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  1. I have taken the motor apart and the impeller does move. The maceraters impeller housing comes off easy, but, the motor half doesn't. There is 3 parts to this. The grinding, the center and the motor housing. Apart I turned it on and it starts but stops after a minute. Then it will start up again after another minute. I'm giving up and buying another cheaper one.
  2. Go to Mexico along the border and you'll find allot of standard stain glass windows cheep. We had one made from a photo that cost $40. Cheeper if you get one already made.
  3. As said, I did try to take it apart, but, the motor half didn't want to come apart. I have a feeling it's pressed together. Don't know.
  4. I have an American Tradition 2013 as if it matters. I installed a Sani-con 500 turbo macerater that worked perfectly for 2 years. Lately it started to make a grinding noise. Then it blew a fuse. Replaced the fuse and it starts up for 30 sec then slows down to a halt the starts up again slow and blows another fuse. I'm thinking it's shot. Not sure I want to buy another $400 pump. I see on Amazon there are allot of maceraters a hell allot cheeper. Any you would recommend? I have tried to take the turbo apart. The prop side comes off easy, but, the motor side is hard to separate, so I stoped.
  5. Yes, the smell could be the anode rod.
  6. I have got both my shots, but the wife isn't old enough yet and we'll be heading south in 6 days from Portland to Las Vegas. Any idea how she can get the covid shot?
  7. Look it up on eBay. People are trying there best to get out of the contract. My wife wanted to by in until I showed her one on eBay for only $1
  8. Today I went out because I'd had an appointment to take it to Cummings doctor. I went to bring the slides in and no beeping. Started it up, let it warm up for 5 min and still no beep. What's up? This I don't understand. Found the problem. I have never used the outside antenna (batwing) because we have Dish. I was trying to get TV in the bedroom without any luck until I started looking around and found the coax inside the hole in the wall. I pulled it out, hooked it up and wow, TV. After changing the engine filter I started the engine and got the beep. On another forum one guy said
  9. I would think there is a pressure switch on the pump. With a volt meter you could see what's going on.
  10. Have a 2013 American Tradition 450 Cummings that beeps really loud when I turn on the ignition and while it's running. Yesterday I replaced the engine air filter. Don't think that would be a factor. I thought the jacks were the problem, so I lowered and retracted them. Brake is on and everything works OK. Nothing I do makes this stop. Any ideas?
  11. Try turning off the batterie switch for a few minutes to re boot the computer
  12. My American Tradition has this multiplex lighting system that also operates the vents, shades and other stuff. One of the little rubber labels 1 x 3/4" came off the switch plate. It still works, but looks bad. Question is where do you find these and who makes them. Last resort is to call REM i guess.
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