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Before I post this I found a great link to an incredible on line catalog. If I post it am I violating any user policies. I am not in business, and I am not making a comission but I love this catalog and so many people ask about where to get this or that for their trucks, this answers all of those questions, in one simple place. 

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I really like this website for finding fun stuff or things I need for my semi. I just ordered new headlights. Mine are looking really bad and no, I don't want to sand them and do the whole nine yards then seal them and let the dry and that whole thing. I bought the headlights that were 699.00 for a pair and had LED lights all around the enclosure. One review the guy said he only ran his dims because they were so bright. If I turn on my Dims I can't see anything. Yes I will be adding the deep space lighting to it this spring, but will go with what it comes with for a while. I got to save my pennies and my dimes. I am getting the direct link wired after the first of the year. I know there are youtube videos but if anybody has done it and can give me some advice for pitfalls to aviod it would be appreciated.

Anyway I came across the online catalog they provide it seperates things by make and model then has a section with the fun stuff to add to your truck. I thought it was fun to flip through if nothing else. I am sure some will like it, I am sure some already know about it and I am sure some won't like it. That is just how it goes on the forum, but for those who are interested the address is below. If you arent interested don't go to it.


Happy Holidays,


Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana

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Raney's is one of my GoTo's.  They stock most OEM parts as well as the fun Chrome stuff.  After the hail storm wiped out the lights and stuff on the truck, I called them and ordered over the phone, had my stuff in 3 days.



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