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  1. Everything going up, housing, 2x4's are $9.50 here. Plywood subfloor is $84 a sheet. Some nuts I had bought last year were $14, now are $18. Even if no inflation companies say, f it, I want some more $$. I cut back on everything I can.
  2. Tried it a while back with some spray and got nothing. But smell was weaker. I found out I can remove valve, the screws for it are just under the fridge. It sounds like this valve is the weak link of the system. That is why I'd like to get rid of it.
  3. I hate Microsoft. My printing computer is off line. Don't want any forced updates. My other computers have to suffer from them. I hate, hate Microsoft and Bill Gates but will keep it to myself.
  4. I don't know for sure, but the copper pipes have always been tight so don't think the pipes are leaking. Strong smell in the propane box and outside as well near the box. The leak is pretty bad now and coming in the cabin so I switched off the tanks and can't run propane. Switch looks something like this. It is 10 years old but not seen a lot of use. I have a truck camper. I'm thinking if it is the issue I was going to get rid of it altogether and pipe tanks into the copper pipe one at a time as needed. But I can't figure out how to remove the switch. It looks like it mounts from behind and where it mounts is where the refrigerator is. I have a truck camper. Having an auto propane switch is not a big deal to me. Only used the auto feature once. I usually only go for 4 or 5 day trips and don't burn through a bottle even in the cold.
  5. I got a truck camper. With a big metal tool box on the front hitch. (This is not it.) I can carry a mini gen in it and about 50 gallons of water. That is probably pushing it. I think it is 500 pounds tongue limit on it. Just by chance I saw your reply. If I don't answer someone it isn't cause I'm stuck up. I am on numerous forums and have tons of other computer work to do. So it is a crapshoot if I get back to a subject sometimes. If you want stealth get a 2 step out back. I got this to raise it some. Dual Hitch Extender (harborfreight.com) Here is the 2 step Amazon.com: CR Brophy Machine Works RHS2 Black Receiver Hitch Stair with Two Step: Automotive I'm getting old so it is harder to load the TC. I use this now when home to load it or on local if safe from theft and hassles. Amazon.com: Camco Adjustable Height Aluminum Platform Step- Supports Up to 1,000 lb., Includes Non-Slip Rubber Feet, Durable Construction, Easy to Store and Transport - (43676): Automotive Glow steps are cushier, but they are not stealthy. TorkLift GlowStep Stow N' Go Scissor Steps w/ Landing Gear - 3 Steps - 375 lbs - Black Bracket TorkLift RV and Camper Steps TLA7833 (etrailer.com) I remember when I first got into TC's. An old guy at that forum said he was giving up on the TC going to a Class C cause he is too old for the step. I thought to myself, how sad he can't go up a little step. Now I'm getting old and boom! Truck campers are the black sheep of the RV world. Before they had toy haulers, they used TC's to haul a trailer with your toy in tow. I couldn't afford my TC now. I got it about 11-12 years ago. Everything has skyrocketed. I am pretty happy with it. Just wish it had A/C. But...if it had propane A/C it would suck down the 2 little #20 tanks in no time. My goal is to move up to a small Class C that sucks the gas tank to fuel the A/C. When I got the truck I wanted 4WD. I don't really need 4WD any more, so Class C would be super cushy for me. (I used to like to go to VT for skiing. But it rusts up the truck, and can't afford another one, so stopped.) I do lots of winter camping. I added this to supplement my forced air furnace and it just sips the propane and don't need electric. The ideal setup is to run my mini heater and for the furnace to cycle on every few hours to flush the cabin air. But it is sometimes hard to regulate that formula. The cassette toilet is nice. You can dump it at any public bathroom (If you are stealthy) or rest stop toilet. You pull out the tank shown on the side. You can also get mini chemical toilets that you can stow. But same principle more or less. For truck camper you need tie down and some sort of outrigger to tie them on. truck camper tie down - Google Search And get locks for your tie downs so they don't steal them. truck campers - Google Search Don't just jump into it, study them up. You need to match the truck and the camper. I had an old mentor way back that schooled me on TC's. So here is my mini give-back to you. But he wrote me ten pages or more! ....Good luck!
  6. That is great they got the history here. So often it gets forgotten.
  7. For the most stealth with urban camping get a regular van, then a class B van. Next for stealth is a truck camper.
  8. I don't eat much canned foods. I like canned tuna, but I get a nautilus feeling from it. Gas fridge is on the fritz. Electric and 12 volt is OK, but I'm boondocking and used gas. So dairy products are an issue keeping cold. Salads require lots of water to wash. In a pinch I get bagged salads, but still have to give them a rinse. I was told lots of bagged salads are radiated, but don't know for sure. Anyway, you are correct, try and eat cold foods in hot weather with no AC. But nice to have hot foods once in a while.
