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  1. Chad, Thanks for posting this. I tried to get David Dixon to do this years ago. I'm sure this doesn't have all the functionality I'd hoped for but it will do!
  2. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ultra-low-sulfur_diesel diesel used to be pumped from the boat to the tank through a filter and sent to distribution... Now ULSD requires removal of sulfur and Diesel will never be cheap again.
  3. Just a note on the use of the HDT as a daily driver - a number of folks on here have done it. I think it has only stopped us from going through one area we wanted to visit. If it was a stronger desire we would have rented a car and gone where we couldn't take the truck. In the lower 48, you will have to work on planning your stops and such but you can successfully visit every state and see much of the state. Our truck is 28 feet. A shorter truck would have be easier to get around but I love my big drom box. I carry 6 or 7 bikes, scooter, skates, pogo sticks and other toys, as well as potted plants. We use our truck as a camper - it's tight and as the kids get bigger it gets tighter. But in places like CA it is useful to be able to camp in say Kings Canyon NP and not have to commute in and out from a commercial campground that can accommodate a larger 5th wheel. Everyone's situation is unique and what works for me may not for you, but an HDT has been a HUGE improvement in quality of life over a pickup for us.
  4. There have been a number of clever solutions for larger families on here - firefighter from FLA had a cool custom seating arrangement. Several others have novel solutions - my solution is a custom seat like the old conversion vans. Take a look at this video shot at the ECR a year or so ago....
  5. Try this one: http://www.findfuelstops.com/?#foTop
  6. Glad you made it over to safety.... Hope they get you out and rolling quickly!
  7. We've stayed at Ft. Chiswell, also. It was a good enough stopover. You're not as long as we are so you should be fine. I've used them at least a couple of times.
  8. Thank you so much for sharing! This is so valuable for us all.
  9. https://www.fisherpaykel.com/us/kitchen/cooking-appliances/ranges/24-gas-range.OR24SDMBGX2.html We have had the fisher and paykel range for almost 5 years now. It is a great range and feeding 6 or more people is easy with it.
  10. This isn't quite what we have but it is close: https://www.amazon.com/Edelein-Adjustable-Proofing-Refrigerator-Appliances/dp/B00XAYU3V4/ref=sr_1_14_s_it?s=baby-products&ie=UTF8&qid=1516674599&sr=1-14&refinements=p_n_location_browse-bin%3A3998121011 Ours works well enough and is not very visible. I'll look around some more and see if I can find what we are using.
  11. Heidi is SUPER excited, about the chocolate music chip popcorn stuff... but she says Henry has to come too!
  12. just a couple of thoughts - 1. We did and do use our HDT (~28') as a daily driver and vacation camper. There have been few places we could not go in the lower 48 states. This year we took the HDT to a TN state park and spent the weekend. Microwave, fridge and generator make this a viable thing to do. It was easier when the kids were smaller but it still works just fine. 2. Moving up from a F-450 to the HDT was wonderful! My longest run with the family so far has been about 800 miles in a day. I don't think that will get repeated often, but it is very possible in a pinch. Such a trip could not have happened with a pick-up of any description. We use the marine toilet - although, as the kids have gotten bigger we have had to rig a curtain around the potty for use in transit. I really try to keep my stops down to fuel alone as time is a precious commodity at present. The curtain works and keeps me from having to stop, but some time in the future I'd like to have a COE with a real wet-bath and still be about the same length I currently am. 3. My fifth wheel house at 44.5' is much nicer than any motorhome I have seen for 6 people to full-time in. Powerhouse coach, show hauler or transport designs might be able to get you close but it would be a huge RV. That being said, we currently have neighbors full timing with 6 kids and a big german shepherd in a 31 foot travel trailer. There are a lot a ways to make it work -
  13. Jim, we took our truck down Howland Hill Rd in Crescent City. It is a beautiful drive - don't do it in your truck. Stout Grove Trail is one you will not regret though.
  14. Shannon, I also have a 2L truck. I upgraded to the ET Jr. when I upgraded to the SpaceCraft (which is running around 30,000 lbs at present. The ET Jr is a great hitch and the swap is pretty straight forward, especially if you get on the list for the ECR. A mag drill is a must....
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