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  1. Someone have problems with ants?? I have a solution which worked for me, found it on UTube. Get a smallish bottle of Boric acid, something like salt or sugar consistency wise and mix it with Maple syrup. Pretty high dose/mix. turns the MS almost grey. Put blobs of it around the counter or wherever they hang out. In the UTube video it killed them on the spot, in my case they ate it, ran over it, partied on it but the next day there were fewer and 2 days later they were gone, completely. This was over a month ago and none since. These were the little tiny ones, sugar ants I'm told. Like I said it worked in my case.
  2. Someone must know a lawyer, get his or her opinion.
  3. I had a typo on my other post, the fridge is 36" wide not 26. Anyway seeing more posts presents the need to input some more. Minimum 4 golf cart batteries, all purchased at the same time. Go with a Magnum 2812 Inverter Charger or its equivalent. It will convert battery power to 12v and also allow you to use the micro to nuke food when on the road. It also has a hefty charger to boot the batteries when plugged into shore power or the generator. The control panel which could be wired on the inside bedroom wall or close to your electrical panel, gives you the option to turn the charger on or off or regulate the incoming charge amount so you can run other things without blowing breakers. Powersharing. Something else I did to keep the batteries up when driving was to put a charging circuit in between the truck batteries and the trailer batteries. Using hefty cable and forklift plugs at the back of the truck, then up the pinbox area into the trailer to the batteries. This will keep the batteries up during the day while on the road so as to not need to turn off or down the incoming charge from the inverter. All this is doable, I've done it. I also have a small 1.4 cubic ft freezer to carry a bunch of frozen meals when I go on my migration south. I've caught onto posting pictures so Monday when I get the truck back, I'll take some pics to give you an idea of how this looks. You may also consider an automatic battery fill system.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6wh4MVopY3c Trojan as well as others make them. If your batteries are at the back of a compartment, it saves you putting your face over the batteries to try so see the water level. Bad news in my book. Battery acid in the face, not a pleasant thought. Less than $100 and easy to install. Hook up the turkey basting bulb to the battery hose side, drop the tube in water and squeeze 'till it won't. Your batteries are now full. The Fisher Paykel unit my mom had was the shallowest I've seen. But even that was better than an rv fridge which took eons to cool down and quick to warm up when shut off.
  4. I've asked about this before even about plumbing a change but was told no. It can be a real PITA sometimes. There should be a way.
  5. An ex Bigfoot person currently out of Lakeland Florida was at the Tampa RV show 3 yrs ago. He works a lot on race cars but still does the installs but charges more. For my Travel Supreme, he recommended a 21k leg at the rear where Bigfoot only went with a 17k leg. He also claimed to not require me losing 1 of 2 propane cylinders at the front left side of my rig. I don't have specific contact info but he pushed the right buttons with me. You'd have to hunt him out. Roger
  6. It pleases me no end that a Pre Trip has been included.....long overdue. Had I gone to the Rally, and known of the time becoming available, I would have offered to do the BC version of the Pre Trip.
  7. Went thru that too but if you have the same engine as I did, you cant' pull more out of it unless you change the pistons. This as per Stan a dozen years ago. Current ones will be aluminum, you need forged. He also mentioned floating the valves. He did say some had installed a Propane injection system. I also changed the shift points on the trans.
  8. Contact the same firm I told you about the generator some time back. Tony is the contact person. 2 hrs is less than 21 in my books.
  9. That location may explain why there were no obvious leaks, that is if it is down low and has nothing to drip on. What's the purpose of that plug location? Last time I checked there were so signs of emulsified oil. Oil was black.
  10. Can you narrow down what to look for and where to find it please. No loss of fluids when parked. Better still can you take a pic of it and describe what to look for. Thanks Roger
  11. This may need to get moved to a different location but while we are on the Coolant loss topic, I thought I'd chime in. My rig was losing coolant out of the bottom of the plastic reservoir on top of the radiator. The bottom fissing with the water level sensor was leaking and there was no way to repair it. Everything was plug and play, no hose clamps, just 'click' and its on. Anyway that was not the only problem, the interior has several compartments and one or more had deteriorated but it was not visible from outside. Reservoir was replaced but the 1 gallon loss for every 500 miles + - persisted for the rest of the trip home. Anyway the truck is in getting a new mirror arm at the moment and then we'll do a pressure test. Hopefully it will be a hose but under normal operation, nothing showed up during the day on a few engine inspections. Normally at my pit stops I just do a walk around. Anyway a mechanic I know said the issue could be internal, egr, egs, ags or something like that. Something on the same side as the exhaust manifold, passengers side of the motor. Evidently the coolant gets into this area but is burnt off or evaporated with the heat. This is a big fix, 3-5k I'm told. Any thoughts? I sure hope he doesn't have that problem. Roger
  12. Randy is upgrading.
  13. https://www.google.ca/#q=wine+country+rv+park+prosser&spf=1497337578060 For those heading out of the Seattle area or Pacific NW, you may like to stay at this place in Prosser. This after you've beaten the crap out of your rig on I 90. They have free wine tasting several nights a week, decent RV pads. Ask for pad 7. Long enough for big rigs and Luanne is quite excited about having us stay there. Just park past the door to register. Pad 7 is closest to the building. Continue down the park road, make a hard rt and then up to the end. Pad 7 is on your left. It can take my rig with a bit to spare. Just cut wide when going onto the pad so trailer tires don't go on the grass. Pool, Jacuzzi. I got her location loaded into the resource guide last year. About a 4 mile grade of 6% heading out of town south. It's a really nice place.
  14. Sure you can, plug a dogbone into the power pedestal, plug the power analyzer into the dogbone, put a plastic bag over the analyzer, plug your shore power thru the plastic and hang the works over top of the power pole.... or drape it over your wash bucket. I don't even bother with the bag, just face the device down over anything to get it off the ground..
  15. '09 Volvo 730 D 13 I shift. My cruise position indicator on the dash says 'A', 1,2,3,B. I believe Brake cruise only works on 'A'.