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  1. Rode my Segway 1 1/2 miles to the hardware store. Walked halfway to the door, smacked forehead and returned home for a mask. There are now masks in the storage bag. DUH! Richard
  2. From Remco Towing. 2013 Honda CR-V ALL FWD I4 2.4L cyl 5-Speed Automatic B5SA/B5RA Notes Towable as is with speed and/or distance restrictions. Please see Owner's Manual for confirmation and procedures. It is not recommended to tow this vehicle over 65MPH Run engine at the beginning of each day, press brake pedal and move shifter through all positions, shift into drive and hold for 5 seconds, then to neutral and let engine run for 3 minutes. Repeat at least every 8 hours. When towing for long periods, remove 7.5A accessory radio fuse. See owner's manual for further instructions.
  3. You can also add files to your Garmin GPS for the various restrictions, campgrounds, fuel, rest stops, national and state parks, etc at POI-Factory.com
  4. I have listed the Norcold reset procedure below. If all connections and voltages are proper, give the reset a try. It's common knowledge to most techs. 1. Turn OFF the refrigerator. 2. Disconnect the following from power board: a. 12 VDC positive and negative wires. b. AC power cord. c. Gas valve solenoid coil wires. d. Spark/sense electrode assembly wires. 3. Remove the power board cover. 4. Reconnect a, b, c, & d disconnected in step 2. 5. Turn ON the refrigerator. 6. Locate Pin 15 on 16 pin connector (P1). Pin 15 is the empty socket to the right of the white/violet wire on the top row. See figure to the left. 7. Using an insulated jumper wire, short Pin 15 to the power board ground lug for 10 - 15 seconds. A click sound will indicate when the controls have reset. 8. Turn OFF the refrigerator. 9. Turn ON refrigerator. Richard
  5. And what does wearing a mask or seat belt have to do with chassis frame ratio and driveability? What are your qualifications for determining driveability? Please share them. How many hundreds of vehicle of various configuration have you experienced and corrected their short cummings. Or are you just repeating what others have said? Richard
  6. So much to do about so little. My 33' MH, 190" wheel base, 13' of overhang, on a 17,000 chassis would be considered by some as a disaster waiting to happen. It drives great for an office building on wheels. Only one gadget added to the suspension. A front Pan Hard Bar. Toe is set correctly and no rags for tires. I'll still work part time in the front end business and am very fussy about the way my vehicles drive. Richard
  7. We all know know the name, Don Quixote but what word was derived from his last name? Richard
  8. Found my Bounder on the internet at JJ Tam's Motor Land in Tucson, AZ. Emailed them and the salesman called the next day to answer some questions and give me his' best price. I ask what it would take to hold the coach until the next week. He held it on my word. Told me to read one of his web pages closely, so I would have no surprises when I flew in from K.C. MO. Flew to Tucson, was picked up at the airport by the salesman. The coach was as advertised. Wrote a check and drove the ol Bounder home. The folks at JJ Tams were the most honorable folks that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with. And that's one of my best RV experiences. Richard
  9. We have been with Stifel for over 25 years. They treat us well and don't jerk us around. Richard
  10. If you elect to go with a well insulated van conversion, a 8K AC with a 2.4KW ONAN generator will work. Set up the generator to run off the van fuel tank and you'll have enough fuel to go for a week or better. That's how Roadtrek has been doing it for many years. Richard
  11. rls7201

    Roadtrek group?

    FMCA has Roadtrek chapters. Richard
  12. I cleaned and resealed some windows in my Bounder. First, get a magic marker and mark the outside of both panes. I.E. in & out. Measure how far the spacer is from the edge of the glass. Use a handy knife to cut the seal. Separate and clean off all the old seal. Make a square corner from some scrap lumber to reassemble the window in. Get in the sunlight and spend the necessary time to get the inside of both panes perfectly clean. Now you know why the magic marker. Stick the new foam/desiccant spacer to the inside of one pane. (I left 2, 1/8" spaces in my new spacer to flood the window with argon.) Put the pane in the square and place the second pain over it. Press firmly around the edges to form the seal. I then applied 3M Window Weld to the gap, leaving 2 small spaces to flood the the window with argon. Flooded the window with argon and filled the 2 small spaces with the Window Weld. Run finger around the edge of glass to form a U in the sealer and let cure. After the sealer cures, remove the excess sealer from the edges of the glass. Reinstall the glass, clean off the magic marker marks and all your gooey finger prints. Take deep breath, have a cold one and grab the next bad window. Richard
  13. We got rained on at a rally in Columbia, MO and our 17,000 lb MH was pulled out of the mud by its 3,500 lb receiver. Other larger coaches were pulled out by their 5,000/10,000 receivers. No problem. Richard
  14. Does your controller have seperate battery voltage sensing leads? If so, run appropriate size wires from the controller to battery and don't worry about the length. My controller is about 25 ft from the batteries and works just fine.
  15. How long will this social distancing last? The wife keeps trying to get in the front door. I put some food on the front porch every day, for her. Richard
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