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Question on towing Honda CRV's


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A buddy of mine is considering buying a Honda and needs to know if anyone is towing a 2013 or 2014 CRV model that is four wheel drive. There is no question about the 2WD as I am towing one.

He is getting conflicting information from different dealers. If you know defiantly that the 4WD can be flat towed, please email me at jlhayes9360 (at) yahoo.com THANKS!


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From google, this might be a defiant answer:

Your CR-V can be towed behind a motorhome at legal highway speeds up to 65 mph (100 km/h). ... To avoid damage to the 4WD system, it must be towed with all four wheels on the ground (flat towing). When purchasing a tow bar, make sure you select a reputable manufacturer and installer.

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Towed a 02 all wheel drive and a 08 front wheel drive for many miles. Believe 14 was the last year because Honda went to  the CVT transmission. Thinking by the amount of CRV toads I see on the road, they might be the most popular toad.

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We've towed our 2014 AWD CR-V for ~40,000 miles.  I change the transmission fluid on a regular basis.  I think I've changed it 3 times in the 90,000 miles we've put on the vehicle.

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From Remco Towing.

2013 Honda CR-V ALL FWD I4 2.4L cyl 5-Speed Automatic B5SA/B5RA


  • Towable as is with speed and/or distance restrictions. Please see Owner's Manual for confirmation and procedures.
  • It is not recommended to tow this vehicle over 65MPH
  • Run engine at the beginning of each day, press brake pedal and move shifter through all positions, shift into drive and hold for 5 seconds, then to neutral and let engine run for 3 minutes. Repeat at least every 8 hours. When towing for long periods, remove 7.5A accessory radio fuse. See owner's manual for further instructions.

Richard Shields

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Our 2002 Honda CRV (FWD) has been a reliable vehicle, towed since it's purchase by the original owner and now me. X2 on the REMCO link which I have been using as I research potential replacement toad.


Chevy Equinox appears to have taken Honda CRVs place as the most popular new toad. All 2020 Equinoxes are flat towable. And at the price point (under 30) seem like a good option. Not perfect though, an online review I saw lifted the car up and showed sloppy welds and lack of an underbody coat or cover. Both my HOnda CRV and Acura TSX have underbody protection, a kind of rubbery coating that appears to protect everything from corrosion. BOth were factory standard (not added on coating like some dealers sell). 

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On 9/5/2020 at 11:18 AM, Pappy Yokum said:

Go to the "authority" - Remco towing dot com.

Enter the vehicle info - read the results.

Either the 2013 or 2014 Honda CRV AWD can be flat towed.  Verify with the above & read the info for same.

Roll on!




"rls 7201" -  - did it for you (in a previous post).  Guess you can consider it "verified" !!


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