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Easy Winterizing

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I did a couple extra things for quick easy winterizing. Pictures attached. I added a 3/4 T to my hot water heater with a spigot for draining. I took the anode rod out and ran it straight through the T. Then I added to the low point drains with spigots so I wouldn't have to crawl underneath no more, or blow the lines out with compressor. I can now put antifreeze in drains, cut water off, open drains and leave. Even my Wife can do it now.



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Speed depends on the newness of the  anode, I would assume. I wouldn't make the change personally. 


White 2000/2010Volvo VNL 770 with 7' Drom box with opposing doors,  JOST slider hitch. 600 HP Cummins Signature 18 Speed three pedal auto shift.

1999 Isuzu VehiCross retired to a sticks and bricks garage. Brought out of storage the summer of 2022

2022 Jeep Wrangler Sport S Two door hard top.

2007 Honda GL 1800

2013 Space Craft Mfg S420 Custom built Toyhauler

The Gold Volvo is still running and being emptied in July. 

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  Of course having RVed for 50 years I support safe effective additions or improvements that make things go faster or easier yayyyyyyyyyyy THANKS FOR THE POST. Hey whatever works for YOU is great... When I winterized I sometimes just removed the anode rod so I could inspect it and replace if necessary PLUS it seemed to allow for a better more rapid drain and discharge of any crud or accumulation VERSUS if only a trickle drain/discharge occurred and some sediment and particles got left behind WELL DRATS LOL 

  I AGREE WITH LAPPIR  Its my opinion if the anode was fairly new and still full sized the drain/discharge may be a bit slower, while if its worn way down which I have seen it would drain faster maybe bring more crud out with it ??? Darn if I know lol

Thanks for the tip, glad it works for you it looks so easy peasey GOOD INFO 

 John T

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