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  1. Ya that is the big unknown for me, I know at the hospital im located now, we have to park at a lot not at the hospital and take golf cart transport to the hospital, but its a huge lot and we have had a few travel nurses boondock in the back corner of that aux lot. We had a nurse who lived in a Tesla Model X, slept in the back of the car with the rear seats removed and mattress installed, would sleep at hospital parking lot for his 2-3 days in a row, then leave on his days off and camp out somewhere else like a state park or what not to reduce his lodging expense. We also had someone in a Mercedez sprinter van try to spend the entire 13 weeks in the back corner of the aux lot, but she was eventually kicked out, because she was hanging out cooking and such in the parking lot and drinking beer on her days off instead of leaving the hospital. We even had a nurse with one of those big dually Mega Cab dodges camp out in the parking lot. She has an RV and parks it further from the hospital to save on rates, then she would schedule her days 2-3 in a row, shower in the OR changing room and sleep in the back seat of the truck for her 2-3 days, then go to her RV on her days off, told me often she would find RV parks 30-45mins away would be half the rates of parks near the hospital. An example she said the RV park down the street from my hospital is $1050/month right now, she parked at a resort 45 mins away for $440/month .
  2. could you share more about it?
  3. Wow, did you have to extend the frame to do that? I was looking at the opposite lol, really liked the guy who put the pickup bed on his HDT, really came out clean, he singled his after finding out the correct location for the bed wheel wells.
  4. I was curious if there were any frequent bobtailers on here, looking into class 8s as a possible tow vehicle for RV and after talking to another travel nurse who used an HDT for towing, he kinda has me hooked on the idea, but I'm trying to figure out what I would do as a get around vehicle. The guy i meet in person he had a wife that drove separately in a car, so he had a normal car to get around with to go to work and back. I am all alone, so it would just be me on the road and towing, so was curious how logical it would be to drive the Class 8 to and from work 3 times a week from the RV site. I thought about tossing my motorcycle on the back, but would like a way to travel on the days the weather is just terrible and not really logical to ride a motorcycle to work. I am curious what type of MPG did you get roughly if you knew? How hard was it dealing with normal stop and go traffic? Was it hard to park the truck in a normal parking lot?
  5. Hello all, Doing some research on Class 8s, was curious which engine is the preferred motor to have here and why. Not owning a semi before and owning a handful of dodge and ford diesel trucks in my life, I am naturally allured towards the Cummins trucks, just curious what else out there is considered a good reliable engine, I'm mostly looking at moderate mile used trucks, as I don't want to spend a lot of money on a newer truck at the moment. I did talk to a guy named Rawles on the facebook group and he swears by the Cummins, but when I checked out his youtube channel he only works on and owns Cummins, so guessing a bit of a fanboy.
  6. I should look into the Colorado rules, i have a rental house in Colorado i rent out...
  7. This is an option, but i was thinking today, i am curious what the state constitutes as a bumper? because i found a goose neck hitch for pickup trucks that attaches UNDER the truck to the trucks frame rails that places the ball directly behind the truck's bumper, the ball height is adjustable, so you can remove it during times of no use to allow full access to the truck bed and tailgate.. This would be a gooseneck setup that is NOT resting ON the truck, it would be resting OFF the truck just like a bumper/class 1,2,3 hitch would.... My logic based off this setup would allow me to clear a hole in the frame rails of the semi, instead of mounting the RV towing device on top of the frame making the load ON the truck, i could take some thick metal and have it bolted to the frame from under the frame rails at the end of the truck frame for clearance, then place the gooseneck ball in the middle of bolted metal to the bottom of the truck, maybe extending a few inches of the setup hanging off the rear of the truck frame, so the gooseneck would be placing the load of the RV ON the gooseneck hitch, which is transferring the load under the truck, resulting in the load being supported OFF the frame rails UNDER the truck...