  9. Yes, you can find on the ceiling with a flashlight near a light you leave on in the dark pretty good against a white ceiling. Spent about 45 min killing them.
  10. I got everything closed. Toilet is cassette toilet and closed unless in use. I bought some noseeum screening on Amazon. Taped it over vents inside cabin. Seemed to work OK. But only tested one night. I will give it a big test in July for more time.
  11. Thanks for all the feedback. I'm wondering if the big plastic connectors to the propane tanks at the valve are leaky? I will test the 15 minute rule and see.
  12. (2) Living in an Epic Truck Camper Built for Off-Grid Overland Adventures | FULL TOUR - YouTube That type of living is for bohemians or young kids or broke. I've lived rough for some time. Now I'm near 70 and like a little comfort. I got a 12 yo TC, moved up from an early model rusted out Aliner. If lotto cooperates I will get a small but cushy class C...with AC. It is hard cooking in the summer when rig is 90 degrees inside. Cooking brings it over 100 degrees....short cooking.
  13. Yes, OP, more or less agree. I urban boondock 95% of the time. Only time I've stayed in CG's were at the diving springs in FLA and when I worked in NYC and stayed at Liberty Harbor RV in Jersey City. Liberty Harbor is fine for me except for the price. I think it is $85 for no hook ups and $120 a day for hook ups. I could live fine at Liberty Harbor if it was affordable. They had a new manager come on board and was trying to impress the owner, so he jacked up prices across the board. If you forget to sign out when leaving it is a $40 charge. Don't know if that is standard or not. And for the cheapskate you can pitch a tent at Liberty Harbor for $75 a day. Generally I get up, go to work, came back late and go to bed. No time ever for TV, so I don't care what they got at a CG. Do that 7 days a week until I leave. When on the road I get up early, drive all day and pull in someplace hopefully before midnight and go to bed. I get up in the AM and hit the road. So a CG with amenities is a waste for me.
  14. Hate Microsoft and their forced updates. I liked Windows 7 or anything other than 10.
  15. I had one in my TC above the bed. In the summer the shade got to be 120 degrees. I measured with an IR thermometer, so know the temp. I painted it white on the roof and stuffed with some insulation inside and covered it with foil insulation. Terrible idea. And freezing cold in the winter too. Plus wasps got in it somehow.
  16. There must be a small leak. When I shut down both tanks, in a day or so, the indictor goes from green to red. I don't smell anything in the RV, just in and near the door.
  17. I was told when I bought my rig that we all share the water and electric door key. And the main cabin door key on top is a shared key and the deadbolt lock below it is a special key that is not shared. Don't know if what I was told about the cabin door is true, but ran across this site today that supports the rest of the lock sharing claims. https://shoprvlocks.com/
  18. Dumb clickbait title. If you don't use it for a while gotta drain it dry...even the carb bowl if you got one. Begin in haste...repent at leisure. Can't shortcut it.
  19. https://www.phoenixusarv.com/ They run $140k - $200k. So just fantasy for now....just like Lazy Daze.
  20. Where are all the apartment dwellers going to charge up? Extension cords out their windows? It would destroy America.
  21. Yes, that is right. I'd never buy a Class A bus. I'd crack it up in no time. My dream is a moderate to small size Class C. I had read diesel is better for survival than gas as diesel is easier to store safely in bulk. But then read all the horror stories of diesel problems with dirt and water in it. Anyway, Class C or diesel is not in my future until I hit the lotto.
  22. The no see em bugs come through my vent screens on the rooftop powered vent. Any suggestions for adding temp protection to the vents for summer use?
  23. I don't know anything about them, but I heard someone talking about a mobile hotspot for internet access. I looked them up on Amazon. From a quick search it looked like they are for phones. I have no smart phone, all I have an old school $85 a year cheapo Tracfone from Walmart. Is there a website for beginners to learn about how to set up a hotspot for computers? Is is affordable (like home internet) or do you need expensive gear? Thanks
  24. Thanks for the info Kirk, it may help decipher the worn out label # on the plastic cover. It looks like it, but mine may be a little bigger. I was able to unplug the burned out wires that were shown in the photos I posted, so learned about removing them. Is it common that the wires overheat? I will try the vacuum you recommended in the chimney. I had bugs in there at one time and put a screen on it to keep them out. The screen worked as far as I can tell.
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