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  1. I'd need to double check, but believe it is an Eaton tranny. Yes have an ISX Cummins. WIll check connections, and CLEAN them. Hmm. where is that power supply for tranny located?
  2. will check again, but everything looks very good. No trans service light, and no errors, I actually ran through the list for any errors and none showing up.
  3. The truck did originally go in because it wasn't starting at all unless i jumped the solenoid. It will start now, but now dash blanks out, and dash seems to do a total restart now.
  4. work completed: new starter installed new cab shocks installed a couple air leaks fixed on firewall. and tractor air protection valve
  5. No replies yet from them, this isn't a volvo shop, so unless its something I can pinpoint, they need to research like me.
  6. I am having some problems with my truck, got it back from the shop and all was well for 68 miles. I stopped 2 miles from my home at the local quickie mart. Got back in the truck and it wouldn't start. Then waited, tried again. no start. Jumped out and jumped the solenoid and it started up for the last 2 miles home. In the driveway I waited and tried it again - no start. Graphic screen goes black. jumped and started up. I finally got it to start up again after jumping the solenoid, and I finally got an error code on the display that stated DIRECTION INDICATOR FRONT. No other errors have popped up, and if I stay on the starter a bit longer it will start up. Just feels like there is something wrong. Also when out to do jump at the solenoid something is buzzing in the engine compartment. Can get a video if that helps. Thanks all
  7. Congratulations! It takes time, but that part of the fun is actually planning and making the plan happen. I have about 6,000 in repairs and tires on my project. I did use it for hauling corn at harvest this year, so it's at least helping cover it own repairs. Discovered a few more things to be fixed, so another $900 this fall. Lights and front cab bushings next year, and then can start on the extras. Good luck on your proeject! Chuck
  8. I have a garmin dezl. I like it very much. I use it in the truck and also in my car. Its very handy for finding hotels quickly, and dining options as well while traveling. Most of my travels are now between South Dakota and Virginia, and the Dezl garmin has been very good so far. And it's easy to jump from one vehicle size to another without issues.
  9. 28x72" for ours, and also discovered no you cant get a real mattress on it, at least not the older style with solid firm edges. So getting memory foam mattress topper. Reference information for anyone that may need it.
  10. Does anyone have the dimensions for the upper bunk mattress for a 2007 Volvo 670? Thank you
  11. Anyone know of the dimensions for the upper bunk mattress? When I bought my 670 that was gone already. made a mistake, reposted to HDT group.
  12. I have to admit I cheated, I found someone who really loves working on trucks. He built angle frames for the 5th wheel so its easily removable with just 4 bolts, since the truck is still needed to be used with a commercial hitch for hauling hay, and installed rear and front shocks all for just 523. I thought it was a decent deal.
  13. Ok, I figured before I really get going in the truck and ripping it apart I would start on an easy to work on project. Nice cargo trailer, use some of that reflectix bubble insulation for the roof. Well now I have the issue of the tape sticking to the insulation but not to the metal of the roof. Does anyone have any suggestions for what tape to use? It is a painted metal surface, I figured the tape would stick to anything but evidently doesn't like painted metal surfaces since all but one of 21 pieces fell down off the roof. Open to any good brand recommendations!
  14. Trying to decide what to do in the future for seats, and maybe give everyone else an idea as well. Of what is nice and maybe not so nice...
  15. So second year of hauling hay and fixed several air leaks, but my truck feels like I am going 4 wheeling over rocks without and with hauling a trailer on as well. Before I start pulling out garbage sacks of money to work on this issue, does anyone have pointers on what to look out for? I am getting tired of bouncing like a pea in a tin can, and DW has worse issues since she is well endowed. If I am going to get her talked into going on ANY trips I have to get this problem fixed. Thanks everyone!
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