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  1. That is what I would have thought. But in my short chat with the only local service center, didn't sound like it. Evidently, the generator has to be removed from the motorhome, disassembled, sparkplug wire replaced (~24" long), then reassembled and remounted. The genny runs with the electrical tape bound around the boot, so I can do the monthly runs. That gives me a few months to pursue a "sparkplug wire replacement - only" option. I am going to try to talk to the Cummins/Onan support center for another opinion, and keep Mntom's supply web site for replacement in mind. Thanks for the comments. Appreciate it!
  2. That (1,000 hr) maintenance is not a bad thought... Think I'll check that out. Yes, I mean't 799.2 hour, not miles :-). Pulled that out of my maintenance log wrong. May I ask... approx. what did you pay for the 1,000 hr Maintenance? I am still stunned at the verbal chat $1,000 cost for just replacing a spark plug wire, and the opportunities for comparison 'shopping' are limited.
  3. Thanks for the comment, Mntom. Had a brief discussion with the local (30 miles away) Onan service center, and they basically said, "to replace the spark plug wire requires removing the Generator from the Motorhome, and attaching to coil (?) about 24 inches from sparkplug. Cost, about $1,000... mostly labor." The service center is generally well respected. The sparkplug wire and boot is one piece about 24 inches long. I wonder about the possibility of splicing a new boot on to the existing wire?
  4. Recently completed a lengthy trip where my Generator Spark Plug wire split (cap). During the trip, I was able to use electrical tape to close the split in the cap... but obviously, this is not a permanent solution. On a close look... this spark plug wire looks to be quite long. Before we travel again in the Fall, I would like to replace this wire. The generator currently will run, so I can perform monthly runs. The generator has 799.2 miles hours on it, and is evidently a 2007 model Anyone encounter this before? Any advice is greatly appreciated. .
  5. Thanks, Derek. Can only hope Google is 'taking the necessary actions'.
  6. Yup. Lived in the Shreveport-Bossier area for 5 years... did four years in the State's National Guard... graduated from LSU in Shreveport. This does not surprise me in the least. Wonderful people, but there are some weird things that go on down there. And you can put a saddle on the bugs. Before you boil them and eat them.
  7. Here's closure on this question. We traveled I-84 from US-89 (Ogden) to I-80. We found less truck traffic congestion, a more steady gentle grade (avoided parley's Summit), and a more scenic drive to boot. We're changing our route to I-84 when traveling E-W thru Salt Lake City from here on.
  8. Good points, Al. I am aware that Guy is making a lot of changes to Days End, but my own use the last 8 months has been pretty much a downloaded PDF. I did not even know a change log existed. Guy does good work, and I have his Days End Directory / Escapees featured on my web site's home page. When we get 'stopped' again, I may have to do some catching up on improvements.
  9. bobsallyh, it was only at Home Depot in Yuma that I ran into occasional problems. And reflecting back, probably only at the patio checkout where we were buying yard stuff. They were polite, always called a supervisor, and explained it was against their policy except on days like Memorial Day and Veterans Day - and more often than not, they would make a 'one-time exception'. And this old Marine loves the Marine Corp Air Station...
  10. Here's an Update to this question. Drove by the corner lot this afternoon, and it is about 75% complete in becoming a Love's Truck stop. Buildings are up, and pavement is being worked on. Should be open within a couple months. This location might still again become a viable O/N spot, but only as a Love's parking lot site. There does appears to be plenty of parking space available yet. Deserves a checkback.
  11. As one (wife & I) who went directly from House, 2 jobs, 2 cars, etc... and NO RV experience... to Full time RV'ing, starting with the Escapees RV Bootcamp, I can strongly 2nd your recommendation! It made a huge difference. We are in our 5th year now of Full time RV'ing, and we love it.
  12. You could go north up to US-2, then east thru the Michigan UP, across the Mackinac Bridge, down US-31 & US-131 to I-80 at the Indiana border to avoid the Chicago traffic. Note, the Mackinac Bridge is a 60 year-old bridge, 5 miles long, rather narrow. I believe the Bridge Authority will drive you rig across if asked. That would be a pleasant drive, and avoid the NW Chicago congestion & toll roads.
  13. Good catch on this - Thanks. Did a lot of buying down in Yuma, AZ the last few months, and had the basic choice of buying at Lowe's or Home Depot. The Lowe's there gave the discount without hesitation, Home Depot always as an 'exception to policy if asked'. The dollars were significant, so I asked - and a few times, denied. Lets hope Home Depot follows suit.
  14. Did a Reval on May 7, 2015. The lot has been in the Days End Directory for 2 years (at least) prior to that.