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Good service from DirecLink


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Sometimes we have less than stellar experiences with our rigs re products and service, occasionally we get an outstanding one. DirecLink for me is top notch. Right from the get go they were on it. I sent or provided info and they got back to me promptly. The system was ordered and it arrived in a timely fashion taking into consideration the Border and all the problems it creates. Also they have a local ph# on their site in addition to the toll fee which doesn't work in Canada.


The unit was installed with updated programming  but there were still some set up questions which were sent off in an e-mail form. Next day came a response and the gent who designed the system called, and with me in the cab and the truck running to activate the system talked me thru the setup.

So to sum up, I like the product and the service. The old system may be ok but this DirecLink is light years ahead.

It's unfortunate they are not going to be at the Tampa Show, maybe next year.

Perhaps one of the Rallys'?

The contact person would be Felice One <Felice-One@tuson.com>

John Soptich is the person who talked me thru the setup.

Fitting this 5 month saga of water tank replacement, rot and accompanying mould plus 50 odd other items on the list should conclude on a high note with DirecLink

Just in time for the December 19 or 20  jump off time for the trip south.

Everyone have a good Christmas.




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The screen went dark in my DL hand unit in my won ton. No drama because I only fiddle with it when I  hook up a different trailer and I can find my instruction booklet at the same time. Anyhoo I called them and they had me try this and this ok yep it’s dead could you mail it in? It was back, repaired at no charge in 14 days. The unit was at least 3 years out of warranty...

"Are we there yet?" asked no motorcycle rider, ever. 


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