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  1. buying an HDT for family trailer ways 30K loaded we go every weekend for rodeo more info is good, enjoy the referals and advice
  2. larsengroup@sbcglobal.net can you email me some pictures please

  3. since ive owned it replaced all engine hoses and belts filters, oil changed,,tranny flushed radiator cleaned two garage's glens truck and Jeff's twin oaks, anal retentive when I here a squeak I have it checked, I knew nothing about these until I bought one. And generally there usually pretty user friendly if you take care of it. so I do. there great dependable trucks, just heard the starter whine or so I thought shop couldn't confirm but had new one installed, I don't like problems so I do a lot of unneeded preventive maintance. cover the tires when vehicle's parked to prevent unneeded sun wear( don't know if this helps, but 22" tires not cheap even know I have two spares). i'll post some pics when I figure out how to post those.
  4. 1998 FL70 moving to HDT. moving to bigger rig and much bigger trailer 250K miles, 8.3 cummins allison tranny. goose neck and 5th whell plate in rear all air ride great truck just wont meet my demand for hauling given uupsizing in trailer 23 b/o located in ca. filles to big to upload email me and i email them until i figure out how to shrink
  5. kimlarsen

    singling a truck

    Wow thank you all for the responses very helpful.
  6. kimlarsen

    singling a truck

    bit of bad-news rv burned up think ins is buying new one or covering some of the cost of replacement. very interesting to show up and see fire department. the trailer i had was heavy 23k plus loaded pulling donner summit or bishop pass proved extremely difficult. so new trailer looking at will be bigger and heavier, FYI i lost and argument to replace the existing with same. so i think were going to upgrade to an HDT. My wife and kids Rodeo so there gone a quite a bit and its not like you can pull over going up bishop pass. HDT is only way. Found a sterling day cab little bit unproductive for us at this moment.Seats two. I read an article by Jack Mayer and referenced singling a truck and the cost associated with it. I'm in California at the moment and looking for a reference to single a truck. it seems to me much more feasible to single a tandem and go that route. if anyone has a reference or direction to go please let me know.
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