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  1. Wow, That's an old "autopilot"......
  2. Best diesel fired heater made! IMO.... Curt
  3. Runaway Parents, There is Thousand Trails in Bow or LaConner. They both handle our rig with ease and they both have plenty to offer as far as activities. Truely 2 of our favorites! Curt
  4. Glen, Good looking setup! Bet your under $60k for the whole thing, am I wrong? Curt
  5. Roger, Best to get out of Washington state. Lots of ice here with cold weather predicted until next week. Here HDT or 10k+lb rig caught in pass areas without chains = $10k fine! Curt
  6. Phil, I hope retirement comes soon for you, as this is not the 1st or 5th time that someone on here has brought you to your "angry" place. Man, life is too short! And we are not debating the "design" of the Space Shuttle on here! I truly hope you "get" to relax in retirement and not have the coronary some have in your profession weeks before or after retiring. Life is to short, relax! Heck I even invite you to Washington state! We have this "legal" relaxing agricultural product that works "wonders" for stressed out folks like yourself. Peace out! Curt
  7. Stubblejumper, Alot of nice campgrounds in northern Washington state! If you plan to single it up in our part of the world, I would highly suggest a locker. Curt
  8. Jeff, You either tow it or carry it. We all know the trade offs. Less living area (tow), longer truck (carry). Curt
  9. Good looking rig! Curt
  10. To all responsible RVers Happy Thanksgiving and safe travels! 🦃 Curt & Debbi
  11. Av8r3400, I don't know where you are, but here in Washington state 75ft is the maximum truck and trailer length. Curt
  12. You guys crack me up! I have tried to "no" end to get you "involved" with AccessFreightliner so you would know everything you need to know about "your" truck and how to use the features. But now you ask ( no pun intended, Scrap) a Volvo or a Paccar guy for answers? Wow! I give up....😕? I guess I'm the type to use mapping, then to stop at each gas station to ask direction? Just sayin.... Curt
  13. Yep, I would have drove right over them. Period. Curt
  14. This truly looks like "A get what, you pay for" situation! Aftermarkets are great, but it is up to the consumer to sort out standards and quality. I hope you get satisfaction. Curt
  15. I don't know Volvo, but most boxes get rebuilt not resealed. The tolerances get so bad it causes the seals to leak. How many miles on the chassis? Curt