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Integrated Brake Controller Issues


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This Ford truck is not mine. The friend got it back the end of last week from the Ford dealership since they had to order parts. But it still doesn't work. Of course the dealership didn't try it with trailer in tow. If it were mine, I'd try a Prodigy. Hot wire to the battery and find the brake light wire going to the taillights. What I question is if the ECM would pitch a fit.

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  Last winter I had a customer ask me about the same problem. The fifthwheel side of the situation worked. But the truck did not pass power on the female receptacle.

  I walked over to a neighbor in the campground that I had to talk to for a minute and his friend asked me what I was working on. I told him what was working and what was not. 

  He said he had the same problem on his Chevy truck. It turned out to be a relay, fuse or something that GM put under the spare tire on his truck. But on this GM truck they installed it behind the rear axle, on the inside of the frame. Now on the truck that I worked on it had two small bolts holding it to the frame. You could look in behind the rear wheel and see the 10 mm bolt heads sticking there.


 The neighbor friend even had a spare part. We installed it and it made the system work.


  Now why did they install it there?????


  Just an idea,.   Vern

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Another thought, rather than purchasing an aftermarket brake controller, if you are convinced the integrated one is bad, why not replace the trailer brake controller module with a new one? They can be had from Rockauto for about $85 which is likely less than a decent aftermarket controller. I did not post a link to the part as it it may be year/model specific.


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