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Beet Harvest


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2020 beet harvest is gearing up and farmers are in short supply of drivers. In ND & Mn, no CDL is required, just a regular driver's licenses and some farms provide free RV hook up's. The harvest season in ND runs Oct 1st until completion which is usually 2-3 weeks depending on weather. The pay runs $20 - $30/hr and most farms work 12 hr shifts. Check out other locations like Mich or Idaho that also have beet farms in their areas.



There are also job openings working in the beet piling stations if you don't prefer to drive a truck.


Here is farm video of the farm the wife and I have harvested for during the last 6 years. The beet harvest begins at about the 16 min slot on the video.


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10 hours ago, Kirk W said:

That looks to me like small grain harvest, not beets. 

Towards the end it is beets.  I've done it, long days driving, little bit of rain turns it into a fun..... driving experience but well worth it.  Lots of jobs during harvest, I've made quite a nice chunk of sugar in the past... LOL

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1 hour ago, NDBirdman said:

Lots of jobs during harvest,

Did a lot of harvest work in my highschool years but very little since that. Never worked beets but have been plenty close to the action as I used to travel around a lot of it in the Nebraska panhandle in the 80's and also saw some of the potato harvest action in ID. They hire RV people for some of those jobs too. 

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12 hours ago, Kirk W said:

That looks to me like small grain harvest, not beets. 

He said the beet harvest starts about 15 minutes into the video and the product certainly changed at that point.


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The video was a school project from the farmer's then 12 year old son. We had a snow storm during the 2018 harvest which then required the trucks to be pulled from the muddy fields onto the road. Usually the beet cart is not needed and the trucks will load on the run along side the beet harvester. We are training 4 new drivers this 2020 season out of our 18 seasonal driving crew (9 trucks running 2-12 hour shifts). The goal is to not have to shut off your truck for the entire 10-14 day harvest. That's a good harvest season!

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