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Buying from Private Seller - Texas


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I figure if I bought from a dealership they'd take care of this but.....

If I buy a motorhome from a private seller what hoops do I need to jump through? We're full-timers with Texas residency in Polk County. A brief review of Texas DMV website would have me believe I need to walk in to the Polk County tax office to complete the transfer/registration. Surely not???

If I buy one from a private seller in Texas could I not use their county tax office to transfer title and take care of registration? Isn't it a two part deal - title transfer than registration or do they go together?

Some insights from those who have been through this are welcome.

Thanks... Greg



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I bought our Teton from a private owner in Texas and we are Texas residents, We took the bill of sale to the tax office, ours is in Walker county. They made a new title and we paid the taxes and fees. Now I just put the plates off of my DRV to get it to the rv park but that not the proper way. Need to get a temp tag. Now before everyone jumps on me, in NC, that is a common practice since they transfer tags. Texas issues one.

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10 minutes ago, Greg112 said:

s it possible to mail the paperwork to my (Polk) County tax office I wonder?

Rather than relying on us, why not just call the office and ask to get your answers?




(936) 327-6801 OFFICE / (936) 327-6885 FAX

HOURS: Monday — Friday — 8:00a.m — 4:30p.m


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 If the seller had the title in hand and it has no liens on it, you should be good to go but you could ask the DMV to confirm that. Before you buy, take down the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and go to Title Check on the TxDMV website to use the national motor vehicle database to make sure the vehicle has a clean title. If the RV is still financed, I would contact the lien holder and discuss your purchase with them to see how they can handle it as most lien holders are happy to be paid off.

If you drive to TX and buy it and then return to LA with title in hand you should have no problem in registering it there but you will probably have to pay LA sales tax on it.  In addition to the 4.45 percent state sales tax, most parishes and many municipalities have a local sales tax ranging from 1.85 percent to 7 percent.

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