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Oven cleaner

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If just dirty or starting to oxidize, Mothers wadding works, a small low speed buffer and rubbing compound is a alternative.

As I got my project truck, all the rims had been Inner positions so were beyond nasty, ended up using a DA Sander, started with 180 moved up thru grit to 3000 then swapped to a heavy buffer.  Some of the accretions deposited by road grime, brake dust, salts and road chemicals get so hard little will touch it beyond sanding it away.  I used Zephyr buffing system on a variable speed HD Buffer but is not for everyone.  Requires a Respirator and full body suit as painters wear as is beyond FILTHY.

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A trucker I met in Oregon at a truck wash (Kenworth long nose with every chrome and aluminum option in the catalog PLUS a polished alum covered-wagon trailer) said he uses a 50-50 mix of white vinegar and water. This is after they are polished for maintenance. Seems to work, taking off the oxidation. But it's for regular maintenance. If the wheels are not shiny anymore, it's buffer and big mess time.

I also use White Diamond liquid compound. You can find it in most auto parts stores. That really brings back the shine, cutting through the oxidation. Brings diamond plate back as well.

Wheels are work to keep looking nice. Choice: little bit of work done regularly or a LOT of work done every once and a while.

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