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New Window and DPF Pressure Valve

Vegas Teacher

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Howdy all!

Well Vegas Teacher has been in the office teaching school all week. I have not had a chance to talk to everybody because at the end of the day I am worn out completely! I haven't read any posts for the last 3.5 weeks and have been so caught up in a program called "Canvas" we are using to teach with that it is like a new obsession.....

Anyway on to truck/tractor stuff. I know some like to call it a truck others like to call it a tractor so, just like in teaching I try to keep all sides happy!

Once again my new mechanic, Steve at True Blue Consulting and Repair is awesome!! He fixed my top sleeper window passenger side and put in a new DPF pressure valve for me. I brings my truck in and gives it a once over every day and looks for things that need to be done then sends me a list. At the end of September or first of October he is going to pull off the front wheels, replace brakes, shocks and leaf springs. My truck already rides like a new truck but it should be incredible when he has gone over everything, after that all that has to be done is tires and a 3 axle alignment and I should be road worthy. Southern Tire Mart is going to replace my tires and do the alignment.

If you are traveling through the Vegas area and have a funny rattle or something just doesn't seem correct on your truck and you need it fixed up call Steve at True Blue Mechanic Phone: (702) 979-8480, he is honest and awesome. After dealing with and going through what I did with Volvo / Mac, TEC dealership & mechanic True Blue is awesome!


Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana  

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