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  1. Thanks for the washing machine tip, I looked up RV anti freeze and found this product on Walmarts website, seems pretty cost effective.
  2. I hadn't thought about the can goods, will add that to my list. Thank you for the info.
  3. We have never had to "winterize" an RV in our 30+ years of RVing as the weather was moderate where we lived and when we retired full-timed following the sun. This winter we will be leaving it in the mountains. The historical temperatures for the area have average lows in the 20's from late November thru March. It is in an RV park that does have several year round residents and a neighbor offered to keep an eye on it but we want to prepare it so he won't have anything to do. I have reviewed the owners manual and also found this YouTube How To Winterize and RV or Camper with Antifreeze. Will disconnecting the batteries be sufficient? We have a disconnect switch that we have used in the past when we have left the rig unattended for a week or so but this will be for a couple of months. Slides in our out? How to keep mice, squirrels and the like from getting in? ie moth balls in storage compartments? We will have access to power and wondering whether or not to leave a ceramic heater (ie a Vornado brand with Auto shut off and tip over shut off features) on low inside? Cupboard doors opened or closed? How do you winterize a washing machine, residential frig ice maker or dishwasher? Any suggestions, tips or tricks appreciated. Thanks.
  4. We have used Twin Peaks an Independent Agency in Ft Lauderdale, Florida for several years for our MDT and Fiver. Twin Peaks RV Insurance
  5. Each person is different and what works for one may not work for another. It takes patience and trial and error to find the right mix. We have been taking Doctor's Best Curcumin Phytosome Featuring Meriva Vegetarian Capsules.We were told the "Meriva" helps is the absorption of the Curcumin. We have tried glucosamine chondroitin & MSM without success but have friends that it has worked for. Our dog has arthritis and 2 years ago the Vet recommended a combination of glucosamine hydrochloride, low molecular weight chondroitin sulfate and avocado/soybean unsaponifiables (asu) and methylsulfonylmethane (msm) (Dasuquin) and she showed improvement in a couple of months and continues to do well. Here is an article on some other foods that may assist with easing the symptoms of arthritis: This article has a holistic approach to treating arthritis: I had to quit drinking coffee last year and replaced it with Licorice Spice tea (also thought to have anti-inflammatory properties) and Ginger Tumeric (purported to have anti inflammatory properties) tea's. It wasn't easy quitting a 40+ year habit but a side benefit for me was 2 months after starting licorice tea I lost 4lbs with no other changes in my diet. Lastly I use blue emu cream and feel it reduces my arthritic knee pain. Good luck with your search.
  6. We had a Whirlpool Compact Washer and a GE Compact Dryer installed in our fiver in 2004 and both are still going strong. Love them. You can fit more than you think but as a front load washer you just have to make sure the load is balanced with like sized clothing. One thing to consider when installing a washer and dryer is to measure the RV entry door width and if the units are in the bedroom and you have a hallway to get to it measure that too. To prevent mildew odors in the rig from water left in the washing machine after a wash I use The Home Store Moisture Eliminators, 9.8 oz. They also work great in dishwasher drawers.
  7. Here is a website listing state by state Probate laws:
  8. Can you post a picture of the track and current curtains?
  9. I agree, and greatly appreciate hearing from everyone here.
  10. Glad you shared that site, good to get the info out there. We have used it several times to locate service in our travels and have posted our experiences.
  11. I thought this was interesting that Tiffin Factory: “Indeed, in an effort to focus on warranty service for coaches recently purchased, we have instated a program that enables coaches up to four years old, or in need of items covered under our 1/5/10-year limited warranty program, the ability to utilize our factory warranty center." .... “With a lack of trained and reliable technicians at RV dealerships, this can have a real impact on owners of coaches over four years old.” The Complete article here: I had just seen an interview with Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) talking about his Works Foundation and after reading the TIffin article my first thought was job opportunities for trained RV technicians. As long as we drive cars, trucks, RV's etc there will always be a need for good technicians and a side incentive for this line of work most training is a lot less then 4 years of costly college.
  12. Follow Up: I reloaded and updated the drivers for my printer and was able to scan a doc directly from by printer to my computer. Success. Today I needed to scan a 26 page document into one file and and tried it through my printer and it worked very well. Thank you again for all your suggestions much appreciated. Safe Travels.
  13. Here is a site to get quotes on self storage insurance: Many of the larger chains offer separate storage insurance when you rent a storage unit. If you will still own a home it may be covered under your homeowners insurance. You may want to pencil out the monthly cost of a storage unit and the cost of insurance from the quote above. This article may be of interest regarding renting storage units:
  14. I belong to several Yahoo groups and in the past have been able to change the email address that I receive the group messages at. I tried to add a new address to one of my groups and the option to Add New Email wasn't there. I checked several of my groups and found the option missing there also. I then Googled "How to Change my email address in a group" and found these directions in several locations. You can do it in the "Edit Membership" section. On the group's main page, click Membership. | Edit Membership. Next to "Identity," click the Edit Settings icon . Select your desired email address. Tip: If the address that you want to use isn't listed, click Add New Email. Click Save. Change your personal email address in a group | Yahoo Help ...https://help. Does anyone know why the "Add New Email" option is no longer available? Thank you.
  15. Thank you for the fixes, much appreciated.