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Replacement Ceiling Fan?


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I am thinking of replacing my RV LR ceiling fan with this:  Hover Image to Zoom 23.74 in. Indoor White DC-Motor Drop Ceiling Fan with Remote Control


Would appreciate any thoughts or ideas or another product idea.  I am not mechanically inclined and would have an electrician install it.  Just want to make sure I not missing anything.

Thank you.


LR Ceiling Fan.jpg

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Also  the item you are considering is 12VDC and your ceiling fan is likely wired 120VAC.  They dont like each other.  If you were to remove the existing ceiling fan and wire in the new proposed fan, it would burn out the motor as soon as you put power to the new unit.  If you had an electrician do it, you would be obligated for a trip charge at least, many times a 4 hour minimum.


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The reference in the description as to "drop ceiling" simply means that it is designed to be installed into a 24" square opening, typical in drop ceilings, or T-bar style ceilings like in commercial offices.  I see no reason why it wouldnt work as a ceiling fan replacement, esp if someone tall is using the RV or better yet the interference issues of the ceiling fan blades to the top of the slides when storing or extending the slides.  I've bent a few blades by catching them with the slide.  This interference might be an important thing to consider before purchasing.


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Just a reminder that the blades are directional and the fan has a forward and reverse option.  If the fan is going the wrong way then it will seem like it is useless.  In conditions where you are using the AC, then air should be getting pulled up.  In conditions where heat is one, since heat rises, the fan should be pushing air down, so that all that heat doesnt sit on the ceiling.

But then again, might just be its a useless fan.


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