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Comparing brands


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The possibility exists that we may be looking for a different MH soon. We're looking at Beaver, Blue Bird, Country Coach, Foretravel, Newell, and Vogue from the mid-90's to about 2005. I've been told by a 'Bird owner that all work takes at least three times as long on a 'Bird as on others because everything is so complicated. What about the others? I know that all Newells are custom builds, which means there might be a learning curve for anyone other than those already familiar with them. Beaver, CC, and Vogue are no longer, but it seems that all have owner groups and they use pretty much the same appliances, etc. as everyone else. The problem would be coach-specific parts. All are, apparently, considered at the upper end of the market in their day. Prevost, of course, is often ranked as the top, and the used coach market seems to agree, based on prices.

Our current coach is nearly 30 years old and has a Detroit Diesel 6V92TA in it. I'd like to stay away from the two-cycle engines if I could. We like the air bag leveling system on our Foretravel. I've heard that Beaver, CC, and Newell use it on at least some models. Don't know about Vogue. 'Birds use drop-down jacks and have been known to make big impressions at some places.

How would you rank these? We've full-timers.

David Lininger, kb0zke
1993 Foretravel U300 40' (sold)
2022 Grand Design Reflection 315RLTS

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I recently  bought a 2002 Beaver. I am finding it is very well built. Look up AZxpert youtube channel. He just bought a Beaver and done a very good video on it. He worked at the factory, then done rv repairs the rest of his life. Monaco bought them out in 2001  but Beaver was mostly unchanged until I think 2004.

2002 Beaver Marquis Emerald   C-12 Cat 505 HP

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You've recognized the reality that all coaches need maintenance for the chassis and repair for the coach. And, hopefully you also know that floor plan might be the most crucial aspect of your search given the fine coaches in your list.

I think we all believe that most "shortcomings", "errors in manufacturing or design" are overcome during the first few years of the original coach ownership <- as long as they performed those repairs and services.

The right one is waiting for you...

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 I avoided custom-made chassis that are no longer built, like the  old Safari torsion bar suspension chassis, for which the rubber torsion bars are no longer available. What NOS that was available, one man bought it all up years ago.

 I much prefer a bus chassis that was designed to last a million miles, and that uses readily available commercial bus parts.


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We loved our Newmar Diesel pusher - although ours is newer than what you are looking for we know many Newmar owners with older coaches, they are quality thru and thru. Newmar provides great service/support. We had Issues when out coach was out of warranty and Newmar stood behind their product.

2019 Newmar Ventana, pulling a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Sport

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