  8. Well i am not sure where i will be going honestly, im getting into this as im planning to become a Travel Nurse once i meet the experince that all the agencies i have talked to thus far wanted me to have under my belt, so i bought the truck first so i could convert it and get the headache of registering and running an HDT out of the way, because i read a few people it took months to finalize it all out.. and this would give me to time to mod the truck to my likings, as i plan to attempt an gear ratio change myself, ive done it lots of times on normal axles, figured it would be similar, just bigger parts.. as well i wanted to convert it to run on veggie oil, based on the located on the back of the truck in front of the RV, i would easily put a flat tank that would hold a couple hundred gallons of veggie oil at once, i may even install a 2 tank system as we have simplified our filtering and cleaning of veggie oil on my dads truck so he can add oil on the road since he is a construction worker who works all over the country.. he has the large 125 gallon tank flat against the front of his truck bed, then under the truck in the frame rail we have a smaller tank that holds like 40 gallons that has a fill hose quick connection mounted on the rear bumper, the engine coolant from the motor is extended so it flows through both veggie oil tanks to heat the oil so its easier to filter, then a centrifuge filter is pressurized by a pump to separate the oil from the garbage in the oil as the truck is on... once the oil is clean enough to place in the clean veggie tank, he has an small 12v pump he keeps in his toolbox that he just pumps from one container to the other with, but he doesnt use this setup very often, as he typically is able to drive to the site and back home on a full tank of veggie oil in the past and when he got home and just tops it off with clean oil from home.. I am thinking the veggie oil setup would work out beautiful, because after talking with many travel nurses, they typically work out of florida during the hotter months, then in the winter months they take a contract down in florida or texas or cali..... so i figured i would fill the big oil tank, if i ran 200gallons i could have a 2000 mile range roughly to travel with the semi before it needed a fill up, by that time i would imagine i would be back in florida to swing by my parents and get a fill up on the oil....
  9. I will call the person that i did the registration with again and talk to her about it again, if worse comes to worse, i will add an air ride goose neck setup to the truck and convert the rv trailer or buy one that has gooseneck connection, we ran air ride goosenecks on our horse trailers for many years and didn't have issue with them, so i imagine the weight of an rv being similar weight wouldn't be a big deal...
  10. I am not sure what happen to you, but i was able to register mine as a "Motorhome", i called it an RV, my bad.. but they required that i remove the COMMERCIAL 5th wheel off the truck, so we did this for the inspection.. i told them i was wanting to tow an RV with it later on and they said i could as long as i dont put a Commercial 5th wheel back on, which they told me meant the 5th wheel has to have a tow rating of no more than 24,995lbs.... and it would have to be an actual RV, not someone elses RV that im delivering... I have this all written out on the paperwork in the truck for records...
  11. heading through my area or the ECR event area?
  12. I will, i have had a lot of experience in the SVO world, been doing it for many years and have converted multiple cars and trucks, my first SVO conversion was a 1972 Mercedes 240D with 719k miles on the clock that i bought and converted and drove for a year before selling it off for something different, once you get the system up and running, the fact your running on SVO becomes a mute point in my opinion... My father has family in Anchorage, Alaska and we were invited to a wedding, instead of flying out there for thousands of dollars, we took his 1995 Dodge and drove from Florida all the way to alaska and back, we towed a trailer that we had filled with 55gallon drums of clean/filtered used veggie oil and made the entire trip using maybe 1 gallon of diesel total...
  13. I am not familiar with the info on the ECR, i have been working my butt off lately trying to get stuff situated for the arrival of the Semi, my uncle is a truck driver, so he helped me a lot by going to check out the truck before i bidded on it. Could you pass the info over on the event....
  14. Im in holiday, fl.. but the truck is being stored right now up at my parents property in zephyrhills, fl
  15. I had a lot of trouble at first finding someone who knew what i was talking about, but after explaining it a dozen times and my local dmv making a call, they allowed me to.. i just was required to remove the commercial hitch, any non-commercial hitch i am allowed to add on later for towing the RV was the word i got told...
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