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Volvo D11 wont go over 1500 rpm FIXED

Lance A Lott

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My 2012 Volvo 630 NML D11, with Ishift, wont rev over 1500 rpm most of the time, the speedometer works but the cruise doesn't, it shifts up to far and then doesn't down shift when it needs too, if it would rev then I don't think that would be a problem.  Then it will go back to normal running with lots of power and shifting fine. This does not last long. The only codes so far are down stream nox and egr pressure differential. The abs and traction control starts out with the lights off but turn back on within a couple of miles, the bad running is always from the start.

It was asking for regeneration every 50 miles I haven't driven it that far since replacement of the nox sensor. I did a regen a few days ago and the soot leval was low afterwards. 

It goes to the dealer on Tuesday. Thanks Lance


Replaced the egr pressure diferental sensor and I found a micro switch on the brake pedal, I believe it is to cancel the cruse, the leaver is supposed to be on top of the arm it was under, I think when I ran the wires for the Direct link it got moved. What a difference everything now works, abs, traction, cruise, shifts like it should and now has power and rpm like it should.  Its been fine every time I have tsken it out so far, keeping my finger crossed.

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  That could be the speed sensor on the rear of the transmission. 


 It happened to me once. Just out of nowhere it just limited the Rpms to 1500. It drove fine up till that rpm then just did 1500 Rpms.

 That was probably 10 years ago. So I do not remember about any codes.

 I did drive from San Antonio  tx to Midland tx that day. Once I figured out how to drive it, it was ok.   BBBut it shut off about 3 miles from the destination. Turned key off for awhile. While we were sitting along the interstate I tried to start it and it fired up and ran the last few miles.

 Called Cummins on a Saturday night and they thought it was the speed sensor and the replacement fixed it. Simple remove old, clean opening for new and plug and drive.


 Hope you have an easy fix,.  Vern

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Same thing happened to me.  Mine threw a code saying output speed sensor.  Replacement should be a 15 minute job but mine turned into 8 hours when top broke off barrel.  

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I worked on it today, topped off the coolant and really cleaned the battery cables and studs and bus bars. Runs normal now, I will have to run it more to see if it lasts. ABS still out and cruise doesn't work, they may be related. Goes to the Volvo dealer Tuesday for premium shifter and hopefully drop the extra axle sensors and change other parameters. The shop manager didn't sound to confident about anything but the shifter.

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Well I got the premium shifter programmed that was easy. The only codes were for a parking brake switch, left rear abs sensor and erg pressure differential that's the expensive fix. I had to by a kit just over $900 and I will be putting it in my self. It seems they had so much problem with them they dont sell the sensors anymore just the fix. She ran great all the way down and then no throttle when I had to stop to pull in to the shop. If you put it in neutral and goose it then back into gear it goes fine. I realy dought it's the Egr but who knows. 

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On the ReGen. I have a D13 and it took Four full forced ReGens to get the computer happy after I replaced the nox sensors and cleaned the filter last month. I am no expert but I am given to understand that this is not entirely uncommon. 


Good of luck with the rest of the issues. 

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