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How to deal with frozen gate valve on grey tank?

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My gate valve is frozen shut from the cold temps. I had put some valve grease in it last year hoping it would keep it operating in winter. Any tips on how to keep them operating in the winter. I just use my camper a few times in winter so it stays unheated for the most part until use. I have a cap on the valve that has a little hose connector. Maybe I should keep that off until I use the valve. 



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5 hours ago, bigjim said:

Heat gun, hair dryer, even warmed cloths and you can poor warm water on it.  Lots of time they will thaw in the later part of the day depending on the timing and situation.

Yes, that is what happened today. I got it open once it warmed up. Sometimes it does not warm up, so will try the other suggestions. 

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When I went to dump about 2 weeks ago I was going to do it in the early AM and mine was stuck which I recognized immediately by experience. I just waited until about 4-5 pm then it all worked  fine.  I just did the same yesterday. My valve was catching good sun though still fairly cold. Later in the winter I may have to get out my heat gun from Harbor Freight.  Don't run it too hot or too close trying to speed things up. Move it around. If you are in a really cold place with multiple days of cold don't  let the tanks get more than about 2/3 full or so and you will have to dump later as what is in the tank could freeze.  If it is completely full it could expand and split the tank and you won't have any leeway for usage to get past multiple day serious cold spell. I have considered the heat tape and tank pads over the years but I haven't done it although I do think these are good ideas.  I usually only am at a 30 amp hook up so I don't have much of a margin and I do use a heat tape on my water hose. A year or two ago I went to putting my used TP in a plastic bag and tossing it instead of putting it in the toilet and I think it has improved the breakdown. I use a short clear connector to the drain hose so I can observe how well it had broken down and how well it flow. Not pretty but very usefull.

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