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Replaced roof


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Guys I need some help.  I just had a roof replaced on my pull behind puma.  Got it back today and it has bubbles on the membrane.  Not horrible but long like crease bubbles mainly around the vents.  I do have the back edge doesn't even appear to be glued down and can grab it with my fingers and pull it up.  The shop is telling me its normal and every replaced roof has bubbles.  Is this true?  Has anybody else experienced this?  

Spend a lot of money and not sure what to do here as I have never had a roof replaced or soon one replaced.thanks



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11 hours ago, jsnfltn said:

The shop is telling me its normal and every replaced roof has bubbles.  Is this true? 

Mine did not.

I would be concerned that a small bubble while sitting in your driveway could become a large bubble at 60 mph.  I saw a new fifth wheel yesterday rolling down the road with the membrane ballooned out to 2' high.

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Some bubbles do happen due to the gases in the glue expanding during the curing process BUT if you can grab the membrane and pull it up at the cap, that isnt good.  The glue is a contact type, so when it makes contact 95+% of it should be adhered.

Glenns suggestion is correct, there are things that can be done, but you paid to have it done already, and if you arent satisfied, why isnt the shop striving to satisfy their customer?  Rather they are giving you excuses.  Contact adhesives attach 2 materials by contact, clearly you are not having that condition.


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I would take it back and have them fix what you are not happy with. My mother in law's roof on her class C has membrane. Somewhere along the line, probably before she bought it, it developed a leak. Plus the caulk along the front seam was old and had significant separation in the caulk. Maybe that was the source of her water damage. Anyway, on her way home the membrane separated and came loose in a heavy rain that lasted on and off for two days. The insurance company is saying they won't pay for it. 

Save the headache. Make sure it's right.


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Go look at an EPDM (Rubber roof ) on RVs at a dealership and take a pic. If yours doesn't look like theirs give  one chance to fix it. Check with your local state laws on bad work and warranty options there. If you touch it yourself then all bets are off in most states. Take pics of your roof as it is now and then you decide what course of action is appropriate.

Welcome to the forums and best of luck. Do come back and let us know what happened so others with the same issue can see how it was resolved or left as is and why.

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