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Old Goat's corner. "Experts"??????????????


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Two more individuals availed themselves of the opportunity to discuss their installations of their Jackalopee, which I "encourage" in the manual  with a statement, "Questions? Call So & so at 603-XXX-XXXX. Now those phone calls are never about a weather or these folks' plans for their lottery winnings, it's more in the category of calls cops get, "there's a body in the street and you need to put a chalk line around it". The latest vic waiting for the chalk line looked like this.


It was installed not by a customer, but an "expert" hired by the customer. Year and half later the electric over hydraulic brakes quit working, can you figure out why?

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Installer positioned Jackalopee below the 7 wire run, so water followed the wires down to box.  Shame on them for not drilling drain holes.

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OK, the real story. I spent quite a bit of time with the customer. Obviously he had to purchase another Jackalopee board. The "expert?" felt bad so he offered to fix it, but he "funcked it up" again. The a-hole never read or looked again at the manuals, supplied again with the new PCB he went with his own "expertise". The customer hired another (real) expert and we fixed it.

The unit was installed upside down hence the trailer is on the left. Look up at the original picture, the third wire from the bottom, LEFT/STOP, it's yellow. Look on right, truck side, third wire from top, STOP, it's yellow too. Look on the left again, the empty tab on the board, it's for AUX/BACKUP, nothing on it. Look at the wire unused and tie wrapped to the bundle, it's red and unused, why?!


This is in the manual, he obviously didn't look there, but he also ignored what is clearly marked on the board telling you what color wire goes where and what is its purpose. Also in the manual you have this on page 3.


I bet you he didn't see this either. I have an inkling why the moron did what he did. His trailer wiring expertise apparently stopped at wiring U-Haul trailers to cars and pickups where left/stop wire in a flat four wire plug is indeed yellow so that's how you connect utility trailers to cars. 

The customer said that it kind of worked for year and half, he must have rewired the RV socket to work with yellow instead of red, clever boy. The other reason I got the call, the electric over hydraulic brakes quit also, more on that in the next post, it requires a bit more more explanation and a teachable moment.

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Expert?  An "Ex" is a has-been and a "spurt" is nothing more than a big drip.


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