3. Jeff is right about the trailer. When we had the Airstream our mpg was 1+ better than our current Sprinter with a flatter nose cap, consistently. The Sprinter is heavier but I think its the aerodynamics are which plays the most. Since I'm talking travel trailers the distance from BOC remains the same. Curt
  4. Heavymetal; That is a great idea! Quick and easy bed that can be used for more than a place for a "Smart Car". Haul dirt or peat for the yard, no problem! Put a tarp in it, fill it with a portable pool! Drop the sides now you have a flat bed! And I bet it was no where near $10k! Easy to modify for those 5th wheel needs too! Great idea! Curt
  5. No! You cannot tow doubles unless commercial in Washington state. Period! Curt
  6. Jack; I for one Thank You for all the work you do here and for the HDT family. But I think alot of people that try these really don't know what their in for. The care and feeding of these "can" be quite harsh, and it can happen to any of us. New or used truck! I know alot that read and get info from here and there and just "jump into" the deal, really don't understand but they proceed. Only to say it didn't work out and sell the truck in 2 to 4 years or sooner with much money spent. Typically that deal only truly satisfies the next owner of the truck. Good luck Vegas Teacher! Curt
  7. Heavymetal; Thanks for the update! I have been thinking of putting them on. It will never be a Volvo, but a better ride it can be! 🐉 Curt
  8. Cool! Maybe our paths will cross someday! If you're plated there are lots of places to ride on this side.
  9. Eastern Washington? You guys on the west side like us?
  10. Wow, That's an old "autopilot"......
  11. Best diesel fired heater made! IMO.... Curt
  12. Runaway Parents, There is Thousand Trails in Bow or LaConner. They both handle our rig with ease and they both have plenty to offer as far as activities. Truely 2 of our favorites! Curt
  13. Glen, Good looking setup! Bet your under $60k for the whole thing, am I wrong? Curt
  14. Roger, Best to get out of Washington state. Lots of ice here with cold weather predicted until next week. Here HDT or 10k+lb rig caught in pass areas without chains = $10k fine! Curt
  15. Phil, I hope retirement comes soon for you, as this is not the 1st or 5th time that someone on here has brought you to your "angry" place. Man, life is too short! And we are not debating the "design" of the Space Shuttle on here! I truly hope you "get" to relax in retirement and not have the coronary some have in your profession weeks before or after retiring. Life is to short, relax! Heck I even invite you to Washington state! We have this "legal" relaxing agricultural product that works "wonders" for stressed out folks like yourself. Peace out! Curt