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Smoothing out the ride 2007 670 spring front & air rear


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So second year of hauling hay and fixed several air leaks, but my truck feels like I am going 4 wheeling over rocks without and with hauling a trailer on as well.

Before I start pulling out garbage sacks of money to work on this issue, does anyone have pointers on what to look out for?

I am getting tired of bouncing like a pea in a tin can, and DW has worse issues since she is well endowed.   If I am going to get her talked into going on ANY trips I have to get this problem fixed.

Thanks everyone!



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SumoSprings seem to work really well for motorhomes. Same issues on the front axle. They have a really nice 2 part unit that can be adjusted according to loading (you can preload the spring, or leave it less 'loaded' depending on your application). Nice feature is there's no air bag/system to maintain or leak.


I'm getting a Volvo 670 and plan on trying these if, like you, the ride is not as nice as we hoped. Their customer support is 2nd to none.


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