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  1. Can you post a picture of the track and current curtains?
  2. I agree, and greatly appreciate hearing from everyone here.
  3. Glad you shared that site, good to get the info out there. We have used it several times to locate service in our travels and have posted our experiences.
  4. I thought this was interesting that Tiffin Factory: “Indeed, in an effort to focus on warranty service for coaches recently purchased, we have instated a program that enables coaches up to four years old, or in need of items covered under our 1/5/10-year limited warranty program, the ability to utilize our factory warranty center." .... “With a lack of trained and reliable technicians at RV dealerships, this can have a real impact on owners of coaches over four years old.” The Complete article here: I had just seen an interview with Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) talking about his Works Foundation and after reading the TIffin article my first thought was job opportunities for trained RV technicians. As long as we drive cars, trucks, RV's etc there will always be a need for good technicians and a side incentive for this line of work most training is a lot less then 4 years of costly college.
  5. Follow Up: I reloaded and updated the drivers for my printer and was able to scan a doc directly from by printer to my computer. Success. Today I needed to scan a 26 page document into one file and and tried it through my printer and it worked very well. Thank you again for all your suggestions much appreciated. Safe Travels.
  6. Here is a site to get quotes on self storage insurance: Many of the larger chains offer separate storage insurance when you rent a storage unit. If you will still own a home it may be covered under your homeowners insurance. You may want to pencil out the monthly cost of a storage unit and the cost of insurance from the quote above. This article may be of interest regarding renting storage units:
  7. I belong to several Yahoo groups and in the past have been able to change the email address that I receive the group messages at. I tried to add a new address to one of my groups and the option to Add New Email wasn't there. I checked several of my groups and found the option missing there also. I then Googled "How to Change my email address in a group" and found these directions in several locations. You can do it in the "Edit Membership" section. On the group's main page, click Membership. | Edit Membership. Next to "Identity," click the Edit Settings icon . Select your desired email address. Tip: If the address that you want to use isn't listed, click Add New Email. Click Save. Change your personal email address in a group | Yahoo Help ...https://help. Does anyone know why the "Add New Email" option is no longer available? Thank you.
  8. Thank you for the fixes, much appreciated.
  9. I have an HP laptop with Windows 10 OS and an HP Office-jet 5746. When I use the touch menu on the printer to scan after I have loaded the documents in the feeder it says preparing to scan then say the connection to the computer has been lost. Tried a couple of times with the same result? Though it is a wireless printer my computer is connected via USB cable and prints fine. DH is in another room and prints wireless. So not sure why it is not working. Will check further as scanning a multi page document directly to a single document on my computer from my printer would be very convenient. Thank you for the suggestion.
  10. I went with Ice Cream PDF Split and Merge Since I don't use it that often the free edition 3 page limit for merging is OK. I used Ifranview to bulk scan the multi page document then I use Cream PDF to put them all in one document. Went very smoothly.
  11. Great suggestions, thank you all so much. Will give them a try.
  12. I have been using Ifranview since I first heard about it at an Escapade seminar many years ago. I don't use it that often but when I need to scan a document to PDF it has worked great. I currently need to scan several pages to create one PDF document and may need to add additional pages. Currently Ifranview only scans a page at at a time per document so when I need to upload a multipage document each page of the single document is a separate page or attachment etc. Since I don't do this very often I didn't really want to buy software as it would probably be out of date by the next time I need to use it. I hope this makes sense? My experience with PDF documents is very slim. Any suggestions for software to create multi-page PDF documents? Thank you
  13. Each state sets it own standards for medical practitioners so as full time travelers we have to do our research as a dentist, dental hygienist, doctor or physician assistant in one state may have different qualifications/standards then those in another state. Looking further into this I always thought the term Doctor and Physician were interchangeable but I appear to have been wrong: "Lastly, doctors and physicians can differ in their methods of curing patients. Physicians use drugs and medicines to make their patients feel well. Doctors, on the other hand, can perform surgery and more comprehensive medical procedures. With this, anyone can derive the difference that the term “doctor” can be taken by those who have completed doctoral programs in medical schools regardless of their specializations. “Physician,” on the other hand, applies only to those who completed their doctorate in the practice of medicine." Read more: Difference Between Physician and Doctor | Difference Between I thought this might be of interest regarding the staffing of vision centers in Walmart's: I looked up Costco's description of their vision department: Both treat the eyes here is the difference between an optometrist and an ophthalmologist: No disrespect to any profession this is just my personal experience. I have found people working in a field for a long time can learn and perform as well as one who has the actual sheepskin. Sometimes very qualified people can not afford the advanced degrees so start at the entry level to follow their passion. Depending on their profession they can test up and or get credit for their time and experience on the job. Bottom line: "caveat emptor"
  14. We have not had a problem finding a dentist. In the beginning of our full time venture we visited friends and family in various parts of the country and asked for a referral. We now return to the same place every winter and found a dentist that came to the RV park once a month to give free exams and xrays. We didn't participate in the free exams but did go to his office and have gone to him for the past 10 years. He just retired so we will be looking for a new one but have several friends in the area that have given us referrals for our next visit. One option: You might want to post what towns you plan to be visiting down the road and ask for referral here. Another option is to Google or Yelp "dentist" in the area you will be in then use this site to verify the status of their license and whether or not their are any board actions against their license. FYI: there may be many employees in a dental office working under the dentist license and their actions many be cause for the report.
  15. I recently received this email from Sonora Labs that you can order some of your own labs with out a Dr's prescription: