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Electric code for RV parks and RVs

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I was just digging a bit and found a copy online of the updated code which should be in use since 2020.

Article 551 Recreational Vehicles and Recreational Vehicle Parks

Part I General

551.1 Scope

This article covers the electrical conductors and equipment other than low-voltage and automotive vehicle circuits or extensions thereof, installed within or on recreational vehicles, the conductors that connect recreational vehicles to a supply of electricity, and the installation of equipment and devices related to electrical installations within a recreational vehicle park.


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Just remember, once an installation is approved as meeting the current code, it is exempt from code changes until such time the system is modified enough to require new permits be pulled. Only then will upgrades be required to meet the new current code.

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9 hours ago, Darryl&Rita said:

Just remember, once an installation is approved as meeting the current code, it is exempt from code changes until such time the system is modified enough to require new permits be pulled.

Another thing is to keep in mind that there are rural areas that have no permit requirements in many states and so no inspections are done for new construction and repairs to existing equipment may have been done by unqualified amateurs. 

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  Good information, thanks for posting !!!!!!!!!! My thought are as follows:

   Having been a power distribution engineer and RVer of 50 years over much of the USA, IVE SEEN IT ALL OUT THERE. The thing is REGARDLESS of any NEC, which some states or some jurisdictions may or  may not have adopted..  NOTE no matter what the NFPA has published or perhaps the STATE may or may not say, many many counties especially rural have not adopted the requirements or enforce them or even have inspectors or exercise any authority grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr  ,,,,,,,,,REGARDLESS if codes have changed as older installations can still be GRANDFATHERED IN,,,,,,,,    Many Many especially OLDER RV parks and due to the ever increasing energy demands of newer bigger RV's HAVE INADEQUATE ELECTRICAL DISTRIBUTION. 

 On a hot day with 50 Amp RV's running AC's, if you're located far from the last distribution panel VOLTAGE MAY BE LOW which can cause overheating and damage to RV appliances grrrrrrrrrrr. One other thing Ive observed is inadequate electrical service to a park from the utility. Its more expensive to provide more transformers and services into a park. Also many older parks had adequate electrical service 20 YEARS AGO but now with 50 Amp RV's and lots f AC running THEY CAN NO LONGER KEEP UP and upgrades now are very expensive.......

 Ive seen parks that supply 208  Y 120 Volt Three Phase Four Wire which is fine if properly installed and balanced but, of course does NOT provide 240

 SOLUTIONS sorry but I don't expect things to improve drastically in the short run as its so expensive to upgrade PLUS as noted above theres a shortage of code enforcement and/or older grandfathered in parks which are reluctant to upgrade......

 One old retired engineer and long time RVers advice is to utilize surge protection and energy management systems, check BEFORE plugging in especially on hot days when parks are full...Remember there's no V = I x R Voltage Drop UNLESS THERES CURRENT DRAW    Early or before AC's are running a voltage check may be fine BUT LATER ???????? Thats when you need to check pedestal voltage.

 Best wishes and God Bless all here, thanks for an informative thread which may bore non sparkies lol THANKS to all here for the help you have given me !!!!

John T   BSEE,JD  Still dry camped near Lake Wales in sunny Florida, gotta love solar and lithium batteries

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1 hour ago, Ray,IN said:

I stopped reading last night, the NFPA free website reproduction was so small I got eye-strain. I'll have to wait on Dutch's cliff-notes.

Did you miss the little + and - magnifying glasses in the lower right corner? :)


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