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Good Golly Miss Molly!


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Look who showed up next to us last evening!


MrCobb in the flesh....and his lovely wife Donna!

Dave called me and swid that it was going to work out for them to stop in La Grande for the night, so I reserved the spot next to us for the.  They rolled in about 1700, just as I lit the bbq for some Tri Tip goodness.  We had dinner together in our little "patio" area and spent the rest of the evening BSing about the old days.

It has been 15 years since I last saw Dave, and I only met him face to face one time.  But last night it was like we had grown up together and had not seen each other for years.  From drag racing, to Jeeps, to things that go bang, to motorcycles, to big trucks and RVs, we have a LOT in common.  

What a  great night it was!  It's nights like that and people like Dave snd Donna that make life good!

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Howdy Hutch,

Donna and I sure enjoyed our visit with you and Billie, how about we not wait 15 years to do it again.  We got home about an hour ago, traffic was HORRIBLE three and a half hours to travel from Issiquah (sp) to Marysville, a distance of a bout 40 miles.

Total mileage on this trip was 5,061 miles, crossed 13 States, some of them a couple of times, the Pete never missed a beat the whole trip.  Thanks for setting it up to be able to camp next to your site and for a great dinner.

Dave, Donna and Newt.

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